Friday, August 31, 2012

The Makeup Look: Vivid Purple and Periwinkle

Boy do I miss playing with colors! My skin is slowly going back to normal and now I get a chance to play with more vibrant shades. What will I do without makeup? If you know how to use them or more precisely, how to remove them properly... the possibilities are endless.

I'm happy that no matter what state my skin is, I get to play around with them. Which reminds me that I've got to tell you about my favorite makeup removers soon! 

But for now, let's celebrate with colors. Say hello again to my uber wonderful Beauty Pro Cosmetics Palette, Crazy Colours. Doesn't it remind you of your watercolors back in grade school? I love this palette so much, I wish I can use it everyday.

This time, Periwinkle and Vivid Purple caught my attention. I remember hogging these two shades from everybody's crayola boxes when I was younger.

Here's the look I came up with. :)

Pretty, noh? :)

I amplified the purple look with the Makeup Forever Aqua Liner in Diamond Black Purple and lined my lower line with K-Palette Eyeliner Black. Amped up my lashes with Revlon 3D Volume Mascara

Pink cheeks and lips pairs well with purple so play with these shades to give harmony to your look. :)
I used a generic pink blush from one of China-made palette while the lipstick are from Bobbi Brown Hi-Shine Colleciton.

Do you love purple makeup look? I hope it doesn't remind you too much of Barney, though. :) LOL!

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A Zen Zest Affair at Mango Tree Bistro

Zen Zest. I love that name. What is a zen life when is there is no zest?

Like its owner, the brand is full of life (aka varieties), a once a few collection of perfumes grew into quite an impressive number to cater to every Filipina and Filipino's whims. This time, we were acquainted with their Cocktail and Sparkling Sugar Collection. Mango Tree Bistro as the restaurant and the cupcakes as desserts  were indeed the best way to celebrate the relaunch of these products. Mango Tree with it's classy vibe that invites you to taste the exotic cuisine that is Thai while the cupcakes makes the sweet cherry on top at conclusion of the event.

Read more....

Shu Uemura Chocolat-Donna Mint and Vanilla Palette

It's one of them days that I can't help but just share photos and leave you to your imagination with the new toy that I got.

Thanks to Shu Uemura Philippines for giving me one of the palattes from the Art of Beauty Collection for Fall 2012, Chocolat Donna. The palette's "flavour" is definitely right up my alley. I love mint and I love dark chocolate.

Let me gush over the beautiful packaging, first. It looks incredibly like an expensive bar of dark choclate, designed with edible gold syrup. It's amazing what the team of Shu Uemura comes up with evertime they realease a collection. Chocolat-Donna is inspired by the sweetness of chocolates and the beautiful memories often associate with it. Although I am not a big fun of this popular dessert, I love what is it trying to convey.

Personally, they got on the packaging alone... I was besotted. What's great pa is that you can reuse the palette since you can take out the eyeshadow. Good thing coz I have other shu umuera products that would look great housed in this gorgeous chocolate-inspired container. :)

Mint and Vanilla Palette

What you'll have here is a 6 eyeshadow palette. Two that is glittery and the rest matte and lovely. The Gold and Mint shades contains a lot of glitters that tend to go all over when applied. Apply this wet though and you'll be amazed with the pigmentation. Nice to top it off with the other shades. Think of this as sugar sprinkles.

The rest of the shades, like I said, are matte. I love the light yellow eyeshadow as it makes a great base and highlight color. The rest are different tones of brown that goes on smoothly when applied. The gold decorated on top of the two brow eyeshadow are overspray and will disappear after first use. Sad, actually but that it's just a mere design.I love the second to the last shade. It's a warm brown that I can used to fake a natural crease. But if you want a more natural look, the lightest shade of brown will be better. The darkest color though makes a mean smokey eyes.

As always, here are the swatches. :)

What do you think? Do you think it's a palette worth picking up or would you wait for other collections from Shu this year. They will also come out with a Karl Lagerfeld collection. A collection, I'm sure a lot fashionistas will go for. :)

Tell me what you think by commenting below! I love hearing your thought about the makeup I feature on my blog. :)

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yves Rocher France Opens at Trinoma Mall + Haul

Bonjour, Monsieur Yves Rocher! Welcome to Trinoma!

This quaint boutique, abundant with bath and body care as well cosmetics and skin care that is truly French is now available up north. :) Even swamped with work, I visited this shop weeks ago for a bit of shopping and indulgence. So glad I was took the time to visit this shop. So far, I am loving all those I've tried and I wish I hauled more. Will talk to you more about each product I have in furture posts.

For now, please browse through the photos I took and there might be something you're looking for.

This is the bath and body, their best seller. Price start at Php80 bucks. Great as gifts ideas. Nobody can have too many sample body gels.

I got my self the Organic Oats since I still have Olive Oil body butter at home. This I was told their most moving item. I think Filipinas love indulging in anti-aging products for their body. :)

Premiere skin care line are located at the other side. Packaging alone will tell you that the products have great quality. Their ELIXIR 7.9 serum is one of their newest products and marketed to those who wants to fight the first signs of skin aging.

On the shelf display near the counter is where most of their affordable skin care is placed. You'll find products for all skin types here. Above photo is geared more for those with Dry Skin. I love their Pure System. It really works on pimples and lessening the face's oiliness.

At the middle are drop-down prices and many of their new stuff. A lot of things in here are from Php150 to about 700. I hope you didn't miss their mid-year sale. But if you do, it's okay. Christmas is just right at the corner and I'm pretty sure another sale is happening.

I forgot to take picture of the cosmetic counter (slaps forehead). I was too busy testing their products. LOL!

The Haul! :)

Yves Rocher is located at the Mindanao entrance of Trinoma Mall. Where Starbucks atrium is located. It's super easy to spot. I can't wait til they open near my city but til then, I'll visit Yves Rocher Trinoma. :)

Thanks to Vianca and her team for inviting me! I had so much fun and the shopping relieved my stress. :)

Have you visited Yves Rocher? What's your favorite product from them?

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Pretty Little Liars: Good boy turns Bad Boy (Spoiler Alert!)

Were you as shocked as I was? Still am, actually.

I was so happy pa naman that Spencer finally found the security with Toby!!

And then this happened???

Avon Plant Tour + The New Skin So Soft Lotion

Just when I thought I know everything about beauty, I learn something more. A week ago, I was part of a rare opportunity to visit Avon Plant at Calamba, Laguna. It's amazing to see how the things we patronize come into form and land in our hands. Especially when it comes to beauty products. I was eager to learn how it's done.

I've always been a curious bee and known to be handy with gadgets and machinery, so things like this is up my alley.

A wall of Avon products will greet upon entering...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Guide to Makeup Artistry: The Essentials

Makeup artistry is not an easy job but definitely a satisfying one. From a blank canvass to whatever your (or client's) heart's desire, the smile of satisfation you see on their faces knowing they look their best is an instant gratification.

If you have plans joining the band of growing makeup artists in the country, be armed and ready for whatever makeup catastrophe that will come your way. No smudge too small or makeup too tough. You will need to quick on your toes, creative, quick-witted and still be patient. Ready for retouch or change of look, no task is too much.

Make your life easier. Carry these items in your train-case.

Wedge Sponge (Php180)

Great to use as foundation applicator, contouring and concealing. This is best to use when client have a lot of blemishes to cover and if there are open wounds, pock marks or pimples.

Micro Precision Tips (Php60)

Better than the ordinary cotton buds, this gives removes the tiniest smudge without ruining your whole creation. Great if you just accidentally made cat eyes a bit long or if the mascara touches the lids.

Brush Wipes (free sample when buying at Nippon Esthetic Solutions Pro)

A busy makeup artist will always ran out of brushes especially the foundation, concealer and blending brushes. Doing a clean smokey eyes also needs for a clean brush for easy blending. Brush cleaner is a must but who has time to bring the bottled ones? I love these wipes! It's intant clean dry brushes that smells great!

Facial Sponge (Php25)

This comes in handy if your client's face is dry and flaking, this softly exfoliates it and primes it for moisturization. Great for cleansing, too. Ask your client to use this sponge when washing his/her face.

Cotton Pads (Php50)

You will need this when prepping your clients skin for makeup, apply the toner and emulsion. At the end of a shoot, this will also come in handy with removing their makeup. I use this to also spot clean my brushes and clean off the powder under the eyes that I apply when doing smokey eyes.

Where to get them: Contact Ms. Sydney Go of SNR Enterprises at or (2) 584.5988 or (917) 5349527. Unit 301, Millenium Place, 17 Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center Pasig. (located across Metrowalk)

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tech Tuesday | iBattz Power Card Wallet

It's another Tech Tuesday and this it's the the iBatzz Power Card Wallet. It's a nifty little gadget that definitely saves me from having a social media withdrawal. I die at the latest tweets and feeds, not to mention that I follow a lot of blogs and all my emails are hooked up on my phone.

I'm an iPhone addict and gladly admits it. That's why I don't take "extra batt" lightly. I have 2 backup external batteries and now, the new iBattz. Well, not so new as you've probably seen this all over. For Php1,790.00, it's a steep price to pay but if you're not the type to carry external batteries and find them heavy, then this is it for you.

It can be stored in your wallet, it's the same size as a credit card! 

Here are the much "tech"-ier key features of iBattz Power Card Wallet
  • Mojo Removable Power Wallet provides up to extra 80% battery to your iPhone, iPod or Android smartphone within 90 minutes. 
  • With the included USB cable, the Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet can be easily recharged via a normal computer USB port, USB wall charger or USB car charger. 
  • Besides this, it also ACTS AS A BATTERY CHARGER FOR STANDARD BP-4L 1500 mAh BATTERY MODULES that is used on the Mojo Removable Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S. 
  • iBattz family of Mojo Removable Power solutions prides itself as eco friendly products where our lithium battery modules can be changed after its average lifespan of 500 charges.

And here's the packet guide that comes with the box. Exactly, how I want it to be -- short and sweet.

iBattz with it's charging cord (no tangle, no mess, easy to store). The only downside I see with iBattz is that I still need to bring my iphone cord with me all the time. Not exactly handy as I thought it would be but it certainly beats having to lug around an external charger/battery. After all, I have iPhone cords all over -- my car, office desk, net book bag and of course at home.

Here's to me charging iBattz for yet another hardworking day.

iBattz can work not only on iPhones, iPods, iTouch and of course iPad, it's great for other mobile gadgets like Blackberry or anything that allows a mini USB as a charger. Best of all, it gives up 80% charge! Definitely what I need when my phone is low on juice.

Get more information about iBattz, visit Digits Trading Facebook Page.

You can only get this at Beyond The Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Electronics Boutique, iCenter, Globotel, Meetrovi

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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Everyday Eye Makeup | Made Easy

Another tutorial for you, ladies.

Yes, it's okay to wear eye makeup everyday especially if your profession requires you to do so. I, myself, don't recommend it. It could be tiring to keep removing them at night and it's important to let your skin breathe once in awhile. But the point of this tutorial is to help you out on how to make it easy for you to do eye makeup on yourselves without fear you'll take too much time or you'll look like a clown. :)

What you'll need:

1. Brown eye shadow (preferably one that is two shades darker than your skintone). It should be imitate how shadow rest on your eyes.
2. Beige eye shadow (shimmer or matte will do), it should be a shade  lighter than your skin tone to brighten your eyes.
3. White shimmer eyeshadow (to lighten the inner corner of your eyes)
4. Eye liner (eye pencil, liquid or gel, any will do)
5. Eye Curler
6. Mascara

Step 1: Apply brown eye shadow to deepen the crease.
Step 2: Apply the beige eyeshadow on to lids.
Step 3: Brighten the eyes with white shimmering eye shadow on the inner corners of the eyes.
Step 4: With the dark eye shadow, apply it on the lower lash line.
Step 5: Apply  the liquid liner as thin as possible and as close to the lower lash line for a natural look.
Step 6: Curl lashes as usual
Step 7: Apply highlight shade to the brow (you can use your beige eyeshadow or mix it with the white shimmering shadow)/
Step 8: Enhance water line with an eye pencil
Step 9: Coat both upper and lower lashes with mascara to lengthen and volumize it.

And you're done! :)
This is a flattering look that will take you from day to night and you just have to change your lipstick.
It will take time to do this in just few minutes, but with practice I assume that you'll get better and better that you'll hardly feel yourself exerting any effort at all. :)

Remember that makeup is all about creating illusions. Giving your face an added boost so you'll feel more confident.
Products I used:

The Body Shop Lash Curler

1. Easily determine the eye's crease by gently placing the pad of your ring fingers and feel the space between your eyeballs and your brow bones. Place the darker shadow there. Spread with a crease blending brush if needed.
2. Start with darker shadow first before placing the lighter ones to not overshadow it.
3. Curl lashes to prep it better for mascara.
4. Apply mascara on your lower lashes to open up the eyes.

I hope this tutorial helps you out and encourages you to try this look! :)

For more natural eye makeup look, please click the widgets below. :)

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Future is Here | The Body Shop LYB Virtual Card

Happy Weekend, guys!!

I went to THE BODY SHOP and finally converted my LYB (Love your Body) Membership Card for the brand spanking new high-tech Virtual Card. If you think it's not possible, it is! And it's easy to install and use. Kind of reminds me of those futuristic sci-fi movies. :)

And to make it fun and easy for you to follow the instructions, I created this infographics, which I hope will come in handy. :)

Please note you need the PERKD App to get yout LYB Virtual Card!

New Members have a different step as you have to apply first before getting your virtual card.

It's currently available on iPad, iTouch, iPad but is will soon be available for Android soon. :)

No more plastics and shopping with discounts are now much easier with the The Body Shop Love your Body Membership Virtual Card. :)

Switch yours today!

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Nail Polish of the Week | Orly's It's Up To Blue

I had my nails done last Friday at the last minute for my cousin's wedding. I had no time to get it done at a more affordable nail salon, the one nearest to me was Tip 'n Toes and it cost me Php950 for Footspa (Php700) and manicure (Php250). The price is a bit steep for me. Then again, they've got excellent service and interior so it was okay. But I learned my lesson well to not wait at the last minute to fix everything.

What's great is they've got a polish I want to partner with my bridesmaid gown, Orly It's Up to Blue! It's almost the same color as my bright blue green gown. :)

See how well it matched my bridesmaid gown? For wedding, french tips and neutral shades are a much better alternatives but if you're adventurous like me, go wild and dare to be different. :)

It's hard to imagine that I disliked the color green and blue not so much when I was young and now I'm surrounded by it. Funny how things work out. :)

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Storage Solution | Z Palette

Z Palette
Available at The Makeup Suite
Php 500 to 900

The Dilemma: Too many eyeshadows, nowhere to store them.

I've had this dilemma for awhile now. I've seen a lot of youtube videos on how to create  your own palette and I've tried making them, I currently have 2 under my vanity station but they don't look good. CD cases, cardboard boxes, tin cans didn't cut it for me. Aesthetically, it didn't want me to take the palette and try it out. And there it went, still left unused eyeshadows.

Who can blame me, right? I've got some amazing eyeshadow palettes ready to use like my Urban Decays, Beauty Pro Cosmetics and Dollface.

Wen I looked inside one of my drawers, I was surprised how neglected some of my eye shadows are, I have a few from The Body Shop that I really really like that I'm not utilizing. I even got compact powder sitting inside their refill packaging. So sad. :(

My thanks to The Makeup Suite for sending a Z Palette Pro Case my way, I've given life back to some of my amazing shadows and blushers.

The answer: A magnetic palette that can house your palettes.

Not just a ratty makeshift palette. I have here something that can withstand a a makeup gig, travel and frequent use. Z

Z Palette is make of quality materials and looks professional and posh. It has a magnetic bottom that your shadow pans can adhere to quickly.

It's ideal for makeup artist, girls with OCD and makeup addicts alike. That's like me ! Lol

Pots and magnets comes with the Pro Palette.

The magentic stickers can be used for some palette that are panned in a non-magnetic tins. I have a few like that and these stickers really came in handy.

I haven't gotten around to using the pots just yet but I plan on pressing lipsticks and multipurpose mineral makeup in there. :)

These makeup used to reside in the dark drawers of my makeup station, unused! (Oh the injustice!)

FREEDOM!! :) and organization!

Z Palette + depotted makeup products = like a brand new makeup palette!

You got to love the see through palette that allows us to see the products immediately.

It folds in the back so it takes less space when using it. And look, the palette holds the products well. Unless you shake it really really hard and tap it like Hulk Hogan, the products won't fall down. :)

Logo and such at the back.

Dilemma solved!

For Php900 (Z Palette Pro), I've organized some of my favorite makeup products that's been kept too long inside my drawer and gave it a new home. :)

I definitely recommend this to everyone who has trouble organizing their makeup products.

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