Shen's Accessories: Simple Creations

more creations from yours truly.. :)

and yeah, i love gold and pearls. :)
you hardly see me wearing anything but..

- isn't the name just sound sophisticated? so classy.. and pearls always does that to any outfit I own... and this design, spruced up by my boisterous personality just added more than just pearls..

and i do love chainlink like a breath of fresh air...

cleopatra ready to party
- this can be worn as a wrap around bracelet.
thisis one loud accessory that i doubt anyone would dare to wear..
I channel my fave fashionista Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez when I wear this and confidence just oozes out of me.

- i find this name really strong and the design eminates just that.
I really feel empowered when wearing this.. I'm thinking of creating more in plain pearls for a more office appropriate look.

- i think the name speaks for the design.. its really simple and could really go well with anything i own.

- reminds me of mizzmakeup's pearly complexion, lined eyes and luscious lips. :)

- the blush of pink reminds me of the girl Romeo once was in love with before he met juliet

- this name just popped in my head after i made this so it was christened thus.

I drew inspiration from those i see around. I pretty much gotta hand it to the other beaders. This venture is really tiring... but still, very much fulfilling. :)

i know these accessories i make isn't what many girls would want to wear.
Many might stay away from these kind of accessories, it being too loud and too gold..

but... do you like any of them?

much love,

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