Sunday, June 28, 2009

PhotoShoot: Studioshots Ortigas

It was quite a surprise when Sophie's photographer friend, Mark, invited me for a shoot after just a few minutes of me posting on Facebook that whoever needs an MUA, simply contact me... Believe me when I say I initially backed out since I didn't realize that I'd get a response that immediate.

But my dear friends (Sophie, Jheng and Jaimie) pacified my insecurities. :) And they were right, Shooting with these guys are as easy as 1-2-3. They were professional but very fun to work with. Dear Gul was ever so sweet, bringing me drinks and pizza like i worked on our beautiful models. I was on my feet for more than 6 hours. :)

Let's just say that these guys are people I would want to work with all the time. Though I hope Sophie, Jheng, Phoebe and Jaimie will be there the next time. I know that with them, fun would be an understatement... :)

Here are some photos I was able to take after nearly 7 hours of doing makeup, retouching and changing looks. :) I had great help from my models who really boost up my confidence. I espeially enjoyed all our chatting since I love learning so much from others. :)

above photo is Jackie and Noel (owner of Studioshots). Jackie reminds me of a sis in Quorum and Snow white. :) Sifu Noel probably has the heaviest camera from all of the guys. I dare not carry it for fear of dropping it or my falling off. :) The place is just a photographer's dream, the equipment being all imported since Noel Ty is a popular event and wedding Photographer in the U.S.

the fun guys. Mica (model/stylist), Greg?, Raf the afroboy, AJ (super cutie, reminds me of guitterez brothers) and kilabot Raymond. :)

Patrick, the only Nikon guy, wasn't in any of my phots since I was always working whenever he's shooting. But wegot to bond and soon conceptualizing ideas for future shoots. (yey!)

Jackie looking so oriental with her fair skin and cat eyes but she looks a lot like Snow White. :)

that Mark taking photos of Jackie, I think Mark's signature work pose is the indian seat.. teehee! Peace, kapatid!

models waiting for their turn. Gave Mica a punk princess look while I gave Tracy the classic smokey eyes and my famous heavy lashes. Glad I caught Tracy here with her eyes closed so you could see my work.. teehee.. :)

I hope to work with a lot of talented photographers in the future.. I'm loving photoshoots.
I think I will make this my favorite niche as a makeup artist. Time is very much provided for me to work and I get to see the whole process happen even after my work. It trains my eyes to observe my errors.

that's all for now!
it's sunday, that means family day.
Hopefully, R and I can watch Transformer tonight. :)

Miss yah!

much love,

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lesson 8: Photograhy Look (Black and White)

Ok, I'm not confident when I do makeup on others.. I am really am not. There I said it.. Out in the open..

But when I was in school, confidence is slowly building up inside me that next thing I know, I was humming while I do makeup and cheerfully chatting up my model.

I just hope I feel the same the moment I have to do makeup on others in actual gigs...because the still scares me like craaazzzy!

For our 8th Lesson, we will be doing Photographic Makeup: Photography Look pertains not necessarily a stronger look like in weddings and debuts. Just enough to enhance the look of the person being photographed. But sometimes, these are not the case.

However, to do a black and white photography, the makeup artist must take into account that photos are a 2 dimensional look that can flatten the face of the person.. thus, the need to emphasize a few things:
  • contours of the face (cheekbones, nose, forehead)
  • highlighting (cheeks, higher planes of the cheeks, bridge of the nose)
  • concealing
  • emphasizing the lips
  • emphasizing the eyes (deepening the crease or creating one, adding false eyelashes)
  • defining the eyebrows
Black and white photography is timeless that is why you will still see them now. It evokes elegance and class. I mean, you wouldn't want a black and white photograph when it eliminates much of the flaws on our face (remember our grad pictures?) and makes one appear mature oppose to older (wedding photography).

Basement has on their course, Photography Makeup (which Nikki and I were very interested at since I love photography and Keith, Nikki's husband, is a photographer). This topic is very helpful also for events such as fashion shows etc.

We were mainly told to apply everything darker and stronger but still maintain gradation (fading outward). Meaning, don't get trigger-happy. Make sure it looks natural even if its not.

Here is a sample of what I'm babbling about.

this is how it looks like in colors

bella hermanas, beautiful sisters...
Nikki did the makeup on the girl on the right.

I thoroughl enjoyed doing this look and believe me, we all nailed this one! :)

much love,

Jason Magbanua - Philippine's most celebrated wedding videographer

picnapped from J. Magbanua's Facebook account.. teehee!

There two things I know that Jason is good at, its wedding videography and making women (bride or otherwise.. even grooms) cry and a good way that is.. :)

I could be married in the slums of Manila, my wedding reception could be just isaw and sago juice and my dancing platform maybe the riles at Pedro Gil, but I will have Jason Magbanua as my wedding videographer. Because I know Jason can make the simpliest wedding grand... I believe that is how good he is. He will capture how much R and I are in love in the most none cheesy way.. but of course, I have to decide on what soundtrack he'll use for our SDE... or maybe i'll give him the ultimate creative freedom.. what do you think?

Of course, it's not true that I will be stingy on other parts of wedding.. :) lol!

Ron, better start saving! LOL! 2012 is just right around the corner!!

But if you need futher convincing, here's is his wesite:

watch his SDE (same day edit) and i'm sure you'll have that "I want to get married right now" feeling. :)

I'm so proud that he's a fellow Pinoy... sought after not only here in the Philippines but also abroad. :) I wonder if I could interview him and pick his brains of the things he loves about doing wedding videos.. :)

much love,

P.S. why did I post this none beauty related post? well, he's amazing! and he makes my day everytime i visit site.. :) I guess i'm still that little girl who's dream is to be the most beautiful bride. :)

Product Review: Ellana Mineral's Non-Latex Sponge

photo courtesy:

If I had to use a sponge and I usually do when I do makeup on others, I use my Ellana's Non-Latex sponge. Why you ask? Because it is more softer and less harsh to those with sensitive skin. In my days of using such sponge and comparing it to the others that I have used, this glides on a lot smoothly on the surface of the skin and less lines are created from the foundation. I don't know if its just me but I also notice that it doesn't eat a lot of foundation as well as it deposits well on to the beautiful face of my model.

I especially using this with my Radiant concealer when I have a gigantic pimple that I didn't want my brush touching. The coverage is heavier cutting my spotting time in half.
"Simply dip the tip of the wedge onto your product and lightly dab on your problemn spots. With the flat surface, press softly to remove excess. After concealer applicatiom don't forget to buff a layer or two of foundation with your buffer brush. See result instantly."
Although these are disposable sponges, I notice that when i wash it the products washes right off leaving little to no trace at all. Unlike the other sponges that I use prior to this. (DO THIS ONLY ON SPONGES YOU USE ON YOURSELF AND NEVER REUSE IT ON OTHERS)

Cheap too as it comes in packs of 2's, 4's and 8's.. Prices respectively are P30.00, P60.00, P120.00. Making it only P15.00 per wedge.

This is not your Makeup Forever type of sponge but with our budget, this will do nicely. Especially when you have clients who are quite conscious on what goes on their face or simply that you want a better sponge for your makeup application.

TIP: If you want a faster and heavier application of mineral make-up foundation but don't have a heavy formula/variant, try applying your foundation with a sponge and it will instantly provide you exactly that.

I don't recommend using sponge all the time, it being wasteful on product and may cause bacterial problems, but on a lazy day and client calls, i reach out for Ellana's Non-Latex Sponge.

Now, mineral makeup afficionados, please don't get mad at me for using sponges... sometimes, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. :) especially if that girl doesn't have a lot of brushes or just can't shell out money YET for a buffer brush. :)

Do you use sponge on your makeup application?

much love,

P.S. Another favorite sponge of mine is Spongebob Squarepants.. and yes, like Ellana's Non-Latez Sponge, Spongebob is not your regular sponge. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shen's Accessories: Simple Creations

more creations from yours truly.. :)

and yeah, i love gold and pearls. :)
you hardly see me wearing anything but..

- isn't the name just sound sophisticated? so classy.. and pearls always does that to any outfit I own... and this design, spruced up by my boisterous personality just added more than just pearls..

and i do love chainlink like a breath of fresh air...

cleopatra ready to party
- this can be worn as a wrap around bracelet.
thisis one loud accessory that i doubt anyone would dare to wear..
I channel my fave fashionista Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez when I wear this and confidence just oozes out of me.

- i find this name really strong and the design eminates just that.
I really feel empowered when wearing this.. I'm thinking of creating more in plain pearls for a more office appropriate look.

- i think the name speaks for the design.. its really simple and could really go well with anything i own.

- reminds me of mizzmakeup's pearly complexion, lined eyes and luscious lips. :)

- the blush of pink reminds me of the girl Romeo once was in love with before he met juliet

- this name just popped in my head after i made this so it was christened thus.

I drew inspiration from those i see around. I pretty much gotta hand it to the other beaders. This venture is really tiring... but still, very much fulfilling. :)

i know these accessories i make isn't what many girls would want to wear.
Many might stay away from these kind of accessories, it being too loud and too gold..

but... do you like any of them?

much love,

FOTD: TBS Hot Brights Collection + Mineraux Mineral Foundation

A happy disposition and makeup can make anyone pretty...

That is what I feel with my face of the day today and as per R's comments. :)

I finally got to use The Body Shop's Hot Brights Collection for my banking and grocery day with the BF. I love that the eyeshadow perked up my oh-so sleepy eyes instantly and the blush just gave my cheeks that brightness it need.

I've been using this Mystery Product almost everyday and today I didn't use it for purpose of distinction. But I promise I will be reviewing them soon. Just making sure its worth your time.. :)

Hot Brights Eyeshadow Palette in Purple (used my prestige blending brush and MAC 217)
Maybelline Eyeliner (review to follow)
Maybelline Mascara (review to follow)

Alison Rafaelle Liquid Foundation in 02 (feels a bit hot when applied.. i sincerely don't know why)
Ellana Mineral Concealer in Radiant (blemishes, undereye, darkspots) (HG mineral concealer.. can you see dark spots? don't mind the ginormous pimple on my chin)
Mineraux Mineral Foundation in Nuetral Fair (i know it looks whitish on me but i'm acidic)
TBS Hot Brights Blush this is great for brides and anyone who wishes to look fresh. :)

Cam whoring...

the pa-cute pose..

let me bid you goodnight!!!

can't wait for tomorrow.. no work!! It's Manila day! :)

much love,

Monday, June 22, 2009

Venus & Mars Anti-Bacterial Brush Set

Brushes these days are quite the thing. Very much innovative seller has come up with the possible brushes out there for us beauty addicts to indulge but won't compromise our exotic Filipina skin. :)

Venus and Mars introduces their Antibac Brush Set:

V&M says:
"What makes antibac brushes DIFFERENT and BETTER than your ordinary brush?
1. These brushes are active AGAINST bacteria, hence it prevents them from lingering in the bristles. These bacteria are the main cause of the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and other irritating skin blemishes (THAT ARE MOST OF THE TIME VERY HARD TO GET RID OF ONCE ACQUIRED!)

2. You can now spare yourself from washing your brushes twice to four times (if you're lucky and you're not too busy or if you're acne-prone) a week to make sure you don't put bacteria on your face!"
V&M brush set (From Right to Left)
Powder brush: Dia.19*138mm height
Foundation brush: Dia.14.5*143mm height
Angled shader and crease brush: Dia.11*142mm height
Eye blender brush: Dia.10*140mm Height
Concealer brush: Dia.10.5*143mm height
Pouch: 165*115mm (closed size)

it even has an extra insert...

Priced at 1099, who aren't here tempted to buy?

PRE-BUY SEASON: May 13, 2009 to June 19, 2009 10PM

PROMO: Antibac Brush Set + Antibac Brush Soak = Php1059, SAVE 199!

If you want to avail of the pre-buy promo, all payments for this limited edition V&M brush set must be settled ONLY UNTIL June 30, 2009. NO REFUND.

much love,

Available at Venus and Mars Multiply Site.

Haul: The Body Shop Hot Brights Collection

Another work week!! Lord, help us...

Great thing I have new makeups to play around with.. :)

I am loving The Body Shop's new collection. It's so girly and it's so me. The ads are just too hard to resist! I can't wait to get my hands on more of the Hot Brights Collection.

The Blush is scented with rose, which makes me imagine my R kissing my cheeks and smelling the aromatic scent. :)

The eyeshadows are satin-y and is quite pigmented. :) Reminds me of their past summer collection.

Lip and Cheeks duo is just handy for a girl on the rush (ehem!)
Of course, who didn't get hooked on the TBS' lip and cheek stain?

The Hot Brights eyeliner is not just for the adventurous. It's for every Pina who wants to assert their self in subtle ways. :)

Great about us, tropical dwellers, we can pull off summer look anytime of the year.. so line those eyes up for a brighter version of yourself and look hot in the process. :)

Are you getting hot?

much love,

P.S. Blogger is not updating my blog... Hope some of you can still read my posts.. :)
Happy Work Week everyone, I know.. to some it sucks.. :) But weekend will be here in no time!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shen's Accessories: All Wired Up!

I've been revisiting my love for accessories for the past few weeks since my classes in Makeup School ended. I've been breaking out a lot lately that made it impossible for me to practice my skills. Idle minds and hands are the devil's playground so i found something to busy myself with.

I love accessories. It all started in 2007 when I decided to make my own. I started creatingchainlink accessories. People started to notice and so I decided then to sell them online. But life or should I say blogging and makeup diverted my attention for a little bit so I called hiatus.on accessory business. Now, I'm widening my knowledge and enhancing my creativity in making accessories.

Good thing that a fellow-Ilocano who has the most amazing talent in making accessories offers seminars/modules in beading and advance wiring techniques. He's Em Mariano, a very popular accessory designer and mentor. He's been featured in several Filipino talk shows and magazines.

The class I thought would be a quiet one. Impossible! Mr. Em lights up the room with his fabulous stories as well as with his colorful ways to tell them. He's a very funny person that learning didn't seem so intimidating as I thought it was. He made everything look easy to learn even though it wasn't because I could still feel my fingers throbbing as I type.

The crowd of students were different kinds of women. This is what I love about that I do now, I get a chance to meet women who are very much empowered in their own way. There is Filipina at the class who apparently helps out OFW who have troubles with their employers. There is one as well who's creations will be sold in Powerbooks soon. To be in the presence of these women made me realize how right I am in pursuing my dreams. There is no reason to regret or to stop.

Learning these fabulous things with these women just made it all the more fun and exciting.

Amidst all the kwentuhan and laughing, here are some end product of theAdvanced wire wrapping and other techniques I learned from Mr. Em Mariano's class:

For someone who's been beading and creating accessories, I sure learned a lot from Mr. Em Mariano. His accessories are sought after by Filipino celebrities and his teaching skills are known in different parts of the globe. I just can't get over his talent! I want to pick his brains more and feature him on my blog.

Now, I can't wait to get back on my love for making beautiful things...

Why limit our creativity?

and can you imagine I was once a law student???

I sure can't!

much love,

P.S. You'll be seeing a lot of accessories soon... I hope you won't get tired of 'em. and oh you'll be seeing them in gold because i'm a gold addict! :)

Mr. Em Mariano's website is Feel free to browse his site and find time to learn something new! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lesson 7: Bridal Makeup

This post is timely for this month... June is Bride month. And what bride doesn't want her makeup done fabulously?

I know I do!

There two kinds of bridal makeup, Daytime and Evening. Daytime is more of a natural look but the with more details, enhancing the best features of the bride and limiting those that are not so flattering. A Daytime bride for me has that sun kissed glow, bright eyes and luscious lips. The makeup must look like she had no makeup on at all but would still endure the tropical weather we have and the tears that she might shed during her vows.

Evening Makeup is a little more accentuating on the eyes that may tend to be droopy on bright lights, add a little smoke on the outer V and double coat on the mascara or add false eyelashes.. Add more color to the cheeks since it may get washed out by the flash of the camera. She must still have that natural glow and a touch of color. Lips should be enhance, like the cheek, this may get washed out during picture taking.

My model was quite young, 14, to be a bride. I tried the best I could to make her look mature but I ended up making her look like the bridesmaid. Haaiii...

the blushing bride.... in french

This may not be the best of my works during school but I believe I have able to provide my model with the Bride-Look had her hair been pulled up in coiffure. :)

I hope to improve my makeup application, most especially on bridal looks. So if any of you out there wants to be my guinea pig, feel free to email me! :)

much love,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mission: Be Stunning for a Steal.... Accomplished.

Message is loading....

I recieved a very interesting email few weeks before this event. :D I thought I had to do the ala-tom cruise/jason bourne type of exercise to prepare myself for this mission. Thankfully I didn't have too. :) What a joy!

At the event, I was greeted by some of maybelline's Team and Allison, new product manager for Garnier. I got to chat for awhile with Dax, head of Matrix products (love 'em!)

But its time to do the mission...

1st stop: Facial by Garnier

That's Kim, right there, relaxing as she indulged with garnier's whitening line,
Light with Lemon Vitamin C.

With my type of skin, I'm happy Garnier has their Pure A skin care line that targets skin breakouts and preventing them. And then shall indulge in the lightening effects of Garnier Light.

That's me!!!

next stop: Makeup by Maybelline

Boy was I just looking forward to getting all dolled up by Maybelline's Top Makeup Artist. I learned so much from Archie, who apparently is the pioneer behind Makeup Forum. What an honor right? I took this chance to do a mini-interview about his career and he indulged me! :)

played around with at Maybelline counter and listed things I'm gonna haul next time.

3rd stop: Hair Styling by Matrix

My hair was curled and maintained by Matrix products. I had my curls til the next morning which doesn't happen often of my chemically straightened hair!

Last Stop: (Awwww) Nail design by Nail Spa

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my nails done by the wonderful manicurist of Nail Spa. But its ok since I can get my manicure done with them everytime i frequent Shang Mall.

Added stop: Picture Souvenirs at FabFoto

of course, the all made over girls had to have their pics taken c/o!
Nikki, Kim and I
Cheerio to Roanne who was able to make it to the event as well.

too bad some of the usu al s usp ects were not there.

To prove that we have indeed finished the "job" and have accomplished the mission, thus looking stunning... evidence must be presented. :)


Aftermath, we had dinner at Circles, Makati Shangri-la that evening and I got great compliments from all my friends. :D I'm thanking all the those who made it possible.


much love,

P.S. Don't I look like Ms. Dina Bonevie on my solo shots?? Hihihihi!

P.P.S. This post will self destruct in






Nah! Just Kidding!
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