Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Launch: Manila Bulletin in 3D | A Wild Event

Trivia: Did you know that I worked under one of Philippine's most pretigious magazine Sense and Style under Manila Bulettin? It was one of the most memorable experience EVER!

It was such a pleasure that Nuffnang invited me to the launch of Manila Bulletin 3D event at The Picasso in Leviste St. Makati. The bloggers present were really some of my closest friends in the blogosphere and I'm happy to see them again. :)

Vine and Hannah hosted the event

Monday, November 29, 2010

Testing L'oreal Open Eyes Palette

I finally got a chance to play with my L'oreal Open Eyes Blue and Gold harmony palette. I'm soo psyched to share that these palettes that are great to use for dry and foiled application. That means higher pigmentation and more vibrancy in our makeup looks.

Check out the EOTD and FOTD by clicking the link below this text... :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Juicy Couture's Couture Couture

It's amazing how a scent could instantly brighten my day.

Juicy Couture's latest addi(c)tion to their fabulous fragrance line is really something else. Couture Couture is really me in so many levels. The idea behind this scent is to indulge and just enjoy life.

Would you dare? Click the link below to find out what you're willing to do....

Paul and Joe's Autumn Collection.

PAUL&JOE Cosmetics' Autumn Collection is truly a dream. Inspired by felines and the effervescent moon, Sophie created a lip color that any girl would want. You wouldn't even want to use these lip colors to preserve the sculpted cat on the tip of the lipstick. It is by far the most beautiful lipstick I own. The color is very much suitable for everyday use given that Paul and Joe are made from natural and organic ingredients.
"Cats are temperamental -- just like the moon.

Sophie Albou’s most favorite animal, a cat is now sculptured on the lipstick itself. Package is printed in the latest fabric print of PAUL&JOE fashion collection for 2010 Autumn and Winter. 
The color itself combines clear, beautiful colouring with a delectably creamy texture. Contains our “SECRET D’OR,” a blend of several varieties of champagne gold frost, each possessing a different overtone and a sparkle that varies subtly depending on what angle you view it from. Together, they give skin a sheer, highly translucent sparkle"
Clare De Lune -

A graceful and soft pink that reminds users of the romantic, classic sounds of Debussy.

Over the moon

This orange is graceful, never boring. It makes users feel like they are walking on air.

Moon Shadow

An exotic red with a hint of pearl.

Paul and Joe Pecil Eyeliner
Stay looking gorgeous all day with PAUL & JOE Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner.
It’s smooth application is smudge-proof and maintenance-free and stays in place as long as you want.

This collection is one of the best gift you can give to yourself this holiday. Have something unique and truly dainty in your stash... Or you can email this post to your BF and parents and give them an idea what to get you for the holidays. :)

Lipstick cost Php1200
Pencil Eyeliner cost Php895

Enjoy this wonderful collection now! Get them at the PAUL&JOE counter at Rustan's Makati.
I'm eyeing Moon Shadow and the Angel Pencil Eyeliner.

much love,

This is press material provided. All words in violet are taken from the press material. The rest are words expressed by me, Shen.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Felt Unpretty? Let's undo that, shall we?

I was driving on my way to an event when thse song Unpretty by TLC came blasting through my radio. The song really had moving lyrics that I considered it my song for a time in college.

Back in college, I use to date a guy who disapproved of who I was. Lacking of better judgment and probably confidence, I let him treat me that way. I changed the way I spoke, dressed and acted all because I wanted to be the girl he wanted.. It wasn't really a pleasant relationship (if you could even call it one). Needless to day, I ended that when I realized what a fool I was making myself.

I thought I was nothing, unpretty, unworthy. I thought that I had to fit myself to the norm so people would like me. For a time, I let that affect me. Let people dictate what I do in my life. It was really a good thing that I finally stood my ground and said, "Enough!".

Like anyone who's in way over her head, realization is the key. That moment when you say "What the hell am I doing?" That's a beginning of something beautiful...

How was I able to overcome such stupid experiences?

1. Love yourself. I realized that for people to like me, I need to like myself first. I can't pretend liking things just because all my friends like it. My diversity from other people allowed to find my own identity.

2. Explore your interests. Since I stopped conforming to other people, I needed to explore other things that really interests. First, it was music, I explored the bands and artists that my friends were'nt particularly listening to. To see if I like it. It turns out that I have love for independent artists and songs that are from the 80's.

Exploring allowed me to meet other people. For example, when I started making accessories I became friends with those who have similar tastes that I do with gold jewelries. Back then, all my friends just wore silver ones and being a puppet, I did the same.

You want a major example? This blogging! I started to blog because I found people who have the same appreciation as I do in makeup! When people in school, my family and friends barely used makeup, I found people who understood my passion and love for it! With pursuing things that actually interests me, I found new friends. New people I share myself with. And when you have someone who listens to you... you feel less crappier.

3. Love your body. So what if you extra pounds you can't get rid? So what if your boobs are too big that construction workers are gaping at you? So what if your butt is too big? When I start loving my body I became a little bit more conscious on what I eat. It was like I love my body too much that I want to eat only the good things for it. Before I can't eat vegetable, now I can!

This will definitely take time especially if you like your sweets or your burgers. I am in constant struggle with this.. but we are all hoping this will get better in time. After all, we love our body, don't we?

4. Stand up for yourself. Have you ever been told something that really hurt you and you were left dumfounded and when that person already left, that's the time you found something to say? Well, don't stoop down on that person's level. What I do is to try to best that person in what they do. Perform better and take the spotlight away from them. The trick is to render them powerless to hurt you. You don't have to act all bitchy like them to get back at them.

But if you've been treated really badly, let a superior known. Tell them what happened to you. If you let a a person that start to bully you, it will never stop. It's okay to tell a person off when you really feel that you're being abused. Never let this kind of people make you feel unworthy and worst scared of your life.

If it's a boy, do yourself a favor and please break up with him. It's better to be single and happy that be with someone who can't love you for you!

5. Stop explaining yourself! You don't constantly have to defend yourself! You are your own person and you are not beholden to anyone (well, except when to your parents). You don't have to make excuses for the decisions you make. If people don't get you, don't worry about it. What's important is that it makes you happy and you don't hurt anyone, especially yourself!

6. Learn to accept compliments. Having gone through such an ordeal, accepting compliments will be mighty tough. Accepting compliments is easy even when you still feel you don't deserve it, say "Thank you" and say something nice back to the person or just a simple, "You, too." It's shows your polite and the person don't feel awkward by complimenting you.

7. Smile. Nikki always remind us to that even at the worst time we should always flash our pearly whites. And that's something I alway do now. Our smiles opens up our eyes and makes us feel lighter... then, it shows how pretty we really are. :)

8. Know that you were never ugly in the first place! Can you imagine now looking at you, finally putting all those negativity away and finding yourself, that you are the most wonderful person that ever lived! You're unique, you're interesting and people listen to what you say! You make a difference in your loved ones' lives! They appreciate your individuality and your respect for yourself.

So for those who treated you badly, brush them off and just have fun! Life is too short to feel unpretty and to fit yourself to what people want you to be. Remember that the woman who sets herself apart is the one that girls want to be. So start that now!!! You are pretty! And let's add fabulous, at that!

I wrote about this to also remind that in times I feel unpretty that I already overcame it, that I am pretty in my own right. :)

much love,

Outfit: Florals and Back for Formal

Still in my recent trip to Cebu, we were asked to attend the Grand Launch of Radisson Blu Hotel. Since I forget to bring a cocktail dress. It's a good thing that the event wasn't that strict (at least with me) with the dress code. Everybody was dressed to the nines. The men were in black tuxedos and the women in beautiful dresses and jewels. I was told that the who's who of Cebu was at the event. :)

Forever 21 Floral Onesies Top, Pink Manila bondage black highwaist skirt, Shen's Addiction Egyptian Queen Double Wrap Bracelet, Accesorize oversize Swallow Necklace, Bazaar find earrings, Paul and Joe GWP clutch.

My floral onesies from Forever 21 was a great match to my Pink Manila bondage highwasit skirt. It hid my bulges beautifully even without my spanx. I've always loved onesies and Forever 21 makes it possible for me to try it. It's affordable and available in my size.

Onesies makes possible for me to wear really short skirts and shorts without it look off.. I also find it figure-flattering. And I guess, I just want to feel like a ballerina even with all flabs. :)

much love,

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Outfit: Blues at Kenneth Cobonpue

The next day of my trip to Cebu was filled with fun activities. Going around Cebu City; trying Zubuchon and meeting Market Man; and my favorite, checking out Kenneth Cobonpue's Show Room! The place was filled with his beautiful furniture. I saw the bed commissioned by Brad Pitt for Madox. The place was oozing with talent and I wish I could bring home even just a piece. Of course, I can't afford it yet... In the future!!

Forever 21 Zip-up print dress, SM Deparment Store White Tube Top

For the day ahead, I wore a dress that's been hanging quite a while in my closet. I thought to bring it on my trip to Cebu because I think it's cute to wear it sight seeing. It wasn't so bad after all since I ate waaaay waaaay too much Zubuchon lechon that wearing jeans would have caused me discomfort.

And to think I almost didn't purchase this dress. :)

much love,

Event: Launch of Jewelmer Premier Collection at CAV Wine and Cafe

It's a happy day for me when I received the invite for Jewelmer's exclusive press event at CAV Wine Cafe at Bonifacio High Street! I've always expressed to you how in love I am with pearls and gold. As accessories, I find them to the best in flattering our golden skin tones. I know that it would take a lot f hard work before I will be able to afford anything like this... but do indulge me. Let's all look at Jewelmer's latest Premier Collection.

Jewelmer Premier Collection is considered as an inspiration for the brand's future collection. Much like a stepping stone for the designs that will be made for the new year to come. If that's the case, then I can't wait to see what's in store for us by Jewelmer this coming year 2012.

Rosone Collection inspired by the rosettes that adorned the glass stained windows of the world's grandest's cathedrals.

Lautitia - Efforo and Ostrea Rings are inspired by the blooms of summer and the bed of oyster shells


Biance Valerio hosted this event and introduced to us the beautiful Premier Collections

Biance Valerio in Rhett Eala

The event was also a showcase of Jewelmer's newest creations, diamond studded cocktail rings topped with Jewelmer's famous and flawless golden south sea pearls.


One of the best part of the event was that the guests were given a chance to try the rings as the models walked around the tables and shared the collection with us.

Lautitia -Efforo Ring. Inspired by the petals of the flowers.

Lautitia - Efforo Ring

Rosone Ring

Rosone Ring. One of the biggest ring I've tried from the collection

Lautitia-Ostrea Ring. Inspired by the precious gold-lipped oysters.

Ostrea is my favorite... the most impressive with all the diamond that surround the golden south sea pearls. I heard that this costs similar to how much a car is... Sigh. I wish the Universe will find a way for me to have this ring on my finger forever!

Me with the Ostrea ring.

I truly am in love with this! Maybe soon when I've earned enough, I'll get a chance to gift this to me much like what Samantha did during the first Sex and City Movie. :)


I've been to CAV once before this event and as always I enjoy their masterpieces. This the menu served to us. :) Must try is the Chocolate Souffle Cake with Berries! It's a gastronomic phenomenon!

Yummy right? Our thoughts filled with the beauty of Jewelmer's latest Premier Collection and our tummy with Cav's amazing food, it was a memorable afternoon!

Thanks to Jewelmer, CAV and Yehey! for inviting me. Always a pleasure to see you!

much love,

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Outfit: I go harem for the first time

The ribbon cutting at the event I went to needed for me to be in a decent attire. I don't want to look OP when amidst dressed up people  but coming from the flight and a bit of travel, I wanted something comfy. Malay mo, something happened (Thank God nothing did)... so no skirts and shorts.

That's why I decided to break in the tan harem pants I got at Pink Manila. It's the only Harem Pants that fitted me nicely and didn't feel the need to have it tailored for my height. Just in time to save me from my outfit dilemma. Although everyone one else was waaay dressier than I was, at least I looked okay and a little fasyon pa rin.

Forever 21 Patchwork White Shirt, Pink Manila Harem Pants, Celine Beige Wedges, Accessorize Oversize Swallow Necklace, Shen's Addiction Egyptian Double Wrap Bracelet, Kenneth Cole Watch.

mantra of the day: "Stomache, in! Chest, out!" LOL!

Ok naman, di ba? I really like this. Safe, decent and neutral but at the same so unexpected of me. Partnered with my now new favorite white tee from Forever 21.

I hate bringing assortment of shoes when I travel. The Celine beige wedges I got for my birthday was a fit for all the out fits I got. Salamat, Lord!

Although my shirt was "cleavage kung cleavage!", it's a good thing I'm pround of my "bouncies." Conservative women will have a hard time wearing this.. I'm sure people from Cebu had a hard time looking at me, too! LOL!

much love,

P.S. I'm not trying to be a fashion blogger but just the next girl, I, too, enjoy a bit of fasyon. And if it hides my bilbil, who am I not to share it, di ba???

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Hair Issues and Boo-boo's. Is there a way to find that perfect Shampoo?

I’ve always had issues with my hair, from its thickness to its frizzy wavy texture. For years I’ve struggled with my hair and the need to always have it treated. It gets very frustrating but that’s my fate. I’m just done with all those ads that promise to give me soft smooth locks. I thought my hair was hopeless. That is why I always keep it wet or tie it up. Sigh...

You know that my hair is at its deadliest from the coloring and rebonding, right? So imagine a coarse dry hair even when it’s wet. Yes, that’s the price you pay for playing with hair treatments. And really, with the many shampoos I’ve tried, there’s only a handful that passed.

Is there really a criteria for testing shampoos? And what are they really? Because my hair is really tired and limp (literally) from trying different brands and getting mighty disappointed. Not to mention my wallet screaming me to halt whenever I enter the shampoo aisle of the grocery store.

What do you think should be the ultimate test when it comes to our shampoo?

What results should we actually see when we test one?

With the many ads and endorsers out there, how do we determine how effective those hair care products really are?

I wonder if this website, www.blindtest.com.ph, could actually could help us out? I checked the Damaged Hair because I think with how chemically-treated my hair is, it is already more than dead and damaged. My hair should sue me, really!

What exactly is this shampoo that makes 91% of those who tried it loved and wants to continue using it? Because if it is as effective as they say it is then I can't wait for Novemeber 28th for its big reveal.

Because if there is anyone who desparately needs her hair fixed, it's me.

What about you? What box did you check at blindtest.com.ph? Share to me your ways to test a hair care product please! After all, experimenting is what we beauty fanatics love to do. :)

much love,

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YumYum: Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice

I have to blame my good friend, Sophie, for making me want to try Hainanese Chicken. That's why I didn't pass up the chance to visit Wee Nam Kee at Ayala Triangle Park last week. Along with the popular food bloggers, I got to try Hainanese Chicken and Chicken Rice for the very first time.

Wee Nam Kee, they told me is very popular in Singapore. Started at 1989, they serve the best (and I mean, the best!) Chicken Rice in Singapore that locals and travelers from all over the world flock it. It's the type of food that "kanin pa lang, ulam na!" For someone who's very much attached to sinangag, the picture of Chicken Rice was enough for me want it.

Like any makeup products that reached the Philippines, Wee Nam Kee building its first international restaurant here was truly something I was looking forward to. Because as much as I love my lipstick and foundation, this beauty fanatic is as passionate for food! When I'm in a shopping halt, I tend to devour more food like there's no tomorrow.

Reaching Ayala Triangle Park was no major feat, contrary to what I anticipated. When I learned that the only Wee Nam Kee was located at the middle of Makati City (the City of One Way) made me want to renage on my invitation. But this is how "atat" I am to try. Google mappedd it, found it, and got there with a few minutes to spare!

So, was Wee Nam Kee worth the trip?

Hell yeah!!! And they are not paying me to say that. LOL!

Stir-Fried Baby Kailan in Oyster Choice, Php180

I don't eat a lot of veggies but baby Kailan is a favorite of mine. I could eat this and the Chicken Rice alone! It's so tasty and crunchy, just the way i like it.

Equally yummy Cereal Prawns, Php375

I admit that I thought I wouldn't like it at first, but boy oh boy oh boy.... Was I dead wrong. This is mighty yummy! Glad the picky-eater in me didn't surface out and just went ahead and tried it. It's like an explosion in my mouth. It's so good, I even ate the skin of the Prawns (which is how you're suppose to eat this anyway). It's like crunchy on the inside and juicy on the inside. And it's big ah!

The Popular and oh-so-yummy Hainanese Chicken Rice
Filipino loves rice! I am a Filipino. Therefore I love rice. LOL! Really, I'd choose rice over bread anyday. And at Wee Nam Kee loves rice. Therefore, I love Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice. Basta, I love this rice. I can't believe my cousin A, who doesn't eat rice at all, is missing out on this! It's sooo damn good! Well, more for me and Ditse!

The famous Hainanese Chicken, Php168-888 depending on the size

I'm particular when it comes to chicken. I don't even know how to eat it. Always! Always! Whenever I eat a piece of chicken, there'd be a chunk of it left. It's so different when I ate the Hainanese Chicken. I hardly eat white meat part of the chix but here, it was all I could pick. It's filled with enough flavor that I didn't even notice I was eating the white part. I usually would go for the wings, but this one got me me eating almost every part.

Ice Tea, Php50
Unfortunately, this one didn't quite make the cut for me. Although the Barley Juice should have been my choice since it has detoxifying effects! I'll order that the next time I visit. Sana bukas pwede na ko pumunta!

Condiments!! My mom would love the ginger!!

The ambiance of the place was made a little bit more sophisticated compared to the one you'll see in Singapore. The interior is very appealing and reminiscent of the streets of the Lion City. Well, I haven't been to Singapore so excuse my lack of knowledge about its local scene. As expected, its very Asian and with the soft lights, it's feels homey. You'll immediately see the chicken hanging at kitchen window. Talk about major "patakam."

Honestly, the whole place made me like Jackie Chan will come out and do a karate action sequence. Yes, I watch too many Asian action films on cable. Hehehe!

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal served to us. It was filling but it's no-fuss. If ever I'm working in Makati, this is probably one of the resto I would frequent because even if it's Singaporean, it has a familiar Pinoy look to it that I'm sure would fill me the rest of the afternoon. It's a place I would go for when I'm really craving for a sort of home-cooked meal. I know people may not agree with me but that's how Wee Nam Kee made me feel on my first visit.

Mr. Wee, Jr.

We also got to meet the son of Wee Nam Kee, Wee Name Kee, Jr. Sosyal noh? He kind of remind of my grandfather with his passion for food, business and hardwork. Like Mr. Kee, I came from a family who grew up in the food industry. I kinda envy him because he got to continue his father's legacy while ours is barely struggling. Maybe in the future, I could resurrect my grandfather's legacy and build an empire from it. Naks!

We also got to chat with the Filipino owners of Wee Nam Kee, the men responsible for bringing Wee Nam Kee to the Philippines. Believe me, these are the type of men your mom would want you to be dating. You know? Pogi, have direction in life and pogi... wait I said that already. Lol!

Linfred Yap, Weiser Co and Mr. Wee, Jr.

Lindred Yap and Harold Geronimo of Stratworks

I really can't wait to plan a trip to Makati with all my Eastside friends. Like me, they like to try new restaurant and with the prices I saw from the Menu, I'm sure our pockets won't feel the cost but our tummy will surely be filled with those yumyum Chicken Rice and Hainanese Chicken!

Ditse, if you're reading this... I already know what you're thinking. Maybe after Brielle's party on Sunday, we can go straight here? Ano? Game?

Kathy, ayan! Makati area for once!! :) Ayala pa, no less!

I hope I'm not catalyst for anyone wanting to grab something from the fridge after reading this. But if your tummy can wait, Wee Nam Kee is located at the Ayala Triangle Park, corner Paseo De Roxas and Makati Avenue. They have outdoor and basement parking. Parking is about Php40, if I remember correctly.

I hope talaga they open somewhere near my area. I envy people of Makati... :(

See you soon!

much love and food on her tummy,

P.S. If you're surprised a beauty blogger like me got invited to a food event, I was, too! But I'm very thankful to the owners of Wee Nam Kee and to the people of Stratworks for giving me a chance to try Hainanese Chicken Rice for the very first time!

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The written web log is based on author's personal views and is not influenced by the company of the product.

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