Food-gasm! Manang's Chicken, Farinas Ilocos Empanada, Frosted Desserts

When Ron and I went to Rockwell, we didn't expect to go on a fun yummy adventure! After all, we went there to meet up with Melanie of Makeupholics to pick up the prizes she sponsored for my giveaway! Don't forget to join ha?

I first saw Manang's Chicken, the first and last time I tried this was when I was invited to Jen Gerodia-Diaz's house for her Snoe Beauty press event. She served this along with pancit palabok and I just fell in love. Manang's Chicken was created because the Gerodias have a cook (which they call Manang, a word used as a sign of respect for calling an elder helper or Ilokana - big sister) that makes this really crunchy yet saucy fried chicken. They thought that since it was so delicious, other people may like it, too. From one branch, you'll now see Manang's Chicken almost everywhere! Unfortunately for me the nearest was in Ortigas. So I grabbed this chance to order a 6 piece wings of Extra Spicy Manang's Chicken.
Verdict: So much better than anything I've ever tasted. It's like Bonchon and Chicken Charlie but with a hint of Pinoy flavoring.

Extra spicy is really really spicy. The flavor seeps to the meat and the bones. It's best served with steaming rice and a glass of cold soda. :) The boyfriend however, loved is as is. :)

 The next stall I saw was Farinas Ilocos Empanada. To be honest, I don't eat Ilocos Empanada sold here in Manila because I'm scared to be disappointed. I'm a true-blooded Ilocana who knows her Empanada well. It's my favorite Ilocano merienda and I would not like any assuming empanadas to ruin. But seeing the name Farinas on the tarpaulin made me try this. Farinas are ilocanos who I hoped that they would served an authentic Ilocos Empanda.. Crossing my fingers, still.

To those who don't know, Ilocos Empanada is a mix of been sprouts, egg and Ilocos longganisa encased in a crunchy wrapper. To be called authentic, the wrapper should be thick, the egg should not be thoroughly cook (yolk must still be wet like in sunny side up), been sprouts are fresh and of course the longganisa (sausage) must come from Ilocos Norte. Also, it must be served with authentic sukang Iloko.

And boy did I get a taste of true Ilocos Empanada the moment I bit into the piping hot crunchiness of this delectable delight! I was in heaven! A taste of home! Memories of me and my friends joy riding to Batac just to eat this heavenly goodness came flooding back, memories of me and mom enjoying this savory delight came wafting. The scent, it just makes me want to smooch my face in it... There's always that satisfaction of eating something you haven't eaten for a long time... I missed this and thank God I'm eating it now. It makes you appreciate your hometown and it makes you want to back for more..

Good thing they will be opening one soon in Ortigas.. still a bit far from where a live but a definite improvement compared to going to Tman Morato or Lamuan to get this.

And so we move fro savory to sweets. Cupcakes for me is nothing new but when I saw some unique flavors, I went ahead and tried this. Frosted Desserts has unique flavors that is quite inspired. It reminded me of Max and Caroline's Cupcakes in Two Broke Girls.

I got the following;

Top: Mr. Grey - Get a dose of earl grey on the top and the bottom (#lol)
Bottom Left: Newton Caramel Buttercream on top of an aple and rhum cake sprinkled with streusel and drizzled with more caramel.
Bottom right: The King - inspired by elvis, a banana cake topped with peanut butter frosting and candied bacon!

I thank my lucky stars I just ate after writing the description of each yummy cupcakes! All I can say that each one of these are worth every calorie! I tell you now, you must try all of these. Like I said, I'm not an expert foodie but these are probably one of the mostunique cupcakes I've ever eaten. They are the right amount of sweetness (I usually can't finish a cup) and at the same time affordable!

I can't wait for Frosted Desserts to bigger than big! They deserve it if they will continuously come up with flavor as these.

So there goes my YumYum adventure during the Zonta Christmas in September Bazaar at Rockwell Tent. I enjoyed it so much! Thanks for bringing these delightful treats near me (sort of). I look forward to seeing these soon!

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