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I just recently started with my new job. And I notice that I'm in dire need of cosmetics that gives me 24 hour protection and lasting power. It's a good thing that I got a chance to grab Stay Don't Stray from Benefits Cosmetics when they recently opened at Greenbelt 5.

Loyal as I am to the Urban Decay Primer Potion, it's nice to have a new product to play with. After all, I'm always on a look out for the next "it" primer.

Why take notice of the Stay Don't Stray Eye Primer? 

  • It's an oil-free "stay-put primer for concealers and eye shadows." Meaning, prevent not only your eye shadows from creasing but your concealers, too.
  • Not too much into concealers but want a brighter looking eyes? Skip building products around the eyes as this dual-purpose primer brightens the eye area from lids to under eye area, no matter what skin.
  • I've seen this being used by woman of different colors and I saw that this is indeed a universal shade. it has a yellow undertone base that blends well with any skin and provides that brightening and wide awake look.
  • It has smoothening and anti-aging ingredients like Vitamin E that will act as a skincare whilst you wearing your favorite eyeshadow.

Why do you need an eye primer in the first place?
  • I know it's an extra expense and most primers that really works like Urban Decay, Nars and now this, cost a lot of money. But let me assure you that an eye primer is as important purchasing a good foundation. If you can find an affordable primer that works for you, good for you. Give me a ring so I can try it, too!
  • If you have extremely oily lids and find eye shadows moving around creasing and leaving you looking gross at the middle of an event... then you definitely need an Eye Primer!
  • Don't rely on concealers as it tends to melt or warm up upon impact to the skin to blend naturally with its shade. With an area like the lids that constantly move, you need something that is more durable and able to withstand movement, heat and packed on products. Eye Primers is the answer to that!
  • Most likely, you give up on using eye shadows because it's hard to blend against your lids. That's because some products need something to attach itself to a lot better than just your bare lids. Primers make a great base for eye makeup and packing on products is a breeze. Not to mention that your eye shadows are a lot more vibrant!
  • It's just more fun to play with makeup when you have one!

Given those things I mentioned, there's no mistake that Eye shadow primers are extremely important for me. But did Stay Don't Stray made the cut?

It did! It did! I won't have to wet my pants with nervousness whenever I ran out of Urban Decay!

Stay Don't Stray for the past several times I've been using it have performed flawlessly and what looks to be a so effortlessly!

  • It's easy to blend against the skin and especially under the eye area.
  • Eye shadows attached to it like it's in love!
  • Eye shadows are easy to blend against each other as this makes a great base!
  • Most importantly, it has good staying power and does prevent my eye shadow from creasing!

Honestly, is there a downside?

  • the pump dispenses a bit too much than what I needed. Control on the amount you need can be a bit of a trouble but not entirely bothersome.

Here are some of my "artworks"...

Here are more product shots of my new BFF!

Without a doubt, I will repurchase this immediately after I ran out! Especially now that I don't have to worry where to get as Benefit Cosmetics is homed now in Greenbelt 5 and they accept credit cards! Woot! Woot!

So if you could get yourself a nice makeup gift, this has got to be it!

Do you use eye shadow primers? Do you find them important as I do?

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  1. angelamhiere10/1/12 7:23 AM

    Wow.... Ganda!!! 

    Two thumbs up, Ms. Shennie!!! ^__^

  2. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo10/1/12 9:23 AM

    Thanks for sharing this Shen!
    I'm actually on the lookout for good primers, since I currently don't use one. (But would certainly want to try.) Good thing I always turn to your blog for tips. :)

  3. how much is it here in Manila?  

    Have you tried Too Faced's Shadow Insurance?  How does Benefit's primer match up to it?

  4. I super love Benefit Stay dont stray :) Super super love :D

  5. I'm so kuripot and willing to try stuff just to test if it will work on me. I'm currently using the ELF Eyelid Primer and so far it does the job for me. While reading your post I was thinkng: "Yaaah, I used to be like that. I didn't care about eyelid primers..." But one time I did a shot of my eye makeup and how it creased. Not a good sight. So now, I found my eyelid primer partner!

    But this looks very interesting. The question now is, how much is it? Hehe. But of course, even if I'm super kuripot  I would definitely not mind spending a bit more just so I can give my skin the best. Thanks for sharing this product to us Shen! The Benefit Primer really did make your eye makeup more gorgeous! 

    Stay pretty Shen! :)

  6. gelatoprincess17/1/12 12:38 PM

    I'm not very particualr when it comes to eye make up. The only thing I got for my eyes is concealer, I don't have eyeshadows or eyeliners (although, I would love to try eyeliners) But I get your point when you said something about letting substances build up in the eye area and now that I think about it I should actually be fuzzing about eye make up and all things I put there because the skin in that area is thinner and more sensitive. I've heard of the Benefit primers and I also read a lot of good reviews,  the only thing not fun about them is the price! haha 

  7. nice review but I am more curious about its price.


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