Paul and Joe's Autumn Collection.

PAUL&JOE Cosmetics' Autumn Collection is truly a dream. Inspired by felines and the effervescent moon, Sophie created a lip color that any girl would want. You wouldn't even want to use these lip colors to preserve the sculpted cat on the tip of the lipstick. It is by far the most beautiful lipstick I own. The color is very much suitable for everyday use given that Paul and Joe are made from natural and organic ingredients.
"Cats are temperamental -- just like the moon.

Sophie Albou’s most favorite animal, a cat is now sculptured on the lipstick itself. Package is printed in the latest fabric print of PAUL&JOE fashion collection for 2010 Autumn and Winter. 
The color itself combines clear, beautiful colouring with a delectably creamy texture. Contains our “SECRET D’OR,” a blend of several varieties of champagne gold frost, each possessing a different overtone and a sparkle that varies subtly depending on what angle you view it from. Together, they give skin a sheer, highly translucent sparkle"
Clare De Lune -

A graceful and soft pink that reminds users of the romantic, classic sounds of Debussy.

Over the moon

This orange is graceful, never boring. It makes users feel like they are walking on air.

Moon Shadow

An exotic red with a hint of pearl.

Paul and Joe Pecil Eyeliner
Stay looking gorgeous all day with PAUL & JOE Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner.
It’s smooth application is smudge-proof and maintenance-free and stays in place as long as you want.

This collection is one of the best gift you can give to yourself this holiday. Have something unique and truly dainty in your stash... Or you can email this post to your BF and parents and give them an idea what to get you for the holidays. :)

Lipstick cost Php1200
Pencil Eyeliner cost Php895

Enjoy this wonderful collection now! Get them at the PAUL&JOE counter at Rustan's Makati.
I'm eyeing Moon Shadow and the Angel Pencil Eyeliner.

much love,

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  1. I once read a post about how creepy and weird the cat lipsticks are but I think they are ADORABLE and I love the outer packaging also. I would like some of these but I won't want wouldn't ruin the kitties face.

  2. That kitty lipstick is so cute that I know I would never use it if I owned one. I wouldn't want to ruin it. Wah!


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