Sleek I-Divine in Oh So Special | Tutorial on Neutral Makeup Look

I've always wanted to try Sleek Makeup. But I just couldn't justify buying more eyeshadow palette given the amount I have in my stash. I have the Beauty Pro Cosmetics which work spendidly well for the kind of lifestyle I am living now as a working girl. I hardly play with colors  compared to two years ago (when I couldn't be see without blue eyeshadow on).

But I know most of you go to this blog to find good bargain makeup. And thought I may not always provide them (you can find other blogs who showcase them), I am more at finding the right product and look at the price next. After all, makeup is something that we put on our face so it's important that we acquaint ourselves with products that are truly worth it.

Swayed by great reviews and after seeing two of my beauty blogger best friends use Sleek, I can't help it any longer. Thanks to Smile of Updated Trends who took notice how eager I am to try the Sleek line out, I finally got to try this UK-based cosmetic brand.

I got the Sleek I-Divine Palette in Oh So Special, a neutral, office-friendly palette with12 penny-size  eye shadow with color range of nudes, darks, pinks and peaches. It's an ideal palette for women who prefers prime makeup look, easy for everyday wear. But it's also a versatile palette evening makeup looks like 1920's, 1950's makeup looks to deep smokey eyes.

The texture and slip of the eyeshadows are surprisingly smooth and they have the right amount of pigmentation. No wonder a lot of beauty newbies and maven prefers this over other brands. One thing I appreciate, the shadows aren't that chalky and provide minimal fall outs. 

Packaging though doesn't look tough for travel. I suggest wrapping a towelette around the palette to avoid the shadows from breaking. But the huge mirror is a big plus for me. Who doesn't love extra mirror inside our kits, right?

Here's a very simple look I made using this palette. 

Oh how I love neutrals! I've already perfected this look that I think I can do this even in my sleep. #lol

Practice is all there is to it! Prime Look or the typical contouring the eyes isn't exactly makeup for me. It's a way of shaping your eyes and applying shadows and highlights in a way that it will compliment your eyes better.

Best time to use this makeup look is when you want to look polished, wide awake and totally you. It's not about "changing" your look but rather just bringing out the best of your eyes, adding color when there is just not enough shadows and there is too much light. This look will make you more event and camera-ready.

Thankfully though, the Oh So Special Palette isn't just about neutral looks. It's easy to play around to smoking out your eyes once you feel more comfy about using more colors or darker shades. It's even great for creating bridal makeup. :) 

Look out for more features of this palette here on my blog. I plan on providing more tutorials using the Sleek I-Divine Oh So Special Eye Shadow Palette. :)

What look would you like me to do next? Bridal or Smokey? look?

If you're interested in this palette, you can get this for only Php650 at Updated Trends.

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