A Zen Zest Affair at Mango Tree Bistro

Zen Zest. I love that name. What is a zen life when is there is no zest?

Like its owner, the brand is full of life (aka varieties), a once a few collection of perfumes grew into quite an impressive number to cater to every Filipina and Filipino's whims. This time, we were acquainted with their Cocktail and Sparkling Sugar Collection. Mango Tree Bistro as the restaurant and the cupcakes as desserts  were indeed the best way to celebrate the relaunch of these products. Mango Tree with it's classy vibe that invites you to taste the exotic cuisine that is Thai while the cupcakes makes the sweet cherry on top at conclusion of the event.

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Cocktail Collection is inspired by our favorite alcoholic beverages. It comes in both femme and homme scents. Naturally I was drawn to my all-time favorite drinks, Cosmopolitan and Daquiri. It's a collection that conveys maturity and finesse. The scents are crisp and clean but with personality.

The Sparkling SugarCollection is as sweet as it can be, youthful and playful. Great for younger generation that enjoys the sweet life. I stayed away from these scents as I am not a fan of sweet fragrances but it was obvious that some of us enjoyed this collection. The cupcakes however, got a lot of attention from me. :)

I much prefer the Cocktail collection with its citrusy scents. It's exotic and adventurous much like the food we enjoyed during the event.

 Liz Lanuzo was the host and PR consulatant for the brand that day. She introduced Michelle to those who have yet to know her She did a mini interview with Michelle wherein she talked about how ZenZest came to be the most popular fragrance brand in the country.

Michelle is an inspiring woman who made use of heartache to motivate her to reach more goals in her life. At a young age of 23, she had clear vision and welcomed the challenges that came along her way. I can only hope that I can be half the person she is. She's a true inspiration for all young Filipinas.

 Present at the event are the beautiful Lissa Kahayon and Sophie Uy.

Beauty bloggers are present at the event including Brigitte, Martha and myself.

 Us with Ms. ZenZest, Michelle Fonatalera. It was clear that night that she's the woman to look up to. :)

Beauty and Fashion bloggers in the mix. Vernice, Vern, Lissa, Sophie and Martha.

Too bad I didn't get to take a lot of photo, present there were other known bloggers like Kira, Tara, Paul, Ana and more.

As always, the night was full of talks about beauty, fashion and life. Being with these beautiful and talented men and women have me taking God that I started blogging. There's nothing more rewarding than knowing that just by being myself, I earned new friends who accepts me for the kikay that I am and to meet again Michelle Fontalera, who is now an inspiration for me to move further in my career and achieve greater goals.

Thanks for this fabulous night of great food, fabulous products and genuine laughter!

If you ask me, my life is like ZenZest. Zen at the comfort of my home with my loved ones and Zest with opportunities like this one.

Now, it's time for me to take a whiff of the Cocktail Collection once again. :)

Have you tried anything from ZenZest? What about from their Cocktail and Sparkling Sugary Collection? Let me know what's your favorite!

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  1. Hey Shen! I love the Zen Zest Sparkling Sugar collection... My friend from China wants to try it too! <3


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