Product Review: Ellana Mineral's Non-Latex Sponge

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If I had to use a sponge and I usually do when I do makeup on others, I use my Ellana's Non-Latex sponge. Why you ask? Because it is more softer and less harsh to those with sensitive skin. In my days of using such sponge and comparing it to the others that I have used, this glides on a lot smoothly on the surface of the skin and less lines are created from the foundation. I don't know if its just me but I also notice that it doesn't eat a lot of foundation as well as it deposits well on to the beautiful face of my model.

I especially using this with my Radiant concealer when I have a gigantic pimple that I didn't want my brush touching. The coverage is heavier cutting my spotting time in half.
"Simply dip the tip of the wedge onto your product and lightly dab on your problemn spots. With the flat surface, press softly to remove excess. After concealer applicatiom don't forget to buff a layer or two of foundation with your buffer brush. See result instantly."
Although these are disposable sponges, I notice that when i wash it the products washes right off leaving little to no trace at all. Unlike the other sponges that I use prior to this. (DO THIS ONLY ON SPONGES YOU USE ON YOURSELF AND NEVER REUSE IT ON OTHERS)

Cheap too as it comes in packs of 2's, 4's and 8's.. Prices respectively are P30.00, P60.00, P120.00. Making it only P15.00 per wedge.

This is not your Makeup Forever type of sponge but with our budget, this will do nicely. Especially when you have clients who are quite conscious on what goes on their face or simply that you want a better sponge for your makeup application.

TIP: If you want a faster and heavier application of mineral make-up foundation but don't have a heavy formula/variant, try applying your foundation with a sponge and it will instantly provide you exactly that.

I don't recommend using sponge all the time, it being wasteful on product and may cause bacterial problems, but on a lazy day and client calls, i reach out for Ellana's Non-Latex Sponge.

Now, mineral makeup afficionados, please don't get mad at me for using sponges... sometimes, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. :) especially if that girl doesn't have a lot of brushes or just can't shell out money YET for a buffer brush. :)

Do you use sponge on your makeup application?

much love,

P.S. Another favorite sponge of mine is Spongebob Squarepants.. and yes, like Ellana's Non-Latez Sponge, Spongebob is not your regular sponge. :)

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  1. Zefreakinme3/11/11 2:05 PM

    Hi Shen, have you tried the beauty blender?I am wondering if Ellana gives the same effect.

    I am an Ellana user and I love their foundation and blush, they feel and looks like real skin.

    Your post got me curious now! thanks Shen.

  2. yes I have and I think they are not quite similar.. ellana's latex sponge is softer. )


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