Snoe Beauty Extra Strength Gluthathione Whitening Powder Mask | An Oomph to your Whitening Efforts

Snoe Beauty loves to give us new innovation but at the same time likes to bring back goodies from the past. I forgot what's it's called but Snoe Beauty Extra Strength Gluththione Whitening Powder White Mask (Php480) is reminscent of a whitening product in the 80's/90's. Unfortunately, that product although effective wasn't really that safe for the skin.... That's why I was happy that Snoe brought something like it but something that is a lot safer!

With Gluthathione as its main ingredient, a master anti-oxidant and a popular skin-whitening, Snoe came up with a better version of Whitening Powder White Mask. Added ingredient includes Niacinamide, an effective skin lightening that inhibits further melanin production. Grape Seed Oil, known to help the skin heal and it's also high in anti-oxidant. Both Niaciminade and Grape Seed Oil aslso help with lessening and curing acne. :) These combination of ingredients promises to give fairer and softer looking skin with frequent use.

  1. Pour in 1 tablespoon of the Whitening Powder Mix
  2. Pour in 2 tablespoon of the Whitening Solution
  3. Mix and mix and mix and mix...
  4. Stop mixing when desired ice cream-like texture is achieved.
Apply as normal and leave it on 15 minutes. Wash face with water and pat softly to dry..
Be prepared for the following:
  • Powder can get messy (so tread carefully around the whitening powder. No sudden movements. LOL!)
  • Stirring the powder and solution is a tough job! The powder takes a long time to melt. Use a small whisk to make mixing easier.
  • It's sooooo drying! My hands, face and aything this mixture touched became dry!
  • Keep a good moisturizer near and apply liberally after
  • When the mask is drying, there will be a lot of fall outs. Be careful not to exhale since I'm not sure if it's safe to inhale.
  • Can get into eyes so wash it off carefully.

When to use:
Severe blemishes or acne scars: Every night fror 7 days. Rest face after a week and resume again.
Moderate blemish or uneven skintone: Twice a week for 1 month. Rest for one month and repeat process.
Light blemishes: Once a week to twice a month
Maintenance: Twice or once a month

I'm currently doing the once a day for 7 days and seeing significant results. Acne marks left on my forehead and cheeks have significantly lightened and it has made my skin a lot smoother. I will show you before and after photos one I'm done with the 7 day treatment.

It's really tedious to mix the powder and solution but all in the name of beauty, right? And I didn't like the severe chakly dryness after so I use my Shu Uemura Tsuya Youth Radiance Regenator to bring back moisture to my skin. For my hands I use the Vaseline Perfect 10 lotion.  But it seems effective so I'm sticking to this routine.

I'm recommending this to those who can't seem to get rid of their pimple marks. I know it's tough dealing with them and if you don't wear a lot of makeup like I do to hide it, then this might be just for you. It's extra ooomph to your daily whitening treatment. It's fairly affordable, too.

You can also use this for different parts of your body. I use this for my underarm to help with the ointment I'm using. And yes, you can use this even if you have pimples. Although, if it sting, I suggest to remvoe the mask on the part where it hurts. The sting will also tell you that you might have a sensitive skin.

I suggest using evaporated milk instead of the whitening solution for those with sensitive skin.

Can't shell out Php480? Buy and split the cost with 2 friends/sisters. Just buy plastic bottles to divide the solution. :) 1 Pack goes a long long way!

Oh! Don't forget to use a good sunblock everyday before leaving the house to reduce chances of skin darkening. As much as possible stay away from the sun. :)

Let me know what you think once you've tried this, I'd love to hear about your experiences! :)

Happy whitening!!

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Snoe Beauty is available Market Market, Cinderella Glorietta 3, Robinsons Galleria, SM Sta. Rosa. Visit their facebook page for complete listing of their stores.

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