New Find: D.E.I. fashion and more

I have always been curious of D.E.I. Direct Sales. A dear friend from Q got us shirts from this same brand and I just love how it feels against my skin and the fact that it didn't stretch at all and maintained its color.

Recently, I received a catalogue from D.E.I. and I couldn't be more pleased with what I saw. Their type of shirts and shirt dresses are my kind of casual attire. You see, I love solid color clothing. :)

DSC_0071 by you.
DSC_0073 by you.
DSC_0074 by you.
DSC_0077 by you.
DSC_0078 by you.
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DSC_0084 by you.
DSC_0088 by you.
DSC_0092 by you.DSC_0096 by you.
here are just a few outfits I would love to have in my closet soon. Thank God they have sizes up to XXL, me gaining so much weight won't be a bother when choosing a design I want. :)

DSC_0097 by you.
i heard from a recent visit in a holistic spa that wheatgrass doubles the fiber intake in the body which provide colon cleansing and promote good health.

If you wanna know more about D.E.I., yuou can visit their website at

There are more interesting and affordable buys to choose from. If you also want to earn on the side, they also have great business opportunities for you to choose from. That's more spending money at your disposal. :)

Have a great week, everyone!!

much love,

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