Hed Kandi Discotheque, the brightest chicest headphones ever!

I can't remember a day went by without me listening to music. Music has always been a motivation for me and I don't think I can ever live without it. When people ask me what my favorite music is, I can't exactly answer them. I like a lot of songs and I listen to all kinds of genre. I like rock, alternative, rnb and hip-hop. From America to Eminem to Katy Perry. Yes, I even like Pinoy rap music, like Andrew E.

Lately, my days are filled with Pitbull's Give Me Everything and Taio Cruz's Dynamite. And when I put on my pair of Hed Kandi Discotheque headphones (P1,190), I was blown away! The quality is just amazing!

I actually didn't get the fad behind the big earphone that has been going on around. I see teenagers with these full headphones. It was just too bulky for my taste. But when I tried this Hed Kandi piece at a mall, I was blown away by the quality!

Hed Kandi has made a name for their dance albums that made many music lovers get up on the dancefloor and dance the night away. The stylish artworks on the covers has made into many screensavers and phone wallpapers. I'm glad that they finally came up with a product like this that just correlates to what they do, a collection of headphones and earphones for all chic and fashionable people that loves music. 

I really like my Hed Kandi Discotheque headphones. I can't exactly describe but it feels like the music was coming from all the right direction, the bass was just booming that I can't help but groove to the music more.

For example: When I'm listening to Dynamite by Taio Cruz through the Hed Kandi Discoteheque headphones, the  bass was clear and the electronic sounds are much apparent that makes the song more exciting than just plain listening to it on my speaker.

As for clarity when I'm belting out to my favorite songs, it was also fine. I love listening to an old time favorite song, Breakdown by Mariah Carey featuring Bone Thugs n Harmony and I was able to hear the lyrics clearly. And yes, I sang along with Mariah... "Underneath the guise of smile, gradually I'm dying inside..."

As for senti-mode, I stick with a favorite like Anna Nalick's Breathe (2 AM), there's a bit of hissing but otherwise the quality is aaahhmmazing. Really nice for those emo-moments you just want to listen to songs that are nearly suicidal. Do I hear The Script fans here? You'll love their heart breaking songs more with this headphones on. Oh... boy do the lyrics make me cry and they are ever so clear!

Obviously, I have much to learn about music jargon. But let me just say that I'm appreciating my favorite songs more because of my uber chic Hed Kandi  Discotheque headphones.

I'm acutally listening to the Hed Kandi album I have from way back and believe me it's taking a lot not to jump out of my seat and dance. How I wish I was able to bring this with me in Bohol for some soul searching moment while walking down the shore as I listen to my "Be Strong" Selection. (Hehehe! Senti!)

There's no question that all Hed Kandi headphones is as chic as their dance songs and album covers. This headphones spells c-o-o-l. And they have them in cutest colors. For someone who prefers earth tone shades, I chose the brightest color Discotheque came in, the Blue/Pink. It's the one that seem to have the most character and I just think it speaks of my personality. And I don't think a lot of people will choose this color. Pays to be unique.. specially if I'll be wearing it on my head a lot, right?

Just look at this baby! It surely can stop traffic, right?

Adjusting the headphones is pretty easy, just move the steal up and down.

Head Kandi Blue/Pink Discotheque Headphones

gold plated 3.5mm jack

A bit of a downside with this one is that I can't bring this around often as headphones are bulkier than the smaller earphones. This will definitely be a good companion for me at the gym, office and here at home when I'm watching my favorite TV series online or listening to music or Youtube tutorials. Maybe when jogging around BGC, too.. Hmm.. I must try that soon.

If you're on a look out for a stylish headphones that give good sound quality, defintiely consider Hed Kandi Discotheque. I'm sure glad I don't have a niece in highschool.. or else, I'd never get a hold of this one. :) Hehehe! Or else, I might need to shell out P1,190 for another pair. Hmm.. Maybe next time, I'll get the White/Pink version.. :)

You can get them at the following stores: Power Mac, Power Hub, iStudio, Astrovision, Technoholics, Bratpack, Mobile 1, Xsite, 8 Telecom, Abenson, Electroworld, Digital Hub, Digital Walker and Beyond The Box.

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  1. ooohhhh, I am also into music!  This post makes me wanna go out and get my own Hed Kandi Discotheque!!!  ang cute pa ng color! :)

  2. adorable headphones! I love that color combo. 

  3. i super love the color, i think i saw a foldable version of this one ;-)

  4. Loving the color! So vibrant. :)

  5. Love 😍 these bought these coloured ones the other day 💕


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