Jason Magbanua - Philippine's most celebrated wedding videographer

picnapped from J. Magbanua's Facebook account.. teehee!

There two things I know that Jason is good at, its wedding videography and making women (bride or otherwise.. even grooms) cry and sigh...in a good way that is.. :)

I could be married in the slums of Manila, my wedding reception could be just isaw and sago juice and my dancing platform maybe the riles at Pedro Gil, but I will have Jason Magbanua as my wedding videographer. Because I know Jason can make the simpliest wedding grand... I believe that is how good he is. He will capture how much R and I are in love in the most none cheesy way.. but of course, I have to decide on what soundtrack he'll use for our SDE... or maybe i'll give him the ultimate creative freedom.. what do you think?

Of course, it's not true that I will be stingy on other parts of wedding.. :) lol!

Ron, better start saving! LOL! 2012 is just right around the corner!!

But if you need futher convincing, here's is his wesite:

watch his SDE (same day edit) and i'm sure you'll have that "I want to get married right now" feeling. :)

I'm so proud that he's a fellow Pinoy... sought after not only here in the Philippines but also abroad. :) I wonder if I could interview him and pick his brains of the things he loves about doing wedding videos.. :)

much love,

P.S. why did I post this none beauty related post? well, he's amazing! and he makes my day everytime i visit site.. :) I guess i'm still that little girl who's dream is to be the most beautiful bride. :)

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