Lesson 8: Photograhy Look (Black and White)

Ok, I'm not confident when I do makeup on others.. I am really am not. There I said it.. Out in the open..

But when I was in school, confidence is slowly building up inside me that next thing I know, I was humming while I do makeup and cheerfully chatting up my model.

I just hope I feel the same the moment I have to do makeup on others in actual gigs...because the still scares me like craaazzzy!

For our 8th Lesson, we will be doing Photographic Makeup: Photography Look pertains not necessarily a stronger look like in weddings and debuts. Just enough to enhance the look of the person being photographed. But sometimes, these are not the case.

However, to do a black and white photography, the makeup artist must take into account that photos are a 2 dimensional look that can flatten the face of the person.. thus, the need to emphasize a few things:

  • contours of the face (cheekbones, nose, forehead)
  • highlighting (cheeks, higher planes of the cheeks, bridge of the nose)
  • concealing
  • emphasizing the lips
  • emphasizing the eyes (deepening the crease or creating one, adding false eyelashes)
  • defining the eyebrows
Black and white photography is timeless that is why you will still see them now. It evokes elegance and class. I mean, you wouldn't want a black and white photograph when it eliminates much of the flaws on our face (remember our grad pictures?) and makes one appear mature oppose to older (wedding photography).

Basement has on their course, Photography Makeup (which Nikki and I were very interested at since I love photography and Keith, Nikki's husband, is a photographer). This topic is very helpful also for events such as fashion shows etc.

We were mainly told to apply everything darker and stronger but still maintain gradation (fading outward). Meaning, don't get trigger-happy. Make sure it looks natural even if its not.

Here is a sample of what I'm babbling about.

this is how it looks like in colors

bella hermanas, beautiful sisters...
Nikki did the makeup on the girl on the right.

I thoroughl enjoyed doing this look and believe me, we all nailed this one! :)

much love,

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