The Makeup Look: Attending An Important Event

When going to an event, especially a formal one, you don't want to change your look entirely. You just need to be the best version of you... You but a little bit polished. This look I created is great for any event, actually. For attending debuts, weddings and other formal occasion. 

I wore this look when I went to the Tupperware Brands Chain of Confidence event. It was the time when they launched the Search for 10 Women of Confidence and showed the viral video in super of the campaign. And I was in that video. Despite being confident about who I am and loving my curves as well as my pore-ful face, it was an occasion that needed be to look presentable. :)

So as you can see, there is no cateyes, thick lashes and bold lip color. I just covered my pimples and blemishes, defined my cheekbones and gave myself some brows. For the eyes, I did something Oprah-ish. Notice how she favors purple eye makeup look? I thought it was very distinguished. And well, who else could be a better inspiration but the most powerful woman in the world, right?

But I didn't exactly do it the way she does but rather played with how purple can work with my own eyes naturally. And I do have some history with purples. :) I love that I can still play with colors and manage to look polished. :) 

Do you think I was successful? When a friend saw this, she thought it also makes a great bridal look. :) Got kilig she said that. :)

Products I used to achieve this look:

Face Makeup:
The Body Shop All in One Face Base
Nar Blush in Orgasm (for color)
K Palette Okuma Concealer in 02

Eye Makeup:
Beauty Pro Cosmetics Sweet and Smokey Palette
L'oreal Super Liner Lasting Silky Crayon

Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex BE205

Necklace from Accessorize
Earrings from bazaar
Dress from Forever21

I'm loving the products I used for this look. They did amazingly well to give me that natural "improved" look. :) Confidence do not come easy for a girl like me. Sometimes, when I don't feel like my best, I go to cosmetics for a boost... Nothing like a nice lipgloss that gives you that natural pout or a blush that mimics your natural one.

What's your boost of confidence?

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