Juicy Couture's Couture Couture

It's amazing how a scent could instantly brighten my day.

Juicy Couture's latest addi(c)tion to their fabulous fragrance line is really something else. Couture Couture is really me in so many levels. The idea behind this scent is to indulge and just enjoy life.

Would you dare? Click the link below to find out what you're willing to do....

Do the don't's
Show off.
Be spoiled.
Be loud.

Love life!

This scent is decadent to the extremes with top notes of  pink grape, orange flower and mandarin; heart notes of plum, honeysuckle and jasmine; and on the background sandalwood, amber and vanilla.

I could have gone without the sandalwood and vanilla but we don't call this indulge if we try to hold ourselves back, do we?

The scent is pure decadent. It is definitely for the "it girl". The one that everyone is looking at, the one that girls secretly envy and boys drool over. It's for the girl who doesn't know the meaning of enough.

Couture Couture couldn't be more luxurious. It's is a never ending lust for luxe.

So when I'm feeling ho-hum, rest assured that this is my pick me upper to get me back on the craving to live my life.

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