The Future is Here | The Body Shop LYB Virtual Card

Happy Weekend, guys!!

I went to THE BODY SHOP and finally converted my LYB (Love your Body) Membership Card for the brand spanking new high-tech Virtual Card. If you think it's not possible, it is! And it's easy to install and use. Kind of reminds me of those futuristic sci-fi movies. :)

And to make it fun and easy for you to follow the instructions, I created this infographics, which I hope will come in handy. :)

Please note you need the PERKD App to get yout LYB Virtual Card!

New Members have a different step as you have to apply first before getting your virtual card.

It's currently available on iPad, iTouch, iPad but is will soon be available for Android soon. :)

No more plastics and shopping with discounts are now much easier with the The Body Shop Love your Body Membership Virtual Card. :)

Switch yours today!

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