Launch: Manila Bulletin in 3D | A Wild Event

Trivia: Did you know that I worked under one of Philippine's most pretigious magazine Sense and Style under Manila Bulettin? It was one of the most memorable experience EVER!

It was such a pleasure that Nuffnang invited me to the launch of Manila Bulletin 3D event at The Picasso in Leviste St. Makati. The bloggers present were really some of my closest friends in the blogosphere and I'm happy to see them again. :)

Vine and Hannah hosted the event

But what made me more excited to witness was the grand launch of Manila Bulletin's now 3D newspaper. Having to read in three dimensional newspaper is really something nowadays compared to the ho-hum bland newspaper we grew up with.

Now we get to experience a whole new different broadsheet... a newspaper that is made for our generation. A newspaper that is ours. :)

Another thing! You can get your daily newspaper fix of Manila Bulletin through your Ipad! I am desperately hoping they will come up with an Iphone app soon but I'm definitely willing to wait. And nothing beats opening broadsheets in the morning if only to look at the latest "tsismis" and fashion!

I really had a fun time during this event. The raffle that took place made everybody crazy because MB were giving away designer shades and Apple products! Yes, they gave away an Ipad! But not by just picking a name. 3 items were actually won based on completing a dare.... Why am I telling you this?

Because I joined one of it! The prize is a pink Ipod Nano and I've been wanting one for like forever! The dare was to dance the dirtiest and ehem!! ehem!! I'd kill myself if I didn't take on that challenge... not with years of clubbing under my belt! It was like daring Pacquiao not to box! So when the music played, I swayed a butt a bit, stomped my fit and pulled a tiny Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You. You know? When she was dancing Hypnotize by Notorious B.I.G and hit her head then Heath Ledger caught her? Although she's more agile than I am I think I gave the crowd quite an entertainement. :) ROTFL!!

photo credit: trixie of wildaboutretail.com

It should be an embarrasing moment for me but it wasn't. I was having so much fun and in the company of people who knows and lives the word! And with an Ipod to take home with me... I didn't mind at all!

Oh! I also won a Burberry Sunglasses through the raffle! Yup, used up all my luck that night. :)

This is one fun event!! Thanks Manila Bulletin and Nuffies for inviting me!

much love,

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