Weekend Post: Rewind | July 17 to 23, 2011

Happy Sunday everyone!!

I'm doing this weekend rewind of posts that I did from the past week so you can catch up on some Shen's Addiction readings. I know many of us are very busy during work week and can only indulge on our readings, bobbies etc. during the weekend.

July 17: Couch Potato
I usually spend my Sundays with my family (the BF and Pups and sometimes, visiting Dad) and catching up on shows I missed. One of those is a current fave, MTV's 2011 revival of Teen Wolf. Want to know a little something about this latest TV Hit? That Cute Kid from Maid in Manhattan? He's the New Hunk Teen Wolf! Check out my post here.

July 18: Hair Care 
Don't you just hare bad hair days? Well, I'm done suffering and finally got my hair rebonded at Creations Salon in Glorietta 5! I didn't know that I can get my hair rebonded and colored at same time! Want to know what happened and how my service went? Click the link here.

July 19: Femme Techs
Do you love music? I've joined the bandwagon and finally got myself a nice headphones! Yep, those bulky ones. But wait, check out how cool my new Hed Kandi Discotheque Blue/Pink Headphones on my post last Wednesday! It's just the coolest thing ever!

July 20: Outfit of the Day
No time to take a lot of pictures during our Bohol trip earlier this month. We simply lounged and drank too many Tanduay Ice as we let our body and mind rest from Manila stress. But boy was I happy I had a few good shots of my summer maxi dress! It's so colorful, partnering the bright weather that greeted us when we got there. This dress reminded of some really flower power days, so I named it Boho(l) Chic. It's a play on word for Boho and Bohol. :) Hehehe!

July 21: Haul Time
I didn't know that there were lots of restaurants and stores now at NAIA Terminal 3! And boy did I let my eyes feast on the stores. I also took home a few things from The Body Shop. Yep! I did some The Body Shop-ping. Want to know what I purchased? Check out my post here.

July 22: Product Review
Finally, a product review! Have you heard of the latest product from Garnier? I've seen this earlier in other beauty blogs and I'm glad it hits our stores. I did a Q&A post review of the Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-on! See if I was able to answer your questions. Should you have more, feel me to hit me with a Q! :)

July 23: The Makeup Look
Lastly, an FOTD! I'm calling it, The Makeup Look, since this is a more intense makeup look that isn't typically face of the day type.. :) I mean, seriously, I can't wear a bright makeup look like this in public! You'd easily spot me! Hehehe! Get ready with your shades, I really did a bright makeup look for the weekend, click here to find out.

That's it! Hope you get to check out all my post for the past week! More coming up this week! :)

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  1. Myrted Caldona24/7/11 7:53 AM

    I like this kind of weekdays' blog summary! Easy reading on weekends. :) Looking forward to more of this. More power! :D


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