Saturday, September 29, 2012

Avon Men's Club | It's A Man's World, too!

Let's admit that the guys need to look and feel good about themselves, too. It's not only us women who groom ourselves. And though I'm blessed with a man who isn't as vain as I am, I recognize that he needs a few things as well.

When I got acquainted with Avon Men's Club, I notice that there are a few things that the BF would appreciate to have. It's the small things in his life that he hardly notice needs replacing. And since my boyfriend is the kind to wear out his current possessions, here's a few things I got for him to replace some of the embarrassing tattered stuff he owns.

  1. A simple bag that he can wear to the office. It has a zipper to amply secure his things and it's a messenger bag-style for an updated fashion piece.
  2. Accessories wouldn't hurt a man. Personally, I don't mind him skipping this. I don't like guys who wears jewelries. But since it's affordable (but still looks class), why not?
  3. Perfume is always an important part in men's grooming. This is a fool-proof gift. Guys love their manly scents.
  4. Grooming Kit is important for every man to have. Ladies, get your men this kit and he'll always look polished and stray hairs and icky long nails will be gone in a jiff.
  5. Watch can be expensive but something affordable is great, too, as long as looks chic and tells time. You don't want him to be late in picking you up.
  6. Wallet is probably the most tattered object in him. Guys to like to wear out their wallets until the leather skin is falling off. Give him a new one and he'll love you for it!
  7. Swiss army knife or a similar multi-purpose McGayver tools. This is always a nifty gift idea for random occasions.
  8. Basketball shirts for going to the gym or playing ball with his friends. Don't let him go out of the house with shirts that has holes in them!
  9. Briefs! Say no to bacon brief. He knows you really car about him when you get him a set of tidy whiteys! Or in this case a fun colorful set to match to balanced with his macho look.
  10. Belt are often overlooked but get him one and he'll know how attentive you are to him and your relationship.

The BF was surely surprise when I gave him all of these. He didn't realize that he really needed many of these things. I'm sure your significant other will feel the same way if you get him one or two of these as well.

For more information about Avon Philippines Men's Club, contact your suki Avon Lady!

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Sleek I-Divine in Oh So Special | Tutorial on Neutral Makeup Look

I've always wanted to try Sleek Makeup. But I just couldn't justify buying more eyeshadow palette given the amount I have in my stash. I have the Beauty Pro Cosmetics which work spendidly well for the kind of lifestyle I am living now as a working girl. I hardly play with colors  compared to two years ago (when I couldn't be see without blue eyeshadow on).

But I know most of you go to this blog to find good bargain makeup. And thought I may not always provide them (you can find other blogs who showcase them), I am more at finding the right product and look at the price next. After all, makeup is something that we put on our face so it's important that we acquaint ourselves with products that are truly worth it.

Swayed by great reviews and after seeing two of my beauty blogger best friends use Sleek, I can't help it any longer. Thanks to Smile of Updated Trends who took notice how eager I am to try the Sleek line out, I finally got to try this UK-based cosmetic brand.

I got the Sleek I-Divine Palette in Oh So Special, a neutral, office-friendly palette with12 penny-size  eye shadow with color range of nudes, darks, pinks and peaches. It's an ideal palette for women who prefers prime makeup look, easy for everyday wear. But it's also a versatile palette evening makeup looks like 1920's, 1950's makeup looks to deep smokey eyes.

The texture and slip of the eyeshadows are surprisingly smooth and they have the right amount of pigmentation. No wonder a lot of beauty newbies and maven prefers this over other brands. One thing I appreciate, the shadows aren't that chalky and provide minimal fall outs. 

Packaging though doesn't look tough for travel. I suggest wrapping a towelette around the palette to avoid the shadows from breaking. But the huge mirror is a big plus for me. Who doesn't love extra mirror inside our kits, right?

Here's a very simple look I made using this palette. 

Oh how I love neutrals! I've already perfected this look that I think I can do this even in my sleep. #lol

Practice is all there is to it! Prime Look or the typical contouring the eyes isn't exactly makeup for me. It's a way of shaping your eyes and applying shadows and highlights in a way that it will compliment your eyes better.

Best time to use this makeup look is when you want to look polished, wide awake and totally you. It's not about "changing" your look but rather just bringing out the best of your eyes, adding color when there is just not enough shadows and there is too much light. This look will make you more event and camera-ready.

Thankfully though, the Oh So Special Palette isn't just about neutral looks. It's easy to play around to smoking out your eyes once you feel more comfy about using more colors or darker shades. It's even great for creating bridal makeup. :) 

Look out for more features of this palette here on my blog. I plan on providing more tutorials using the Sleek I-Divine Oh So Special Eye Shadow Palette. :)

What look would you like me to do next? Bridal or Smokey? look?

If you're interested in this palette, you can get this for only Php650 at Updated Trends.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Crumpler Megamall Moving Out Sale

Crumpler moving to a bigger and better location soon, they can check out announcements

SALE starts on October 1 to 31, 2012

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NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Program: The Conclusion and Results!

The Conclusion and Results!

Whenever I tell people that I’m dieting, they all agree… L They really think I’ve packed on the pounds and some said I look so much better thinner. But the real reason I am dieting is to just make healthier choices. You see, I’m not very good at that. I love junk foods, sweets and fast food meals. I grew up walking distance from McDo. Eating fast food was a normal thing for me. When out with friends, I find it hard to choose meals because I don’t eat vegetables and it makes me an odd person in the group.

I notice that I get sick easily, too… So when I say I wanted to diet, it’s not really because I’m fat. I wanted to do this because it’s the best decision for me and my body. I may not lose my tummy, I may always have that bulge but I don’t mind as long as my heart is beating right, I can run for more than a few minutes and not lose my breath or die of exhaustion. I want to lessen the bad food inside me.

So here’s what happened for the past 2 weeks… J

When I saw myself in my bridesmaid gown, I was surprised with how good I look pounds lighter. I’m not thin in this photo (but I’m not exactly popping out of it either). I admit there was great satisfaction seeing my body look well.

I also weighed in a few weeks ago and I am now 118 lbs. compared to my 127 lbs. before I started the NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Program!! Woot!

Taking on this program proved a challenge. No day was the same. First few days were a struggle and each day I learned something. I learned how to fight off sweet cravings, how to become more determined, and to create a plan around my diet, thanks to the My NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Journal.

I learned how important fiber is in the body. Having NESTLÉ FITNESSE, which is a low fat whole grain cereal. It contains less carbohydrates, calories and practically low fat. It helps with lessening the cholesterol without having to eat porridge-like food (eck! Hate those!). Best of all, it’s great for the heart. My family has history of high blood so I have to aid my regular meals with something that is good for the heart and whole grains usually is a great (always available) choice.

I notice that I eat less rice, too! With vegetable, I am more adventurous. Check out what I ate during our Thai adventure, Mieng Kham!

I’m also snacking healthier, yogurt and NESTLÉ FITNESSE. Fruits are always welcome. I’ve eaten less meat, too. My meals are now mostly chicken and fish. J

 I still dive back a little to my old habits and enjoy some sweet indulges once in awhile. But looking at the photo during my cousin’s wedding, I know I will never entirely go back…

I like the way I’m deciding my meals and I like how mature I’m becoming about my health… striking a pose confidently, now that’s the sweet cherry on top. J

I encourage you all to take a chance and try the NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Program. It’s incredibly affordable, convenient and the results are there. Remember, there is no such thing as crash diets; you need to work hard to get to those hard abs. J 

Let me know when you do! Let’s share stories as I will be making NESTLÉ FITNESSE a part of my healthy lifestyle now. J

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Program: Almost There

I’m nearly at the end of my journey and I admit that it’s been a struggle.

At this point, I suggest that you hold your ground. It’s so easy to fall back to your old routine. I’m already feeling the benefits of having more fiber in my body. I feel lighter, my PMS is less intrusive, my bowel movement is more regular and I notice that my food intake is lesser than what used to be. I can’t let all of this go to waste just because I can’t hack it.

Don’t be a slave to your appetite. Here’s what I did to beat falling back to old habits:

I created a Meal Plan - Having a meal plan takes away the guessing of having to pick your meals. I use the My NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Journal. It’s got lots of meals to choose from which allows you be more conscious of the food you eat. Recipes look easy to create and the ingredients are easily found in my favorite grocery. It’s the best way to get that balance…

BEST THING ABOUT THIS APP? Every meal is delicious! J

Here’s how I created my 14 Day Journal: See diagram below!

Choosing your meals is fun!

Love the exercise tips! (insert screen cap of tip!)

I also get to see other’s meal plan and check out what they are into. Great way to keep track of friend’s progress. Also, the BF and I can sync our diets and yaya can prepare the same meals (it’s actually cheaper that way!) 

And I get to share this to my friends over Facebook and Twitter. How fun is that? J

Find out more about the My NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Journal here.

It’s a great way to totally change the way you see food and how you prepare your meals. Most ingredients are easily found in the grocery so no need to spend so much. I can’t stress enough about the fact

Other things you that can help with motivating yourself:

Read motivational fitness posts on Pinterests. – Here is just a few that made NOT jump back to my old habits. Nothing like Social Media to boost up the moral!


Exercise – Read the NESTLÉ FITNESSE Everyday Exercise Tip. Do that and add if you still want to do some more. I swam. Despite the rain, I swam at least thrice every weekend. And supplement it with another exercise I can do.

Hydrate – Drink lots of water. When you’re hydrated, you have less cravings. Also a high fiber diet needs a lot of fluid to help with digestion.

I thought I wouldn’t survive but I did. It clearly shows how effective NESTLÉ FITNESSE is. Good thing I was motivated enough and was provided with healthy meals thanks to the NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Journal. Gotta love how virtual NESTLÉ FITNESSE is getting these days. They are really making it easier for us to enjoy having a healthier lifestyle.

The conclusion of my NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14 Day Program is quite near. So stay tuned for that! J

Know more about NESTLÉ FITNESSE, visit their Facebook page

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Charm Retractable Blush Brush | Another Fab Brush

I guess you all know by now that I'm addicted to Charm makeup brushes. I can still remember that one Sunday afternoon at La Vista Bazaar where I got my very first Charm brush. It's the flat top brush made out of goat hair. Sophie, back then, was already making quite a name for herself in the Philippine mineral makeup community. She introduced blending brushes when we didn't even know that it's going to be the most important brush in our lives. Now, Charm has grown into a brand that every beauty maven knows and loves!

And I feel that it's going to be a lot bigger in the coming years...

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Body Shop All-In-One Makeup Range + Giveaway

The Body Shop has completed its All-In-One Makeup Range. The star of which is the NEW All-In-One BB Cream. Compared to it sis White Shiso BB Cream, All-In-One BB come in 3 skin-matching that suits most common skin tone. This means that more Filipinas can enjoy BB Cream without having to worry about the shade.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Magniflex Event: For People Who Love Sleep

I have this theory why good beds are expensive it's because  companies know how adults appreciate a good night sleeps. When we were younger, we couldn't wait to get out of bed, we actually fight it. Do you remember arguing with your parents or with your yayas when it's time for siesta?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Pink Kurve | The Future in Intimate Apparel + Giveaway!

They that a woman should be gifted with most luxurious lingerie as her body is a temple and should only be wrapped in delicate fabric... and of course, I agree. :)

Hot Pink has got to be one of those brands that has made a lot of "love" life happier. Although I have yet to dive into the world of laces and crotches, I am quite with the innovation that the owner of Hot Pink did to their store.

Now called Pink Curve, owners Kaye and Carlo now cater not only the those who are sexy... but also to those who want to feel  sexier, too. To be honest, lingerie intimidates me. Although I feel good about myself, I am not that comfortable with skimpy lingeries. That is why I always stop my guy from buying me any kind of lingerie.

This time however, I can definitely ask him to drop at Pink Kurve to get me the Bride collection of Body Wrap. :)

Take time to read about some of the brands that they now carry in their stores! :)

Pink Kurve currently offers four brands in their flagship store on the second floor of Powerplant Mall, Makati. Body Wrap, Sassybax, Pull-in, and Le Mystère each boast a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest.

Le Mystère, for example, specializes in producing lingerie for the full-figured woman. The New York-based brand is known for its “all about fit” design technique, with brassieres ranging from 32A to 44G. This addresses the common problem among top-heavy Filipinas who have difficulty finding comfortable pieces that fit them perfectly.
Pull-in, on the other hand, caters to a younger audience with its fun prints and bold colors. Designed in France and manufactured in Europe, Pull-in uses avant-garde techniques to make sure that the colors remain bright and the fabric prevents irritation.
In addition to its line of seamless shapewear, Sassybax from Los Angeles created a bra specially designed for breast cancer survivors who underwent surgery. The brand also offers functional pieces from its Pretty Collection—pieces that look like lingerie but work like shapewear.
(my favorite) Body Wrap is a Canadian shapewear brand that the Garcia couple introduced in 2009. Each style features panels with different control levels that maximize the effect on targeted areas

Pink Curve recognizes the fact that the demand for intimate apparel for the past years since they started doing this 7 years ago. Lifestyles have changed, science have given us more, men likes more choices and women want more luxurious things. A bra for women who survived breast cancer! How cool is that. Just writing about this, makes me cry. I can't imagine what a woman who had breast cancer would feel not being able to wear a regular bra. A simple things that can just bring me to my knees if ever that happens. But here is Pink Kurve, finally giving these women a chance to feel like themselves again.

Body Wrap is what a girl like me wants needs. It minimizes the bulges and create a seamless silhoutte that ever curvacious woman like me needs.

Pull-ins are a luxe underwear brand for men and woman. It's fun and quirky. Something for the less "stiff" guys who likes to stick with the tidy-whiteys! I love that it's full of prints. Give your man a box of intimates for a change. :)  Not to mention that it's uber soft!

Kaye and Carlo with their brand ambassadors. :)

And on that note....

I'm giving away Pink Kurve
Gift Certificates worth Php1,000!

All you have to do is like me on Facebook! I'm on a raise to reach 3000 likes. :) So when I reach that, I'll pick a winner among my loyal likers randomly and he/she gets to win a GC to use to shop at Pink Kurve! :)

 Pink Kurve is located at Located at 2/F Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City, tel no. 8981959.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Snoe Beauty Extra Strength Gluthathione Whitening Powder Mask | An Oomph to your Whitening Efforts

Snoe Beauty loves to give us new innovation but at the same time likes to bring back goodies from the past. I forgot what's it's called but Snoe Beauty Extra Strength Gluththione Whitening Powder White Mask (Php480) is reminscent of a whitening product in the 80's/90's. Unfortunately, that product although effective wasn't really that safe for the skin.... That's why I was happy that Snoe brought something like it but something that is a lot safer!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Food-gasm! Manang's Chicken, Farinas Ilocos Empanada, Frosted Desserts

When Ron and I went to Rockwell, we didn't expect to go on a fun yummy adventure! After all, we went there to meet up with Melanie of Makeupholics to pick up the prizes she sponsored for my giveaway! Don't forget to join ha?

I first saw Manang's Chicken, the first and last time I tried this was when I was invited to Jen Gerodia-Diaz's house for her Snoe Beauty press event. She served this along with pancit palabok and I just fell in love. Manang's Chicken was created because the Gerodias have a cook (which they call Manang, a word used as a sign of respect for calling an elder helper or Ilokana - big sister) that makes this really crunchy yet saucy fried chicken. They thought that since it was so delicious, other people may like it, too. From one branch, you'll now see Manang's Chicken almost everywhere! Unfortunately for me the nearest was in Ortigas. So I grabbed this chance to order a 6 piece wings of Extra Spicy Manang's Chicken.
Verdict: So much better than anything I've ever tasted. It's like Bonchon and Chicken Charlie but with a hint of Pinoy flavoring.

Extra spicy is really really spicy. The flavor seeps to the meat and the bones. It's best served with steaming rice and a glass of cold soda. :) The boyfriend however, loved is as is. :)

 The next stall I saw was Farinas Ilocos Empanada. To be honest, I don't eat Ilocos Empanada sold here in Manila because I'm scared to be disappointed. I'm a true-blooded Ilocana who knows her Empanada well. It's my favorite Ilocano merienda and I would not like any assuming empanadas to ruin. But seeing the name Farinas on the tarpaulin made me try this. Farinas are ilocanos who I hoped that they would served an authentic Ilocos Empanda.. Crossing my fingers, still.

To those who don't know, Ilocos Empanada is a mix of been sprouts, egg and Ilocos longganisa encased in a crunchy wrapper. To be called authentic, the wrapper should be thick, the egg should not be thoroughly cook (yolk must still be wet like in sunny side up), been sprouts are fresh and of course the longganisa (sausage) must come from Ilocos Norte. Also, it must be served with authentic sukang Iloko.

And boy did I get a taste of true Ilocos Empanada the moment I bit into the piping hot crunchiness of this delectable delight! I was in heaven! A taste of home! Memories of me and my friends joy riding to Batac just to eat this heavenly goodness came flooding back, memories of me and mom enjoying this savory delight came wafting. The scent, it just makes me want to smooch my face in it... There's always that satisfaction of eating something you haven't eaten for a long time... I missed this and thank God I'm eating it now. It makes you appreciate your hometown and it makes you want to back for more..

Good thing they will be opening one soon in Ortigas.. still a bit far from where a live but a definite improvement compared to going to Tman Morato or Lamuan to get this.

And so we move fro savory to sweets. Cupcakes for me is nothing new but when I saw some unique flavors, I went ahead and tried this. Frosted Desserts has unique flavors that is quite inspired. It reminded me of Max and Caroline's Cupcakes in Two Broke Girls.

I got the following;

Top: Mr. Grey - Get a dose of earl grey on the top and the bottom (#lol)
Bottom Left: Newton Caramel Buttercream on top of an aple and rhum cake sprinkled with streusel and drizzled with more caramel.
Bottom right: The King - inspired by elvis, a banana cake topped with peanut butter frosting and candied bacon!

I thank my lucky stars I just ate after writing the description of each yummy cupcakes! All I can say that each one of these are worth every calorie! I tell you now, you must try all of these. Like I said, I'm not an expert foodie but these are probably one of the mostunique cupcakes I've ever eaten. They are the right amount of sweetness (I usually can't finish a cup) and at the same time affordable!

I can't wait for Frosted Desserts to bigger than big! They deserve it if they will continuously come up with flavor as these.

So there goes my YumYum adventure during the Zonta Christmas in September Bazaar at Rockwell Tent. I enjoyed it so much! Thanks for bringing these delightful treats near me (sort of). I look forward to seeing these soon!

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The Prizes are Here!! | Shen's Addiction 4th Year Giveaway

I'm sure you're excited to know what the prizes will be for the Shen's Addiction 4th Anniversary Contest. :) I'm trying my best to give awesome products and I'm blessed enough to have saved quite a few from my stash as well as those provided for by brands that I love. Hoping that this shows that I am giving you the best!

Here they are.... :)

Lot of products to be won! :)
more after the jump! :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Maybelline Falsies Volum' Express Mascara | The Wand Review

It's been said over and over again that Maybelline can't go wrong when it comes to mascara. That is why many makeup artists and celebrities up until now sing praises about this brand. And I can only agree with them From the Volum' Express Hypercurl, Cat eyes, Pulse Perfection and Magnum, I myself am a fan of Maybelline. It's practically every girl's first mascara. And for some, it's the only choice. :)

Falsies is Maybelline first ever mascara to contain fibers much the same as you would see on korean mascaras like fiber week or Japan's Majolica Majorca's Lash King. Maybelline has finally caught on the bandwagon and joined the fiber revolution in mascara. Not so new to this either, I've seen Falsies advertised and featured in US beauty magazines. But fashion bloggers have been singing praises about that (especially when Maybelline PH launched their Do You Dare campaign) that I thought maybe it's worth the Php449.00 I will pay for.

Verdict, See the photos below.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Appear on the Next Dove Billboard

Who says models and celebrities are the ones fit to be in a billboard. Nu-uh! We now all get  chance to be part of this new real beauty campaign! :)

Send in your photos now! :)

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