Sunday, August 30, 2009

Must Try: Clinique 3-Step Program

I finally gave in and bought myself Clinique's 3-Step Program at Rustan's Makati. Actually, just the soap and toner. But the sales associate gave me a sample of the dramatically different moisturizing gel. Thank you!

clinique 3 step program by you.
Facial Soap - oily skin formula with dish
Clarifying Lotion 3
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

In the past, I got a chance to use Clinique Toner 2, thanks to my mom's stash. But clearly, it wasn't for me when I had a skin consultation at Clinique's counter in Rustan's. Using their table (i'm not sure what they call it), the SA was able to determine the products that will work best for me. In less than a minute, I was recommended the facial soap, clarifying lotion 2 and the moisturizer gel.

It was an easy purchase for me and although I was quite short for the moisturizer, the SA provided me with a sample that will last me a long time. It was quite sweet of her. She even said that it would be better if I had all 3 to experience the difference. I promised her then that I'll be purchasing the full size as soon as I'm done with the sample.

In controlling my oilies, this 3-step program really helped me. My skin is really testing Clinique's effectiveness. I love the clean and refreshing feel it gives me. The soap has a cool minty feel which is mild at the same time. The Clarifying lotion rids of the excess dirt that the soap left and exfoliate my skin. The moisturizer gel is very light that it leaves my skin soft and primed, ready for makeup or just a goodnight sleep.

Do you know that Clinique has an intensive research and testing protocol? That even if one person among 7200 subjects reacts with their product, they will reformulate?Now, that's what I call really taking care of your skin.

Got oily skin? Let Clinique take care of it!

much love,

You may experience Clinique's free skin consultation at their counters in Rustan's Shangri-la and Makati.

New Find: D.E.I. fashion and more

I have always been curious of D.E.I. Direct Sales. A dear friend from Q got us shirts from this same brand and I just love how it feels against my skin and the fact that it didn't stretch at all and maintained its color.

Recently, I received a catalogue from D.E.I. and I couldn't be more pleased with what I saw. Their type of shirts and shirt dresses are my kind of casual attire. You see, I love solid color clothing. :)

DSC_0071 by you.
DSC_0073 by you.
DSC_0074 by you.
DSC_0077 by you.
DSC_0078 by you.
DSC_0081 by you.
DSC_0084 by you.
DSC_0088 by you.
DSC_0092 by you.DSC_0096 by you.
here are just a few outfits I would love to have in my closet soon. Thank God they have sizes up to XXL, me gaining so much weight won't be a bother when choosing a design I want. :)

DSC_0097 by you.
i heard from a recent visit in a holistic spa that wheatgrass doubles the fiber intake in the body which provide colon cleansing and promote good health.

If you wanna know more about D.E.I., yuou can visit their website at

There are more interesting and affordable buys to choose from. If you also want to earn on the side, they also have great business opportunities for you to choose from. That's more spending money at your disposal. :)

Have a great week, everyone!!

much love,

Friday, August 28, 2009

L'oreal Color Riche Collection "In the Name of the Rose"

Gone are the days that we what lipstick Ursula was applying on her lips as she sang "Poor Unfortunate Soul" in Walt Disney Pictures' Little Mermaid. Lipsticks nowadays is as common in a women's purse as to the period at the end of every sentence.

But with all the lipsticks available to us, how can we choose which works best for us? L'oreal Color Riche lipsticks provide the moisture and silky shine that can only be described as your-lips but-better. With their new Color Riche collection, In the Name of the Rose, there are more colors to choose from.

Inspired by the flower Rose, L'oreal created different shades in soft pinks that could only compliment any female. It's the sheerest color that will touch your lips and provide you that subtle pucker... like a petal after its bathe from the summer rain.

swatch of l'oreal color riche in Baby Rose

Available in shades:
Rose Petal
Rose Crimson
Baby Rose
Rose Blush

Price: 625.00

Available at your favorite L'oreal paris Makeup Counter or other beauty stores.

Long weekend here in this side of the globe. Enjoy, ladies!!
much love,

Dollface Anniversary Sale

click poster to go to Dollface Cosmetics Site for more details

See you there!!

much love,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

YumYum: Memories and Mom and Tina's Meringue

Meringue according to the ever reliable wikipedia, is a type of dessert made from whipped egg whites and powdered sugar. Some meringue recipes call for adding a binding agent such as cream of tartar or the cornstarch found in confectioner's sugar. Meringues are often flavoured with vanilla and a small amount of almond or coconut extract. They are very light and airy and extremely sweet.

This sumptuous dessert makes one return to the renaissance and think of Marie Antoinette with her frivolous frou frous and china tea sets. For many Filipinos though, it is but a simple sweet treat available at aling Sering's Sari-sari store for only about 50 cents a piece. Meringue in this side of the globe is not usually served with chocolate or strawberry, it is just usually followed with a big glass of water to avoid tonsilitis.

My memory of meringue will always be of my mother. She would buy me a pick of meringue whenever she visited a certain restaurant inside Quezon City Circle. She knew how much I like sugar-base sweets and would indulged me but she certainly demanded that I drink more than a glass of water in order not to get sick.

To relive the memories, the significant other and I decided for an early take-out dinner at Mom and Tina's Bakey Cafe (located at C5 road, beside House of Minis) when I notice this big tub of Meringue selling for P250.00. I was tempted to buy because the feeling of nostalgia crept in. But a big tub? I was having doubts if I could finish it. Good thing, there was a pint tub of meringue for only about P75.00. I quickly added it to my take-out list.

The verdict? Like mom was right beside me watching her favorite gossip show, it was just like the meringue i use to eat with her. Good things do come in small packages. This instance, its a piece of sugary whipped goodness called meringue.

DSC_0589 copy by you.

Bite in and get a crunch of sweetness from a meringue today.

And oh, I finish the whole pint in one sitting. I knew I should have gotten the big tub.
Perhaps, later?

much love,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

EOTD: BareNaturals Eyeshadow Pigments w/ MAC Penultimate Liner

When given a chance to try other products, rest assured that this guinea pig will jump at the opportunity... especially when we speak of eye shadows. Now that BareNaturals revamped their look, they also did the same for their mineral pigments... eye shadows, baby!

Among the eye shadow samples I received was Mod and Glam. Mod is muted gold eye shadow while Glam is coppery orange. For this look, a summer lively look was the inspiration. One thing about our country is that you can't go wrong wearing colors any time of the year. After all, we only have summer and rainy season. Most often people such as yours truly, gravitate towards color with either time of the year.

Since there wasn't a proper EOTD for the MAC Penultimate Liner on my previous product review, this author thought to use the said product on this look for your perusal as well. To answer questions, it is smudgeproof and waterproof but not advisable to be used on waterline. It will become available again when the Stlye Black Collection arrives here in our country.

Products used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion (base)
BareNaturals Mod (inner lid to crease)
BareNaturals Glam (outer V)
Maybelline Gold Nuggets Pallete shimmery white (tearduct)
Maybelline Gold Nuggets Pallete beige (highlight)
MAC Penultimate Liner (eyeliner)
Lancome Oscillation Masca (lashes)

Many will agree that when it comes to mineral eye shadows, intensity of the colors are the reason for its popularity. A little goes a long way with these wonder powders. BareNaturals certainly do not disappoint in that department. Evident with the photos above, the intensity of these pigments can rival many mineral eye shadows available in the market and at an affordable price, too. Their eye shadow pigments are only P135.00 ($3 approx.) for a 1g net of product contained in a 5gram clear jar with a fabulous gold cap.

fotd barenaturals firey orange by you.
BareNaturals and Ellana products for the face and L'oreal Glam Shine for the lips.

Best way to get the most out of your eye shadow pigments are through the foiling method. Many of you may already know this but for those who don't....

Foiling method is a technique used in eye shadows to deepen the color even further. One does this by simply using any liquid that is safe for the eyes (ex. water, eye drops or face mists) to mix with the pigments chosen.

Easy way to achieve this is by spraying the eye shadow brush with the liquid of your choice and dabbing it on the pigment (on a separate container to avoid contamination) to create a creamy like texture. Apply in a packing motion on to the eyelids, then blend. This will provide a more intensified color of your eye shadow.

Foiling method may also be used to transform your eye shadows into eyeliners. Create many arrays of eyeliners from your eye shadow pigments. This is not advisable to use on the waterline.

Try it and be wowed! Til next look and review!

much love,

BareNaturals are available here and here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Product Review: MAC Penultimate Eye Liner Rapid Black

DSC_0598 copy by you.
With the up coming MAC Style Black Collection, I feel it my duty to inform you guys of my opinion about the MAC Penultimate Liner in Rapid Black. And finally, after months of having this, I will now do a review. :)

I have to tell you that I L-O-V-E Love it! :)

That should end my post, right? Not really. I should justify why I love it and worth the extra few bucks that you may have to pay for should you decide to get one.

1. It's MAC! I know there are more products that is a miss in MAC's history. But nevertheless, MAC has been known to give great products. That alone could entice a makedup addict like me to purchase it.
2. No other tool needed. No need for brushes or clean up.
3. Easy to travel with. Since it is just like any normal pen, it can fit in your purchase or pencil case even.
4. No sharpening required. In gigs, I find the using the Penultimate cuts the time in half.
5. Pointy tip gives precise application. I can't be more descriptive enough when i say the tip goes where you want it go.
6. Tip won't tug the eyes. the tip won't hurt as your line your eyes even if you press it further. I have shaky hands so i get to blance my hand and tip that causes me to press it harder on to my lids and it doesn't hurt even a bit.
7. Last a long time, I've been using this product quite often and I still don't see any sign of it emptying.
8. The tip of the pen doesn't change shape or bend. Its still the same after a few months of using it.
Only "con" i find in this product is the price. I got this during the Chill Collection at P1,200.00. A lot more expensive compared to its US price (w/o tax) and it will be much more expensive when it comes back with the Style Black collection because of MAC Philippines' price increase. Boohoo...

Here are more pictures:
DSC_0602 copy by you.DSC_0603 copy by you.
see? the tip still looks new! :)

DSC_0608 copy by you.
gives great control for lining... even with shaky hands, like me!

There are many felt tip liners out there but this one tops my list by far. :)
What's your favorite felt-tip liner?

much love,

Monday, August 24, 2009

Brush of the Week: BareNaturals' Deluxe Flat Top Brush

OK, I admit it... I got this brush mainly for the gold ferrule and handle. I'm a sucker for gold, evident in my accessories and shoe collection. I just think that they go well with anything. To say the least, its my favorite color after white. Gold often gets bad rep from many women because they think its gaudy, but for me its just elegant and classic.

For this week's brush, it's BareNaturals' Deluxe Flat

When I saw this brush, I knew I had to have it. And I did! Yey!! Along with my other orders, I got this classy flat top along with orders. I really didn't need more brushes but this just screams "Shen" to me.

When I got the package, I couldn't be more happier when I saw that the brush had a envelope pouch (at no extra cost). This simply means that I can tote this baby anywhere.

The hairs are synthetic fibers and as soft as baby's bottom, maybe even softer. It's two-toned, from tan to red-brown at the tip. You will see exactly the amount of powders you will be using when you dip this brush on to your product. The 21 mm diameter of the brush is a lot smaller compared to their previous 25 mm flat top brush.

The performance of this brush is not compromised because of its fabulous packaging. This performs almost the same as their previous flat top brush. The 21mm diameter of the brush fits well with freedom to swirl around the cap of 10g jars. Basically, you can bring the pot and this brush anywhere you want without the need for a separate bowl. :)

Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush, New BareNaturals' Deluxe Flat Top Brush, BareNaturals' Flat Top Brush

my barenaturals' flat top brushes, kissing. :)

Overall, I rate this brush 5 out 5 Kikay Pinay points.

The price (P518/$11 approx.), the packaging/design, the availability in the Philippines, the easy transaction with the owner and the performance and versatility of this brush warrants exactly that perfect point, in my honest opinion.

All I need to do now is stop my lemming for BareNaturals' other gold brushes...

much love,

BareNatural's Deluxe Flat top brush is available at BareNaturals' Online Store or at Addictedto minerals Online Shop

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Freeway Art National Artist Collection Honoring Nick Joaquin

Freeway's new collection is nothing short of astounding. I couldn't be more proud. Now a days, being caught in a fashion such as this is truly worth a second look.

Freeway partnered with the most celebrated Filipino author in the english language, Nick Joaquin. He penned numerous books that has touched the Filipino hearts. It couldn't be more appropriate to show this kind of love for the Pinoy artistry.

"Nick Joaquin is not just a National Artist, but Nationalistic. At the core, along with his talent, was his love of country. It makes one appreciate his work more, that due to humility, open mindness and love of his surroundings that he played a significant part to make our history." - Freeway

These clothes are more than fashion. It's a statement of being a true Pinay and Pinoy.

more details at

much love,

P.S. "The World of Nick Joaquin" is on display 15 Aug thru 15 Sept at the Cubao Expo.
The event features the Memorabilia Exhibit of the National Artist at the Heritage Art Gallery. Showcased are his furniture & typewriter, awards, personal effects, letters, etc.
National Artist Bert Avellana's film "A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino" is onscreen at the Mogwai Cinematheque. An added feature is "Siglo Filipino", the only historical documentary with rare footage of the celebrated writer, directed by Butch Nolasco.
The exhibit is open 1pm-8pm daily; screenings are from 5pm-8pm daily. A minimal charge gains admission to all, plus a drink; discounted rates for students.

Friday, August 21, 2009

FOTD: A BareNatural Face w/ Caviar BB Cream

I got a chance to try some new products from BareNaturals.
Y'all know I'm not much into BB Creams but when Ms. Lami offered me to try a 5ml sample of her new Caviar BB Cream, I couldn't resist. Many beuty blogger/gurus are such a fan of BB Creams that I just had to try at least another brand.

I must say, I'm a convert. :)
  • It's almost my skintone (a bit light on myNC30-35 skin) that it evens out my skin discolorations.
  • Although it provides little to no coverage of dark spots, my pores looked refined, smaller.
  • No oil control but at least it has SPF! I'd rather oil up that damage my skin.
  • Anti-aging component goes well with my current treatment.
  • No bad reactions to the skin. Rather, it makes my skin glow despite my sullen features to the the monthly visits.
  • No particular scent that irritates me, smells similarly to foundation.
  • Has an almost gel-like texture that I am just in awe of! Blends well to the skin. Fingers can be used to apply.
Enough words. Just see the photo above and below.. :)

with flash

Products used:
Caviar BB Cream
Ellana Radiant Concealer
BareNaturals Warm Medium Light Foundation
BareNaturals Skin Perfecting Powder
BareNaturals Viva Sophia (blush) --- My everyday blush
BareNaturals Liquid Lipstick in Fame (lipstick) --- NEW FAVE!

no flash

with flash

BareNaturals eyeshadow in Lush (base/innerlid)
BareNaturals eyeshadow in Soldier (crease)
BareNaturals eyeshadow in Twilight (outer v)
BareNaturals eyeshadow in Mod (highlight)
Maybelline Gel liner
Lancome Oscillation Mascara

no flash

How I wish my face would always look this flawless!
Now I just have to save up for the Caviar BB Cream. :) I must have that!

It's early weekend here in the Philippines. Tomorrow there will be no work, classes etc. because August 21 is Ninoy Aquino Day. I'll be just staying at home, chill, but still wear yellow house clothes in memoriam of our democratic hero.

I have a lot of posts to do. I'm way over backlogged and I owe you guys some decent blogs. :) I also can't wait to finally get some blog reading done over the 3-day weekend. :) And there is this new game that I'm dying to try out. Hopefully, I get a lot of things done before another work week comes. Yikes!

much love,

P.S. All products are available are at BareNaturals Online Shop or at Addicted to Minerals Online Shop.
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