Photo Diary Review: Mod Lei Nail and Day Spa & Skin Slate Body Review

Mod Lei Nail and Day Spa

Last Sunday was probably the best day I've had in weeks. I've never been so tired and a spa escape was exactly what I needed. I went to the Only Green Escape, Mod Lei Nail and Day Spa at Esteban Abad, Katipunan Ave. Being a Katipunera back in the day (I finished college in Miriam), seeing the familiar streets, the used to be "tambayans" made me nostaligic for the good ol' college days.

But when I entered Mod Lei, I was instantly transformed into a princess. The people were so accomodating with all smiles and they were ready to answer all of my questions. They weren't intrusive or hard sell.

But I digress (as usual)... Let's get on with the reviews of the spa and the Signature Body Skin Late (Php2200) that made use of Emu Oil, Rose Hip and Shea Butter.

First take a virtual tour of the spa.

Mod Lei is actually inspired by Venus and Mars Natural Skin Care Line so you'll see their products on display when you enter the spa. And most naturally, Mod Lei uses only natural and organic skin care for ALL their services. The practice is "Back to Basics." Simplicity always is the best way to go. And though I'm the most complicated person in the world and loves science, I respect and admire Mod Lei for sticking to their virtues and proving that its effective. :)

On your right, there is a reciving area for guests and companions.

Nail treatments are done in soft couches which I think rivals many nail spas I've tried (no offense). It's incredibly comfortable and I'm not eaten up by the cushion. The fabric of the couch alone made me was to snuggle in it. It's velvety smooth. It was quite obvious it's been awhile since I was pampered.

It's made for girl friends who love to to go to spa together and stay close to make chicka. :)

When I entered the spa area, I was presented with an organic drink served only to Mod Lei patrons.

Even my spa bed had a chocolate in it (I reserved for the aftermath)

Spa area seems tight but privacy is well assured.

And so I'm ready for the Skin Slate Body scrub service.

Skin Slate is one of the most luxurious body scrub I've ever tried. It didn't require me to stand up to shower. Rather the treatment was done entirely at the spa bed. 
First step: Brushing, the whole body was brushed with bamboo brush to improve blood circulation.
Second: Cleansing, my body was thoroughly cleansed with a sweet smelling concoction
Third: Body scrub, using dead sea salt mixed with mineral water to remove deadskin.
Fourth: Body Mask, to improve the texture of the skin. 
Fifith: Moisturize, a conconction of oil that they call "butter" was applied to smoothen and soften the skin.
I truly felt a princess where in you ae not require to anything but relax and flip over once in awhile. And it made sense why tell call it Skin Slate. My skin did feel renewed after that thorough service. Suffice it to say that I give 5 stars in service and knowledge as well as dedication. I didn't feel anxiousness or boredom from Rose. She did splendidly well on giving me a great spa experience. You really get what you pay for.

Another thing that I love about Mod Lei's Skin Slate Signature Body is the uniqueness of the scent they use. It's convincingly organic, sweet and unlike any other scents I've tried in my entirely life. I didn't smell like a regular spa... :) I smelled fresh and invigorated.

And I didn't even notice that I spent more than 2 hours inside the spa! I was having an incredible time! I was enjoying the fact that I can just let go and let Rose do all the work. It was nice to lie down and forget about everything. And oh, I do love the head pillow. It's smells so good (fresh laundry scent).

I honestly only have good things to say about Mod Lei at this point. Everything I expected from a spa was met wonderfully. I was treated well, it didn't feel they were scrimping on the products on me. The place albeit small seemed to accomodate their clientele. 

And though I would love to do this every week, I think I can only afford to every month. So it's nice to know that I can do this at home, too, with just a few Venus and Minerals Products. :) I asked Rose if I can experience Skin Slate at home and she gave she showed me these products to try! How convenient is that. :) I may not be the same but it's pretty close especially when missing the smoothness that Skin Slate gave my skin. :)

Queen Zakiya Dead Sea Salt Scrub, Rosehip Oil 100%, Shea Butter, Emu Oil 100%

I've also tried their Fruit Ninja Grasp and Ear Candling. More on that in next posts. :)

For more of Mod Lei and Venus and Mars, visit their Facebook page. :)

They are also having a sale on my birthday, September 15, 2012!

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