Outfit: I go harem for the first time

The ribbon cutting at the event I went to needed for me to be in a decent attire. I don't want to look OP when amidst dressed up people  but coming from the flight and a bit of travel, I wanted something comfy. Malay mo, something happened (Thank God nothing did)... so no skirts and shorts.

That's why I decided to break in the tan harem pants I got at Pink Manila. It's the only Harem Pants that fitted me nicely and didn't feel the need to have it tailored for my height. Just in time to save me from my outfit dilemma. Although everyone one else was waaay dressier than I was, at least I looked okay and a little fasyon pa rin.

Forever 21 Patchwork White Shirt, Pink Manila Harem Pants, Celine Beige Wedges, Accessorize Oversize Swallow Necklace, Shen's Addiction Egyptian Double Wrap Bracelet, Kenneth Cole Watch.

mantra of the day: "Stomache, in! Chest, out!" LOL!

Ok naman, di ba? I really like this. Safe, decent and neutral but at the same so unexpected of me. Partnered with my now new favorite white tee from Forever 21.

I hate bringing assortment of shoes when I travel. The Celine beige wedges I got for my birthday was a fit for all the out fits I got. Salamat, Lord!

Although my shirt was "cleavage kung cleavage!", it's a good thing I'm pround of my "bouncies." Conservative women will have a hard time wearing this.. I'm sure people from Cebu had a hard time looking at me, too! LOL!

much love,

P.S. I'm not trying to be a fashion blogger but just the next girl, I, too, enjoy a bit of fasyon. And if it hides my bilbil, who am I not to share it, di ba???

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  1. na save ko ba yung una kong comment ? hahaha

  2. I love your pants Shen! Really looks good on you :)

  3. i like this look on you. relaxed but very trendy parin. :-)

  4. I love your look Shen! Dressed & hip but not overdressed. Which reminds me, I was checking this harem pants sa bazaar last night but I backed off, kung ikaw cleavage kung cleavage, I had to stop myself from buying it kasi "butt kung butt"! OMG! Nashy ako. Hihi. =D

    Happy long weekend! =) Muah!


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