Magniflex Event: For People Who Love Sleep

I have this theory why good beds are expensive it's because  companies know how adults appreciate a good night sleeps. When we were younger, we couldn't wait to get out of bed, we actually fight it. Do you remember arguing with your parents or with your yayas when it's time for siesta?

Fast forward to today, it's completely the opposite. We couldn't wait to get home and plop down on our beds to sleep. I sometimes feel I function just for a chance to go back to sleep again. I'm a good sleeper. I can sleep the whole day. Fact is, I can stay in bed all day! I can sleep standing up, sitting down, on the floor or anywhere for that matter. Sandman is very first best friend. I remember back in college that I was the first to go bed whenever there's an overnight project. Lol!

Even my creative shot was inspired by my love to sleep! I was in a green gown (because green exudes a relax environment) with a fluffy pillow! And my classmates weren't surprised to say the least.

As much as I love the night and I do work better when the sun is resting, I like to take my time in bed, too. That why it's important to pay good money for a good bed. Especially for hardworking adults like us. And if you're in college staying up too late, you'll know what I mean in a few years. :)

It's amazing what a good night sleep can do for you. Here's but a few.
  • Clears our skin and help reduce acne brought on by stress and wrinkles.
  • A 15 minute power nap can gives us energy worth about 6 hours!
  • Sleep can help the brain function easier.
  • A good 8 hour sleep everyday can reduce health problems like heart decease.

Magniflex, a manufacturing company who makes amazing bed foams shares the same sentiments as I do and then some. Innovator of ergonomic, almost organic bed, Magniflex brings only the bed for those who takes their goodnight sleep seriously

Let me share you what I learned during the Magniflex Blogger Slumber Event at Home Studio Connecticut St. Greenhills (beside Torch Restaurant). 

Meet a spring-free bed foam created to make your sleeping experience better than better. Their beds are made with top of the line materials like Outlast (a fabrics used by astronauts) to balance temperature. Most of their beds are inspired by aroma therapy and alternative medicine. Some of their beds have silver ions to balance the body's energy. There's one that is made of bamboo fiber and aloe vera.

Their bed is made of quality materials that I was simply impressed. I'm not rich, I didn't grow up with expensive things so I wouldn't know if there are more luxurious bed out there (I bet there is) but Magniflex showed me that night that anybody can dream (literally). Their beds, seemingly expensive, actually is quite competitive price-wise. Their beds runs only from 100K to 180K and they accept flexible term payments.

As a homemaker, I understand why it's important to invest for quality made products. I made a few mistakes settling for mediocre appliences and furniture that I now save for better things to replace them with. No comprises for this future Stepford Wife. I am only for the best and not so surprisingly, it includes as Magniflex mattress.

Finally, I saw Nikki once again! Have you congratulated her yet? She's preggy with little Askmewhats!

Melai of Style&Soul hosted the event along with Grant, owner of Home Studio.

Sophie's mom took care of desserts for us. A little perk-me-upper to balance out the zen feel of the whole place.

Home Studio doesn't only offer Magniflex mattresses, they also have bathroom furnishes and tiles. Have I told you I love tiles? I do! I do! It's expensive but it practically lasts a lifetime and easier to clean, too!

Take a look at some of the amazing fixtures from Home Studio...

Bloggers fun night at Magniflex. Angela, Nikki, Sophie, Rowena.
Another great thing about the event is we got a chance to experience Torch Restaurants, one of Manila's most popular restaurant to date. :)

Soup shots. Brocoli, Potato and Tomato. All are yummy and creamy!

Thanks for the invite, Marj!

Trying out the XS Magniflex Bed. :) It's incredibly soft and comfortable. :)

Home Studio is located at 63 Connecticut St. Greehills, San Juan Metro Manila. Tel. no., 02-7269414.

What about you? Aside from beauty, what the next important thing for you? :)

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