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Let's admit that the guys need to look and feel good about themselves, too. It's not only us women who groom ourselves. And though I'm blessed with a man who isn't as vain as I am, I recognize that he needs a few things as well.

When I got acquainted with Avon Men's Club, I notice that there are a few things that the BF would appreciate to have. It's the small things in his life that he hardly notice needs replacing. And since my boyfriend is the kind to wear out his current possessions, here's a few things I got for him to replace some of the embarrassing tattered stuff he owns.

  1. A simple bag that he can wear to the office. It has a zipper to amply secure his things and it's a messenger bag-style for an updated fashion piece.
  2. Accessories wouldn't hurt a man. Personally, I don't mind him skipping this. I don't like guys who wears jewelries. But since it's affordable (but still looks class), why not?
  3. Perfume is always an important part in men's grooming. This is a fool-proof gift. Guys love their manly scents.
  4. Grooming Kit is important for every man to have. Ladies, get your men this kit and he'll always look polished and stray hairs and icky long nails will be gone in a jiff.
  5. Watch can be expensive but something affordable is great, too, as long as looks chic and tells time. You don't want him to be late in picking you up.
  6. Wallet is probably the most tattered object in him. Guys to like to wear out their wallets until the leather skin is falling off. Give him a new one and he'll love you for it!
  7. Swiss army knife or a similar multi-purpose McGayver tools. This is always a nifty gift idea for random occasions.
  8. Basketball shirts for going to the gym or playing ball with his friends. Don't let him go out of the house with shirts that has holes in them!
  9. Briefs! Say no to bacon brief. He knows you really car about him when you get him a set of tidy whiteys! Or in this case a fun colorful set to match to balanced with his macho look.
  10. Belt are often overlooked but get him one and he'll know how attentive you are to him and your relationship.

The BF was surely surprise when I gave him all of these. He didn't realize that he really needed many of these things. I'm sure your significant other will feel the same way if you get him one or two of these as well.

For more information about Avon Philippines Men's Club, contact your suki Avon Lady!

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