Brush of the Week: BareNaturals' Deluxe Flat Top Brush

OK, I admit it... I got this brush mainly for the gold ferrule and handle. I'm a sucker for gold, evident in my accessories and shoe collection. I just think that they go well with anything. To say the least, its my favorite color after white. Gold often gets bad rep from many women because they think its gaudy, but for me its just elegant and classic.

For this week's brush, it's BareNaturals' Deluxe Flat

When I saw this brush, I knew I had to have it. And I did! Yey!! Along with my other orders, I got this classy flat top along with orders. I really didn't need more brushes but this just screams "Shen" to me.

When I got the package, I couldn't be more happier when I saw that the brush had a envelope pouch (at no extra cost). This simply means that I can tote this baby anywhere.

The hairs are synthetic fibers and as soft as baby's bottom, maybe even softer. It's two-toned, from tan to red-brown at the tip. You will see exactly the amount of powders you will be using when you dip this brush on to your product. The 21 mm diameter of the brush is a lot smaller compared to their previous 25 mm flat top brush.

The performance of this brush is not compromised because of its fabulous packaging. This performs almost the same as their previous flat top brush. The 21mm diameter of the brush fits well with freedom to swirl around the cap of 10g jars. Basically, you can bring the pot and this brush anywhere you want without the need for a separate bowl. :)

Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush, New BareNaturals' Deluxe Flat Top Brush, BareNaturals' Flat Top Brush

my barenaturals' flat top brushes, kissing. :)

Overall, I rate this brush 5 out 5 Kikay Pinay points.

The price (P518/$11 approx.), the packaging/design, the availability in the Philippines, the easy transaction with the owner and the performance and versatility of this brush warrants exactly that perfect point, in my honest opinion.

All I need to do now is stop my lemming for BareNaturals' other gold brushes...

much love,

BareNatural's Deluxe Flat top brush is available at BareNaturals' Online Store or at Addictedto minerals Online Shop

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  1. Imsoyoung_1816/4/11 6:41 PM

    could you compare the density difference b/w EM and 2 BN brushes? :) are BN brushes same in terms of hair density?

  2. Imsoyoung_1816/4/11 9:43 PM

    oh have you also tried everbilena kabuki brush? it's quite a deal but I wonder how the product fares when compared to other great brushes as this! :) I would really appreciate a post on it :)

  3. Imsoyoung_1816/4/11 9:45 PM

    ooppsssss not everbilena I meant NICHIDO kabuki :)

  4. hi! i don't have nichido kabuki brushes. i'm quite happy with the brushes i have now but if i have extra money, i'd be shelling it out one another for this. :)

  5. the BN brush is a lot denser for me.

  6. Scatterbraintures29/9/11 10:48 PM

    I have an impression (probably a misconception) that mineral brushes can only be used for powder products. I have a cream compact foundation and I'm wondering if I can use this with it... (Until such time I get my hands on Real Techniques brushes)


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