Mission: Be Stunning for a Steal.... Accomplished.

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I recieved a very interesting email few weeks before this event. :D I thought I had to do the ala-tom cruise/jason bourne type of exercise to prepare myself for this mission. Thankfully I didn't have too. :) What a joy!

At the event, I was greeted by some of maybelline's Team and Allison, new product manager for Garnier. I got to chat for awhile with Dax, head of Matrix products (love 'em!)

But its time to do the mission...

1st stop: Facial by Garnier

That's Kim, right there, relaxing as she indulged with garnier's whitening line,
Light with Lemon Vitamin C.

With my type of skin, I'm happy Garnier has their Pure A skin care line that targets skin breakouts and preventing them. And then shall indulge in the lightening effects of Garnier Light.

That's me!!!

next stop: Makeup by Maybelline

Boy was I just looking forward to getting all dolled up by Maybelline's Top Makeup Artist. I learned so much from Archie, who apparently is the pioneer behind Makeup Forum. What an honor right? I took this chance to do a mini-interview about his career and he indulged me! :)

played around with at Maybelline counter and listed things I'm gonna haul next time.

3rd stop: Hair Styling by Matrix

My hair was curled and maintained by Matrix products. I had my curls til the next morning which doesn't happen often of my chemically straightened hair!

Last Stop: (Awwww) Nail design by Nail Spa

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my nails done by the wonderful manicurist of Nail Spa. But its ok since I can get my manicure done with them everytime i frequent Shang Mall.

Added stop: Picture Souvenirs at FabFoto

of course, the all made over girls had to have their pics taken c/o fabfoto.com!
Nikki, Kim and I
Cheerio to Roanne who was able to make it to the event as well.

too bad some of the usu al s usp ects were not there.

To prove that we have indeed finished the "job" and have accomplished the mission, thus looking stunning... evidence must be presented. :)


Aftermath, we had dinner at Circles, Makati Shangri-la that evening and I got great compliments from all my friends. :D I'm thanking all the those who made it possible.


much love,

P.S. Don't I look like Ms. Dina Bonevie on my solo shots?? Hihihihi!

P.P.S. This post will self destruct in






Nah! Just Kidding!

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