That Cute Kid from Maid in Manhattan? He's the New Hunk Teen Wolf!

Couldn't believe it myself either... but yup, Tyler Posey is that cute little smart kid in J.L'o's movie in 2002, Maid in Manhanttan!

But then, how could you forget that cute smile? I knew the moment I laid eyes on the new MTV Teen Wolf, that Tyler Posey, was that kid in Maid in Manhattan. I must have watched that film 20 times. Only now, he's uber chiseled,body and all... oh that jaws! It kills, really! Makes me want to watch the series over and over. He's really right for the role. I'm sorry for that wolf guy from that teen vampire flick, Tyler is the new hot hunk of a wolf in town!

The Story has yet to develop for me but at least it was not like the original Teen Wolf back in the 80's. This one is a bit more dark and sinister. Effects-wise, really convincing.. there was some surprising scenes, too. Some of the characters seem a bit out of place for me except for the best friend. Like I said, the story has yet to develop. But I'm sure you'll still keep on watching if only to see Tyler  half naked. At least, that's my excuse. Lol.

I am not quite sure about the fad of these vampire and wolf teen series and movies. It seem as if every season, there's a new vampire or wolf series or movie to be shown. Was Stephenie Meyers' Twilight really took this genre to another level? Either way, it's nothing new. I've been reading novels and watching movies since I was a young girl. I guess, it's only now that people caught on the thing. There is after all, that charisma of another specie falling in love with humans. And hey, I like the fight scenes similar to those of  Blade and Evolution.

I just hope that Teen Wolf don't fall short on the effects as the show goes on. I like a good wolf-to-wolf fight. But I would probably tear my hair out if there's a vampire in this series. Let's focus on the undead instead, please? I really am getting tired of vampires. Lol. But seriously, stop with the blood-suckers already.

Let's put all our effort on the new guy, Tyler Posey, on Teen Wolf, shall we?

Teen Wolf is set to be shown on AXN this July 17, 2011. :)

Wait! Tyler, tell us how does it feel to be kissed by the most beautiful woman in world? Lol!

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  1. Okay, first the Jacob guy from Twilight was Sharkboy from Sharkboy and Lava Girl and now, that adorable kid at Maid in Manhattan is now another hottie! I can't believe it. But I better do. :)

  2. One of my friends told me about this show but unfortunately I won't be able to see this since our cable company has no AXN :( great article! :) 

  3. Whoa!  Just realized how old I am.  =)


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