Harry Potter gone Anime

Well, not really.

I saw this on Cambo Soup's Website and I couldn't resist not sharing it with you! It's the coolest thing ever! Just look at the anime art! I love it like crazy! There's actually a lot of anime versions of Harry Potter. I do hope they make an anime series of this. It really looks nice. :)

Yup, I'm a fan of Harry Potter... even up to now. :)

Anime Credit here

Thanks to Kalmo for sharing this to us!

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  1. That's some awesome art! I'm giggling about how much of a biseinen they made Snape.

  2. Naeemaibrahim25/7/11 3:52 AM

    m luv in this m copying ur post and making it my new post :D

  3. this is great! very beautiful... i agree, they should make an anime series of harry potter :)

  4. just wow! im going to repost this ;D

  5. wow! this is so nice :) gwapo ni snape. he does not look like a drag queen LOL
     thanks for sharing.


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