Outfit: Blues at Kenneth Cobonpue

The next day of my trip to Cebu was filled with fun activities. Going around Cebu City; trying Zubuchon and meeting Market Man; and my favorite, checking out Kenneth Cobonpue's Show Room! The place was filled with his beautiful furniture. I saw the bed commissioned by Brad Pitt for Madox. The place was oozing with talent and I wish I could bring home even just a piece. Of course, I can't afford it yet... In the future!!

Forever 21 Zip-up print dress, SM Deparment Store White Tube Top

For the day ahead, I wore a dress that's been hanging quite a while in my closet. I thought to bring it on my trip to Cebu because I think it's cute to wear it sight seeing. It wasn't so bad after all since I ate waaaay waaaay too much Zubuchon lechon that wearing jeans would have caused me discomfort.

And to think I almost didn't purchase this dress. :)

much love,

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