Avon Plant Tour + The New Skin So Soft Lotion

Just when I thought I know everything about beauty, I learn something more. A week ago, I was part of a rare opportunity to visit Avon Plant at Calamba, Laguna. It's amazing to see how the things we patronize come into form and land in our hands. Especially when it comes to beauty products. I was eager to learn how it's done.

I've always been a curious bee and known to be handy with gadgets and machinery, so things like this is up my alley.

A wall of Avon products will greet upon entering...

125 years of Avon! :)

The reason for this tour, to see how the new Skin So Soft Lotion and Body Wash are made! Did you know that Skin So Soft is the No. 1 selling lotion in the country? I'm not surprised, Avon can reach far and wide because of their hardworking and talented Avon ladies who travel to barrios just to bring this product to every female in the country.

We learned of the history of Avon and how it came into the country. Avon Cosmetics was once BeautyFont Inc. and APMI was the production center. We also learned that 98% of the products we see on the brochures are made here in the Philippines and they all employ Filipinos which in turn provides them with income.

Avon Plant is world class factory. The plant is equipped to churn out thousands of products and millions on a yearly basis. Did you know that they even export in our Asian countries (even Canada)? That's Pinoy pride for us.

But first things first, safety and the quality should not be compromised so we were provided with lab gowns, hair nets, masks to ensure cleanliness. Prior to the event, we were also given a list of not to wear and guidelines too help us throughout the tour.

It certainly felt like going to a field trip in grade school and I was just to eager for the tour to begin. :) Naturally, we beauty bloggers stayed together. :) My besties during the trip Argie, Kira and Krissy.

the first room we entered was where the lipsticks are assembled and packed for delivery. There are several machine lines to create the wonderful lipsticks we love! 

We all had an "Awwww!!" moment when we saw this sign! :)

And for the fun part... the lipstick making machines. :) Hehehe! I will not go technical on you. But to explain how a plant functions, Avon per se is built to be productive.

Think of it as cooking or baking:
Ingredients are prepared, encoded and measured to assure great quality control.
Ingredients are mixed in batches depending on the demand.
Undergo quality control and testing.
Packaged and moved to the warehouse.
Then delivered to the proper destination
and to our hands!! :)

Some machine are full automatic while some still needs human intervention. It's during peak months of sales they make use of these machines to ease the load from their employees as it could go crazy meeting deadlines.

And look, new lipsticks!! I wonder what collection will this be. :)

Ate inspect all lipstick that comes out of the machines. She's quick to spot a mistake and meticulous on removing them.

Another lipstick line! 

Do you now how lipstick get their shiny form? They run in burning flame and shape it! Amazing!!

I want to take this molding tray home!! :)

The plant is also energy efficient and have solar panels that mimics indoor lighting. They also have waste water management and other green efforts that are truly impressive. :) 

Ooops.. Can't tell you what this is. :)

Where the colognes and perfumes are made. This room is very controlled and it smells so darn good in  here.

Packaging. :)

 And for the reason why we traveled from Manila to Calamba... The making of Skin So Soft Lotion!

And we're ready to deliver!

This is the part where we all wanted to stay forever, the warehouse! :) 

And look how colorful their cafeteria is. Everyone is so friendly, too. I think Avon really takes good care of their people to have them smiling all the time. :)

The OOTD of the day
Me and Kira!

Thanks to Mr. Colin Whillington for taking us around the tour and welcoming us bloggers!

Sir Santi who explained to us Research and Development

Sir Joey who explained to us how the Avon plant works and how our products are made and manufactured!

For a company that is for women, there sure are a lot of talented men doing hard work in Avon. Nice to know men and women work hand in hand to give us great quality products we can call our own.

Beauty bloggers with other lifestyle bloggers together in this tour

With pretty Lhen of Ogilvy who never get tired inviting me to their events. :)

And the graduating class of... I kid! It's us with the ACI and APMI peeps!

Having seen the hard work, the people that are involved in making these products, give a whole new meaning to what I consider cosmetics and skin care. It's so easy to say a product is greasy, oily, etc not realizing that before these products came into our hands, lives are affected by it already. People behind these small things earn a living and is able to support a family because of it. There is marketing, yes... but seeing all the science behind it... the people.. it's hard not to appreciate the glide of the lotion against my skin.

All those hard work, hours spent and  numerous test on quality assurance just so I can have a soft silky skin... makes you think really. :) 

This is one of those days that I'm grateful I became a beauty blogger. It's not everyday that you get to visit something as extraordinary as the Avon Plant. I'm so happy I was part of it. Til the next trip!

Thank you, Avon and the girls of Ogilvy for this wonderful day. It's truly unforgettable. :)

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