Hair Rebonding and Coloring at Creations Salon

Good new, friends! I finally got my hair rebonded!

It's been months, almost a year, since my last rebond. Given with how wavy thick and unruly my hair is, I should have gotten my hair rebonded months ago. It was a blessing that I finally did get this service done last friday. At Creations Salon by Lourd Ramos to boot.

I've been in and out of Creations Salon several times now, both for its press launch and other time when I was just in need of quick fixes. I've always enjoyed the services at Creations and it was an easy decision to make to get my hair rebonded there.

I was so giddy knowing that Lourd, himself, checks and ensures that the hair is indeed in need of rebonding and coloring. Despite his busy schedule, he was hands-on with artists and clients. Makes me feel special really. 

Sony Mar, the creative artist who attended to me, checked my hair. After 10 years of getting my hair relaxed, straightened and rebonded, I can already tell if the stylist is good. I know when I'm being played or when I'm getting my money's worth. With Sonny, I knew immediately he knew what he was doing. I couldn't lie really because he knows what I did to my hair. He can tell when I got my hair rebonded, colored and how much product can be applied and where to apply it. When Lourd told me Sonny was the best artist he have for rebonding, he was dead sure of it. And I agree.

It's vital that when getting any serious hair treatments like coloring, bleaching, rebonding and perming to be completely honest with your stylist. He needs to know everything so he or she can provide you what's best for your hair. Stylists are trained to give the best service, but they are not magicians. If your stylist fail to ask about the history of your hair, then you know its time to leave the salon. Sonny Mar asked several questions as he checked my hair. My answers confirmed what my hair told him. I had really dry damaged ends that can cause to break if further exposed to treatments.

After the first shampoo and blow-dry, he applied a protecting fluid to the ends of my hair (part where it was still rebonded and colored), to shield it from the rebonding mixture that he will apply to the rest of my hair. Good thing that Matrix Opti-straight has that for those who already had their hair chemically treated.

Sony Mar then proceeded to apply the Matrix Opti-Straight rebonding solution to the virgin part of my hair. If you look at the next following pictures, you'll notice that Sonny and his assistant, didn't apply it up to the roots. The solution never touvhed my scalp at all. I was worried at this part and asked why he missed those parts. Sonny Mar then proceeded to inform me that chemicals for rebonding, perming and other harsh treatments should not be applied aup to the scalp to avoid scalding or irritating the scalp. This is the practice at Creations Salon.

Sony Mar proceed to apply more proctecting fluid to my hair for further protection. He reminded me that that section of my hair can not be subject to rebonding as it has become brittle and may cause it to completely break

This is the reason why that whenever we get our hair chemically treated, we should not be remiss in the duties of caring for it. So that in our next rebonding session, there would hardly be any different in our freshly rebonded hair from our former one.

For me, hair rebonding provides an ease in life. It takes away the need to constantly blow dry my hair and with just a monthly hair treatment. My hair is just easier to manage.

I noticed Sony Mar was meticulous. His 10 years of experience in hair rebonding has probably provided him with great advantage. He was formed from Shijukida Japanese Hair Straightening Salon prior to be being one of Lourd's Creative Artists in Creations Salon. Impressive, right?

After 45 minutes, my hair was shampooed again to remove the Matrix Opti-Straight smoothening cream off of my hair. Then, it was blow-dried and flat-ironed to lock in the straight effect on my hair. Another plus was that there was hardly any tugging either. My hair was flat-ironed effortlessly.

And now for the hair color and neutralizer. I was worried that I can't get my hair colored but was happily surprised when Lourd informed me that I can do both at the same time. Sonny Mar fixed the neutralizer and hair color together and applied it to my hair. He used Davines for hair coloring.

Hair coloring with hair rebonding can be done provided that the shade used isn't too light. This will not cause hair damage as long as your hair is healthy enough to receive the treatment. Sonny Mar applied a level darker than my previous hair color. I'm thinking of sticking to this shade for awhile and then I'll go light again.

After this was applied, I was told not to move so much to avoid the hair from deforming. This much I know fromso I was catatonic the whole time it was there. Good thing Creations was equipped with the lates US magazines like Cosmopplitanm Vogue and my personal favorite, Marie Clare.

But really, I was relieved that I can get rebonding and hair coloring all at the same time. This is such a good news for those who hardly have time to get out from work and could only spare a few hours for luxuries like this. As for me, I'm glad I don't have that nasty regrowth anymore! ugh! How I hated seeing that harsh line of virgin hair and the part where my hair is colored. So unflattering.

Sony threw in a hair trim to all the services I had. Yey! He told me that a good haircut makes the whole look. Since the edge of my hair was dry, he wanted to give it the appearance of looking healthy by removing harsh ends and splits-ends. And viola, a faboulous rebonded and colored locks.

I can't tell you how happy I am!

For more pictures, scroll down! :)

with Sonny Mar and his assistant

with the famous, Lourd Ramos
After my rebonding, coloring and hair trim, Lourd went over to our booth to personally check my hair and look if everything was in order. :) Took this chance to finally get a photo op with him. (I'm a fan. hehehe!)

Sony Mar, my Creative Artist. Thanks!!
Of course I had to take a picture of my stylist, Sony! :) 

Creations by Lourd Ramos
 Thanks, Lourd, for making me feel so welcome while I was at your salon! :)

Creations is located at 3rd floor, Glorietta 5

 The amazing results!

Rebonding has changed my life. It gave me the confidence to do things I wouldn't normally would as I feel so limited with my thick, unruly wavy hair. And getting it done in a popular salon like Creations, owned by a renowned and seasoned hair and makeup artist, Lourd Ramos, was quite the cherry on top.

Creations Salon is a place that cares for their clients' needs without being overly hard sell and they take into account their budget. I can already say that Creations provide phenomenal services with the several times I've been there. From their manicure and pedicure to hair cutting and now, with rebonding. There prices are very reasonable and their staff very well trained with their services and how to deal with clients.

Matrix Opti-Straight Rebonding ranges from P2000 to P6000 (accounting the condition and length of hair)
Hair Color is from P1500 to P2000 (accounting the condition and length of hair)

I think I found a new home at Creations Salon. Not only is it very accessible and it's a nice place to get many beautifying rituals done! I pray that they get a larger location so they can take in more clients especially on the weekends.

Dear Ayala,
Please give Creations a roomier location. With the number of clients they have, the small Salon could hardly accomodate us all. Pretty, please? With cherry on top! Thanks!

I really can't express how freeing this experience is. The confidence this service has given me is way off the charts. I feel more myself when my hair is rebonded and styled. And yes, I do feel a lot prettier. :) Hope you don't think my head is growing bigger. Hehehe!

Creations Salon is located at No.3-031 3rd floor Glorietta 5, Ayala Center, Makati City 1224
Tel. No. 02-8467867 | mobile 0908-8977360

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  1. First-time commenter but long-time reader here, just wanted to say thanks for this post! Because of your glowing recommendation I'm thinking of going to Creations Salon next time I need my hair rebonded. :) Your hair looks fantastic!

  2. Gandara sis ang iyong hairlaloo! Super love how natural it still looks and healthy!

  3. thinking of  getting my hair rebonded again .i also have thick,unruly wavy hair and honestly i wanna chop it all off.kidding.but my dilemma is i don't like pin straight hair either.would you suggest having my hair relaxed instead?

  4. they have a permanent blo-w-dry using keratin complex! It makes the hair looking volumized. :) I think that's what you want. :) I saw how they do it and the results are amazing!

  5. Thanks sis!! looking a lot like my idol, Cher, now! :)

  6. Thanks Mia! :) Yes, you should. They treat all their clients fairly and they are soo skilled. :)

  7. Ganda!... i love it Miss Shen!

  8. Hi Shen!

    Wow! Your hair is shiny! So nice ; )

    I wanted to color my hair but medyo malayo un Lourd Creation salon waaaaaaah!


  9. Hey Shen! I just wanted to ask if you know the price range of their cuts at creations? :)

  10. Hi! thanks to your glowing review, am panning to try their services. Would you recommend calling ahead and making a reservation? Thanks!

  11. Jannelle Caro24/1/12 2:45 PM

    is it okay to have hair rebonded after it is colored / dyed?

  12. MaDiwata Dyosa Engkantada Mila11/4/12 11:00 PM



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