Curiouser and Curiouser: Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-On

Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-on (Php229) promises fairer, more radiant, more even-toned, with less dark circles, with less dark spots, fresher, smoother, less tired, more hydrated and tighten under eyes....

Lots of promises and I know it's trying to reach new heights. Who wouldn't right? After all, there are many women I know who hates having tired looking eyes and almost all have trouble with dark under eyes. Am I right? Or am I right? I know, I'm right! Lol!

What is Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-on? It's like a liquid under eye concealer with the benefit of skin care with its pure lemon essence. Having a love for products that has many benefits, I like that Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-on works as a skin care and makeup in one cool packaging.

Question is, is it makeup? It kinda is. Smells like makeup, too. The scent is definitely like your typical liquid foundation. Come to think of it, it smells like The Body Shop's  Moisture White Shiso BB Cream.On the part that one of its main purpose is to conceal dark under eyes instantly with presence of mineral pigments. Think of it as your Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-on but with a liquid-y texture blemish balm cream.

Does it work in giving you a brighter looking eyes instantly? It most certainly does. Since it has mineral pigments same shade as most skin tones, your eyes are immediately looking brighter with just an application and blending it like your typical concealer. No kidding on this part. Works like your regular concealer, no doubt.

But with the presence of Lemon Essence and Caffeine (ingredients that made this product really popular in the first place, you get a double duty product that will lessen the dullness, puffiness and darkness in the long run. Combined with healthy lifestyle of eating and sleeping habits, of course.

Can I ditch my regular under eye concealer for the Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-on? You can if you're skin matches the shade this comes in. So far, I have this roll-on in NATURAL. I know in other countries they have two shades but I'm not sure here. If you're fair to medium dark, then this can work for you. But not likely with very morena or tanned-skin women.

Another point is the lasting power and I don't think it is at par with a more heavy-duty under eye concealer like MAC Studio Fix, Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier. But then again, this is not entirely makeup. This is probably okay as a sort of primer as it dries into a MATTE finish. It is more like a oil-free tinted moisturizer for the eyes than a regular concealer.

Photo below will show the shade. It's a bit lighter than my skin tone and exactly how I want my under eye concealer shade to be. Suffice it to say, that I'm happy with the NATURAL shade of Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-on.

Since it is also like skin care, can I also use this in the evening before going to bed? I think so, too. I bet you'll be looking fabulous in case somebody visits at the wee hours at night and you're just in you pj's. BUT, if you already have the Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-on, they maybe you can reserve that one for the evening rituals intead. People might think you're getting ready to go out to party at night. :)

How how it when you used it? How did you use it? It was okay to say the least. Since I treat like a concealer for the under eyes, I basically just roll the product onto my skin and then blend it in with my fingers and/or concealer brush. See the photo below. It really looks like a liquid concealer. The shade actually reminds me of my Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer in 02 except that it's a more on the pink-tone side.

How did it look like after you blended it? It certainly looked like I had concealer on! Take a look at the photos below and check it for yourself.

What I like specifically like how Garnier Light Eye Roll-on lessens the puffiness underneath my eyes almost immediately. Lately I'm going for the really bright under eyes look and I like how this preps it for that effect.

Photo below is a before and after makeup application using the Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-on.

Does is effectively cover dark circles? With that I don't think I'm much of a help since I don't suffer much with dark under eye circles. But with coverage-wise, I'm pretty happy with it. For those with really dark circles, the consistency maybe a bit too light and you might need a creamier one that really conceals.

Why should I buy it? If you're someone who is not into a lot of makeup and appreciate a product with dual purpose without having to look too fixed, then Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-on is something you should look into. You can use this as a light concealer for your under eyes and just apply your face powder and you're set to go.

What I love:

  • it's easy to blend with just using my ring finger
  • it's easy to blend with using a concealer brush
  • affordable at Php229 ($5 approx)
  • matches my skin tone (or at least the shade I need for my under eyes)
  • dries into a matte finish
  • really brightens up the eyes
  • can be a nice substitute for liquid concealer
  • lessens puffiness
  • roll-on applicator makes it easier for applying the product to the eyes
  • cool-effect that the product gives

What I don't:
  • Not for heavy-duty concealing (if one buys this for this purpose, buy a regular cream concealer instead)

Overall, I am pretty happy with this purchase given that I am not trying to ditch my cream concealer for those days I need ultimate concealing. The double duty got to me. Love that its a skin care and concealer in one for those days I don't want to pack on too much product to my face.

This is really a good buy especially if you're a fan of the Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-on. And for those whose focus is more on the skin care than the concealing part. But if you already have a good concealer and eye cream, then I don't think you're missing out much with this product.

Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-on is available at all Garnier counters at beauty counters and groceries. I got mine at PCX, Greenbelt 3.

If you have more questions about the Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-on, please don't hesitate to contact me! :)

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  1. Very interesting, thanks for the review and pictures.  I'm not really a concealer everyday (though I should b/c of dark circles) but I'm lazy, this roller treatment/makeup seems easy enough though.  I think we have this in the U.S. but it's not called BB as BB creams haven't caught on on yet.  ^^

  2. Denise Ashley Go22/7/11 9:02 AM

    I love the de-puffing that the Light eye roll on gives. I was wondering what new 

    "features" this new BB roll on had. I'll be sure to give this a spin when I go visit a Watson's. I hope the shade suits me!

  3. i love it that it ios a 2 in 1 product! a skincare and makeup. this is so cool! :)

  4. Shopcoholic22/7/11 12:07 PM

    yey its now available locally! cant wait to to try it.

  5. I have to have this.I didn't see it though when i purchase the eye roll-on cream  last week.

  6. i think for PhP200+, it's at least worth a try. ;) nice review!

  7. i think you have a tinted moisturizer there. :)

  8. just the review i'm waiting for, i've been seeing this a lot, but still opted for the regular one since i haven't read reviews from the gurus yet.. thanks shen!

  9. This sounds like a great product for an insomniac like me. Admittedly though, I don't get intense racoon/panda eyes even if I sleep so late.  But still, it's a convenient product to use especially in the mornings before going to work.  I don't have a concealer yet -- I am pretty much relying on the coverage my BB cream gives me so this Garnier product is a win for me.  I didn't see this in Watson's when I bought my Garnier eye roll-on a couple of weeks ago. Hmm. This probably means I should go to PCX in GB3 one of these days. 

    Thank you so much for sharing this! 

    Btw, I learned about your blog through kikaytrekkie/Marge :)

  10. Awesome review! I just mine from Watsons, and so far it's been working great. Good for days when my dark eye circles aren't so serious, and/or when i just want some light makeup on. Will be doing a review on it soon, so do drop by! ^^

  11. very nice and detailed review..unlike mine :P hihi

  12. I love garnier products! :) they really suit my skin.  Before I thought this one is an eye cream.  Thanks for this post.  Will try and review this one too.  Do you have any eye cream that you can recommend for me to use?  I hope it's not so expensive :D thank you in advance


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