Freeway Art National Artist Collection Honoring Nick Joaquin

Freeway's new collection is nothing short of astounding. I couldn't be more proud. Now a days, being caught in a fashion such as this is truly worth a second look.

Freeway partnered with the most celebrated Filipino author in the english language, Nick Joaquin. He penned numerous books that has touched the Filipino hearts. It couldn't be more appropriate to show this kind of love for the Pinoy artistry.

"Nick Joaquin is not just a National Artist, but Nationalistic. At the core, along with his talent, was his love of country. It makes one appreciate his work more, that due to humility, open mindness and love of his surroundings that he played a significant part to make our history." - Freeway

These clothes are more than fashion. It's a statement of being a true Pinay and Pinoy.

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P.S. "The World of Nick Joaquin" is on display 15 Aug thru 15 Sept at the Cubao Expo.
The event features the Memorabilia Exhibit of the National Artist at the Heritage Art Gallery. Showcased are his furniture & typewriter, awards, personal effects, letters, etc.
National Artist Bert Avellana's film "A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino" is onscreen at the Mogwai Cinematheque. An added feature is "Siglo Filipino", the only historical documentary with rare footage of the celebrated writer, directed by Butch Nolasco.
The exhibit is open 1pm-8pm daily; screenings are from 5pm-8pm daily. A minimal charge gains admission to all, plus a drink; discounted rates for students.

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