Product Review: Ellana Mineral Concealer in "Radiant"

First off, would like to apologize for the lack of updates and relevant posts. Life has gotten in the way of blogging. Oh and FACEBOOK and Fashion Wars. I'm getting addicted that I check it 24/7. But don't you worry, you guys are stll on top of the priority and that FB is just a passing phase. :)

Oh! and did you notice that my blog is now three-columned? I just learned how to do it! Yipee!!

At the beginning of my usage of mineral makeup, I find it hard to believe that Mineral Concealer can indeed conceal. In my head, they are powders, so how can they adhere to the skin and diminish my dark spots? I'm sure that I am not the only one who thinks of this especially to those who are use to cream and liquid form of concealer. It is just out of the realm of cosmetic for me.

I've been using radiant for months now. Quite by accident, I couldn't find my foundation so i opted using this mineral concealer. Then, I started experimenting with brushes to apply it with. When I found the right tools, I seldom let a day goes by not using it.

By the way, i am using Ellana Hazelnut Latte or Almond Latte in Intensive Foundation. For MAC Users, I am NC30-35.

To prove it to you, here's before and after pictures.

without concealer

with Radiant mineral concealer

As you can see, there is a bit of redness that is still visible as well as bumps. but the spots/scars was definitely covered. Leaving me an almost even skin to work with after foundation application. It lasted fairly long than I anticipated, about 4 hours, given my oily skin status. :)

Overall, Radiant gets 5 Kikay Pinay points for me.
You can see it in the results!
Brushes I use are
MAC's SE 109 and Henri Calayag Foundation Brush: for all over coverage
Charm Brushes Concealer Brush and Ellana Concealer brush: for spot concealing

How about you? What do you think of mineral concealers?

much love,

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  1. woww! im impressed! now im soooo interested to buy.. im nc30-35 too in mac.. (.^_^.)

    one question, how do i choose the right finishing powder? im quite overwhelmed with all the shades available.. newbie with mineral make up! haha!

    thanks shen~

  2. I am currently interested with MMU! <3 This post is very helpful, though I'm still torn between cheer and radiant powder concealers </3

  3. Hi Shen,

    Are you using the VMV Pore Mattifier before applying this one? It mattifies my face but it doesn't hide hyperpigmentation from healed acne. I am afraid that combining these two might clog my sensitive, oily, and acne-prone skin. Thanks in advance.


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