Haul: Givenchy Phenomen'eyes and Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara

Nearly a year ago, I've posted Givenchy's greatest innovation when it comes to mascara, Phenomen'eyes Mascara. As you all know, Givenchy is not available here in our beautiful country, Philippines.

Guess what? I now have one!

My dear beauty blogger Phoebe, the Swiper, bought two of these babies and considered selling the other one to me since she found black bit too much for her in terms of color intensity. Of course, I grabbed the chance and met up with her one day to purchase it. You can't imagine my elation when I saw this for the first time!

Let's take a closer look as i know you're as curious as I am when it comes to new products, especially those not available here, :)

How did it fair with my lashes? See for yourself. As for me, I was very very very satisfied!


after: one coat

after: two coats

Thoughts on the product: WOW!!! And surprisingly, for a first-time user I didn't find it too difficult to use this product. I just have to be wary not to touch my lids with the spherical mascara brush.

More thoughts on the product: Don't get too excited and call your relatives right now to have them buy Givenchy Phenomen'eyes for you.

Although I am very much in love with this product, I don't think i would recommend this to all of you especially since its very expensive, unavailable here in Manila and may need getting use to. Yes, it is also very impractical if you don't plan to use it at every opportunity and/or can find something else that provides the same results.

If you wish to achieve the same effect, I suggest you try Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara. In my opinion, it also achieves the the lengthening effect Phenomen'eyes does. I've used Cat Eyes several times and found no significant difference. Doesn't clump so much as well and can reach even your inner lashes and easier to use.

Available at all leading beauty/drugstore for only about P475.00. I got mine at Landmark Department Store, just a day after it was released. LOL!

You may read Sutil's review on it on her blog.

If you really set your mind on it... You'll achieve it. I'm a live testament to it!
Thanks again, Phoebe, for giving me an opportunity to own Givenchy's Phenomen'eyes.

Much love,

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