Tech Tuesday | iBattz Power Card Wallet

It's another Tech Tuesday and this it's the the iBatzz Power Card Wallet. It's a nifty little gadget that definitely saves me from having a social media withdrawal. I die at the latest tweets and feeds, not to mention that I follow a lot of blogs and all my emails are hooked up on my phone.

I'm an iPhone addict and gladly admits it. That's why I don't take "extra batt" lightly. I have 2 backup external batteries and now, the new iBattz. Well, not so new as you've probably seen this all over. For Php1,790.00, it's a steep price to pay but if you're not the type to carry external batteries and find them heavy, then this is it for you.

It can be stored in your wallet, it's the same size as a credit card! 

Here are the much "tech"-ier key features of iBattz Power Card Wallet
  • Mojo Removable Power Wallet provides up to extra 80% battery to your iPhone, iPod or Android smartphone within 90 minutes. 
  • With the included USB cable, the Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet can be easily recharged via a normal computer USB port, USB wall charger or USB car charger. 
  • Besides this, it also ACTS AS A BATTERY CHARGER FOR STANDARD BP-4L 1500 mAh BATTERY MODULES that is used on the Mojo Removable Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S. 
  • iBattz family of Mojo Removable Power solutions prides itself as eco friendly products where our lithium battery modules can be changed after its average lifespan of 500 charges.

And here's the packet guide that comes with the box. Exactly, how I want it to be -- short and sweet.

iBattz with it's charging cord (no tangle, no mess, easy to store). The only downside I see with iBattz is that I still need to bring my iphone cord with me all the time. Not exactly handy as I thought it would be but it certainly beats having to lug around an external charger/battery. After all, I have iPhone cords all over -- my car, office desk, net book bag and of course at home.

Here's to me charging iBattz for yet another hardworking day.

iBattz can work not only on iPhones, iPods, iTouch and of course iPad, it's great for other mobile gadgets like Blackberry or anything that allows a mini USB as a charger. Best of all, it gives up 80% charge! Definitely what I need when my phone is low on juice.

Get more information about iBattz, visit Digits Trading Facebook Page.

You can only get this at Beyond The Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Electronics Boutique, iCenter, Globotel, Meetrovi

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