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5 beauty crimes i'm guilty of!


thanks to Nikki of Askmewhats in sharing this to us!

i won't put doesn't regularly drink water anymore and cleaning brushes as it is common already among us as mentioned by Nikki.

1. I don't eat veggies. growing up in a resto environment, i was spoiled when it comes to food so i get to have our "chef" cook me whatever i want and no-no leaffies and veggies for this cute baby before.

2. i eat a lot of unhealthy food... i know! smack why don't yah! loL!

3. i pick my chapped lips... then it bleeds.. its yucky but i can't help it!!! boyfie though is always there to remind me to apply my Kiehl #1 lip balm

4. I skip of on my nightly regimens on those nights i got home late... i'm sooo lazy!!

5. i pick my pimples!!! bad! bad! whip! whip!

there you go! i honesty the best policy?

so, what beauty crimes you were sited for? (TAGGING EVERYONE!)

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