trio 2 inspiration using she space

today, i tried my hand on recreating the trio 2 from the Heatherette collection of MAC. I used my She Space colors. I know its bad but i couldn't resist not to imitate it since 1) the colors look so yummy and 2) Heatherette collection is yet to be released here in Manila... I was just so inspired by numerous videos posted on you tube.. :)

Actually, having this look made me want Trio 2 more!!! waah..

these are not actual colors, just near it.. :) peace!

during dinner at Dampa, Libis

need to practice blending

inarte pose

leyende moisture glider
barenaturals s5 primer
lumiere foundation light medium neutral in veena velvet formula
pink pearl radiance
barenaturals prettiest pink peach
ellana happiness

mac painterly
TSS passion dance/surrender (inner lid)
TSS Symphony of Chaos (crease)
TSS beware the guilt (highlight)
nichido eyeliner
fasio 3d sirtech mascara

oohhh... i also did some shopping in greenhills. 2 skinny jeans, statement tees and a gossip girl inspired brown dress. :) i couldn't find a decent flats for summer school. :(

i didn't eat rice for dinner too. yey!

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  1. wow you love colors and they all look good on you!

  2. thanks!! :) super bright niyan in person. :) my tita kids me all the time that i do my make-up too much.. lol!

  3. sis shen, wow..i love the colors! nice..more! more!

  4. thanks jheng my fellow flower child. :) still need practicing. ganda ng combi no? can't wait to get my hands on heatherette just to get the trios! i'll recreate the trio 1 tom or after enrollment. :)

    loving she space and sassy!! :)makes my makeup addiction budget friendly. lol. :)


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