Saturday, November 29, 2008

Haul: Ecotools Brush Set (Thanks, Marge!)


Before I head out to the Cuenca Bazaar for a little S&R (shopping and relaxation) with BB friends, I would just like to share something that put a smile on my face during my mom's wake...

Dear Marge, my elementary friend, had asked me less than 3 weeks ago if I wanted to get the Ecotool brush set after she saw my Lemming post on the miniature ones. So, yes, I said yes! Unfortunately, I wish that we could have met in a much different circumstance. Nevertheless, Marge and Jerrone (her sweet photog hubby) brought the brush set and even took photos of mom's wake after thier work... I'm so lucky to have so many caring friends.

The brushes...

le sigh!

Is is undescribably soft and supple. My cousins who've seen it was so impressed with the quality and packaging. Too bad that it isn't sold here in Manila and from what I heard, it is easily sold out in Walgreens and other drugstores. These brushes are so worth the wait. Until now, I can't bring myself to use it because I want to use a good brush cleaner so i can preserve the softness for a long time. What good brush cleaner to do recommend? :)

All I can say is that if you like collecting brushes, you gotta have Ecotools in your stash. It's environmental friendly and animal cruelty free! :)

I told Marge that I will be shoing my brush collection once I've acquired Ecotools.. It will have to wait for awhile since I'm not staying at home for the meantime... I still find it hard to go back home for some reasons.

Marge playing photog with her hubby's uber nice dslr cam.
nice noh? that's my mom on the frame there.. hai.. i miss her so much!

much love,

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Personal: Goodbye, Mommy

Guys, thank you all for the prayers and support that you have given me and my family. To my friends who were able to visit, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to see me and my mom. I truly appreciate it.


There isn't an easy way to say this... I've been actually putting this off since typing it for all the world to see makes everything so real and permanent.

My mom passed away last November 20, 2008. She was laid at her final resting place last November 25, 2008.

She was suppose to turn 56 years old this coming December 4, 2008.

My mom's name is Joy. Appropriately named because she taught me the true meaning of happiness.

I will forever miss her.


Thank you, mom, for raising me to be a strong and independent woman. I owe everything to you. Thank you that i was able to survive the passed few days without having to succumbed to depression from my loss of you. Thank you that you have delivered us from making the decision of whether to let you go or not. Til the very end, you have always thought of making life easy for me. I promise you that I will be okay. That I will go on with my life and fulfill my life long dreams as well as yours. Don't worry, you have equipped me enough to make the right decisions. I will always be a good girl and forever be your little girl.

I give you peace of mind, Mom. The times we spent together are more than enough to last me a lifetime. We have always been so close to each other that I have little regret. I have always told you I love you and that I am very proud to be your daughter. I just hope you were able to see me get married and have children. I wish you could have seen me settled with my own family and successful with my career. But you have always thought me NEVER to question God's will.... so, I won't. I will accept what happened and keep my faith intact. I am just taking comfort on the fact that you are now resting His arms. Finally, you can now serve Him wholly like you've always wanted to.

I love you, mommy.

You'll always be in my mind. I will never forget.


Have you hugged your parents lately? Have you told them thank you and I love you? No matter how close you are with your parents never let a day goes by without telling them you appreciate them and that you remember them...


Don't be surprise if i will resume my blogging in the coming days... as you know, blogging is a therapy for me. Now more than ever I am more determined to continue this venture. And no, I didn't enroll this semester. I will be taking over my mom's businesses and hopefully be successful in it. Next year, i will resume law school in a different school that will provide the best program for working students (specifically those handling their own business.). I can only hope that I can fulfill all my obligations to my mom, her people and her business partners... and still become a lawyer.

GOD, help me! Mom, I will forever seek out your guidance.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Personal: Please pray for my Mommy

I don't think i can blog about beauty stuff for the coming days...

My mom suffered from a stroke that caused an internal hemorrhage in the midpart of her brain and brain stem. She is very much in a critical condition. All the doctors that we have consulted have given the same prognosis, that my mom has a bleak future. That only GOD, our lives' author, who can write what will happen next. I am very much hopeful and still and will always believe that she is only taking this time to rest from all the stress in her life. My mom is grand like that... She likes having a lot of attention given to her.. I know, one day, she'll wake up and give me a mouthful of sermon on how much i spend on makeups and time on the internet. I can't wait for next sunday when she and I will go and hear mass, have breakfast and bring Duke to the groomers.

I love my mom so much... that losing her is not even an option for me. I know you'll feel the same way I do...

On her birthday this coming Dec. 4, i promised to sing one of her fave song MAMA by Spice Girls:

Please... Please... help me pray for my mom. Please ask God to give her all the grace she needs to wake up.

thank you

much love,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

EOTNs: UD Deluxe Shadow and Neutral Palette + NYX Gold Pink

I think I forgot how to do eye make up!! I suck at blending and combos... huhuhuhu! O well, i got to practice, practice, practice more!

1st look:
Used my Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Collection.
I've been inspired by Gracie's gifts to revisit my old palettes and Lady L's Smoke series is just making me want to do the same thing with my Deluxe Shadow and Ammo palette... her tutorial looks so easy to follow.

I would have included falsies but I have to practice that again.. I didn't want to ruin my eye makeup anymore. I settled for my Maybelline Intense XXL Volume + Length Microfiber Mascara in Brownish Black (such a mouthful).


2nd Look:
Used my Neutral Palette
Although I find it easier to create neutral eye combos... I find ny skills to be a bit rusty. I need to relearn how to do it again... maybe i should use my Neo Sci-fi collection again since it motivates me enough to create better simple eye make up... or maybe, my mineral multipurpose powders... hmmm...

Anyway, i used a soft flesh color, a plum shade and metallic plum to create this look. I definitely need to practice on creating a crease... any tips and tricks you want to share?

this is just a great combo to make your eyes pop, gives the appearance that you had a lot of rest. I did this look imititating eye makeups used on celebrities especially those entertainment shows.

Used one of my favorite mascara Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl Waterproof Mascara. :)

For both looks: I used MAC FL in Blacktrack as eyeliner.


NYX Lipgloss in Gold Pink

this color is great for a night out with your girls.. or when you just got bored to so your eyes and settled for eyeliner and mascara. :)

I was browsing through my google reader when I saw Shizznizzle's post about 7 deadly lippies. The NYX Gold Pink Lipgloss looked so great on her luscious lips. So it got me thinking to try mine again... :) Thanks, sis, for the inspiration. :)

I'm on roll... wish that my eye application and ideas improve tomorrow.. :) lol!

much love,

Saturday, November 15, 2008

EOTN: Playing with Front Cover Rainbow Eyes

Playing with Blossom, Pink Lemonade and Blush

NYX Jumb Pencil in Cherry
Face Front Palette: Blossom, Pink Lemonade and Blush, Biscuit (highlight)
MAC FL in Blacktrack (upper lashline and wings)
VOV Eye liner in 09 White (lower waterline)
Cover Girl Volume Exact Mascara


Playing with Moonstruck, Black Iris and Wisteria

MAC PP in Painterly (lid base)
Face Front Cover: Moonstruck (all over upper lid), Wisteria (crease area), Black Iris (1/2 crease), Blanc de blanc (highlight)
Mac Eyeliner in Ebony (waterline)
Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black
Cover Girl Lash Blast

Somehow my bad days are turning to be good ones when i play with my new makeups. :)
Thanksagain Graie for this really really good-looking and uber big palette!

much love,

Front Cover Rainbow Eyes Winter 08/09 (Gift from Gracie!!)

I know you're going to say.... "What? Another gift?!"

Yes! An early Christmas Gift! I could feel the snow(lol!) already!

Yes, I got another present from dear dear blogger-slash-chic-Pinay friend, Gracie!

don't you just love getting packages? i know i do!

Merry Christmas!! :)

and it came with a card! sweet sweet touch!

Le Gift!

Big big nearly Stila size pans. :)
The shadowline (liquid liner) reminds me of my transforming potion from Urban Decay.
The brushes are surprisingly soft (i didn't notice one of them fell... hehehe!)

Gracie gives the most amazing and thoughtful gifts. :)
She just knows what her dear friends would like and enjoy!
Thanks so much, Gracie!!

much love,

EOTNs: Playing with Urban Deacay Book of Shadows

Cast some spells tonight with my Urban Decay Book of Shadows

Spell #1:


MAC PP in Painterly
Urban Decay Book of Shadows:
Grifter (inner lid), Mayhem (upper lid), Last Call (crease), Midnight Cowboy (Highlight)
MAD Indelible Gel Liner in Ivy League
MAC Eyeliner in Ebony (upper waterline
VOV Eyeliner Pencil in 9 White (lower waterline)
L'oreal Telescopic Clean Mascara

Spell #2:

my eyelashes here looks like a Venus Flytrap! Lol!

MAC PP in Painterly
Urban Decay Book of Shadows:
Absinthe (inner lid), Shattered (mid lid/highlight), Protest (crease)
MAC FL in Blacktrack (upper and lower lashline)
MAC Eyeliner in Ebony (waterline)
L'oreal Telescopic Clean Mascara

Thanks again, Gracie! I'm loving my Book of Shadows! :)

much love,

Friday, November 14, 2008

Gift Idea: It's here! Charm Pro Travel Brush Set

My new babies are here!

Elegant pouch... :)
(pearls not included)

good sigh!

best laid plans for my holiday getaway. :)

Charm brush logo. :)

1. Mini Powder Brush - Dense and soft
2. Mini Dual Fiber Brush - Dense enough, best for finishing powder or liquid foundation
3. Mini Angled Blush Brush - it looks similar to my EOB angled blush brush which is a good thing since finding blush brush like this is crazy hard!
4. Mini Concealer Brush - Reminds me of BE's famous concealer brush.. love it!
5. Mini Crease Blending Brush - is it me or does it look like an SE 217? I swear, i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me! I finally have a great blending brush for my travels!
6. Mini Pencil/Contour brush - beginner's heaven sent! This baby is effortless to use to give me that precise crease line.
7. Mini Eye Contour Brush - or what i usually call angled eyeshadow brush. I could live with just this brush when i'm desperate to put on eye makeup. This brush is a miracle-worker for me.
8. Mini Flat Liner Brush - i'm been trying to find a liner like this since a lot swears that this is easier to use for liner application. this set just have everything!
9. Mini Eyebrow Brush - i think i can use this as an angled eyeliner brush too!
10. Mini Pointed Eyeliner Brush - great for working on winged look which i'm loving so much lately.
11. Mini Lip Brush - we need to have this!
12. Mini Spoolie Brush - being a mascara addict, i definitely having this to fix my clumps.

i must reiterate! this set has a dual fiber brush. How cool is that?
click pic to enlarge

I simply can't stop looking at them. I've taken gazillion photos of these brushes... :)
These brushes have a great quality and I feel so lucky (and somewhat bragging a little.. sorry!) that I got mine already!!! This is a great Christmas gift for yourselves or for your kikay loved ones. :)

Thanks Sophie for such a great brush set that has everything a girl like would need
.... just in time for the Holidays!

much love,

You can buy Charm Pro Travel Brush Set at these sites: Site 1, Site 2

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WOW! Project Runway Philippines - The Finale

OMG!! I know I'm late and was never really that updated with this show... I just watched the Project Runway Philippines latest episode where Veejay, Philip and Aries showed their final collection.

My reaction: As in WOW!!!

I'm so in love with Philip's design!!! for someone like me who hated crochet back in grade school (i didn't get the hang of it in our home eco class!), Philip's design just made me itch to start crocheting again! And he makesme want to hit the gym so every piece of his collection will fit me like crazy! I think I want him to design my wedding gown... LOL!

Veejay is my kind of designer. As a girl who never was into prints, Veejay's design is within my lifestyle... Minimalist, easy to dress up and can be used anytime of the year... I want everything in this collection! The taupe-ish color is just serene... It may not be wow-ing in factor but nevertheless will be loved by many Filipinas. Veejay's design is something a lot of us can wear!

Photos: BusinessMirror

Christian is that you? Well, it kind of reminded me if Siriano's collection because it was edgy, the comparison ends there. :) Aries, the Technician (Rajo christened), is such a performer! Your jaw will drop especially with the dress that turned out to be 3 pieces! I'm like What???? Aries, the transformer!! :) He'll surprise to the very end!

These 3 designers will definitely have a great career in the Philippine Fashion industry... maybe even International!

But there can only be one winner.... Aries Lagat!!

My bet was on Philip! Huhuhu!

"Ipinangank akong Filipino... I am a Filipino designer." - Philip Tampus

much love,

P.S. I'm not a fashion expert... I'm just sharing my opinion. Thank You!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Review: Eyelash Perm Procedure

I recently had my eyelash permed at Let's Face It(an aesthetic center here in the Philippines). I've had this procedure done quite a few times since college. For first timers, this procedure will be a little annoying since your eyes will be closed for nearly an hour (an mp3 player will be agreat help). I haven't had any trouble with the perm solution getting into my eyes. It doesn't hurt at all after the procedure. However, I must admit that during procedure, your lashes will get tugged quite a few times, but not so much that it will do permanent damage. No falling lashes as well.

The procedure consist of putting eye putty on your lids, placing a cylinder kind of sticker onto your eyelids. Slowly, your lashes will be pressed to the sticker to create the curl . It is during this procedure you feel your lashes being separated for a better and natural curled look. the perm solution will then be applied, your undereyes will be covered with tissue(to prevent the solution getting inside) and your whole eyes scotch tape. After 20 minutes or so, neutralizer solution will be applied and left for awhile. Lastly, the sticky roll will be taken out carefully and slowly. Viola, you now have permed curled lashes! This will last for about a month or two.

This cost me Php250.oo or about $5.00. I had it done during a routine facial. :) Quite the multitasker, I am. :)

Eyelash Perm: After one week. :)
(no makeup applied)

with mascara


smiling eyes. with Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara

I enjoy the fact that I don't have to curl my lashes everyday. I hate curling lashes since i can't get the hang of it. The trouble that i have with this one is that it made my lashes look a little shorter and that i have to be extra careful applying mascara so it won't touch my eyelids. :) but so far i'm soo loving it.

How about you? Have your tried eyelash perming? How was it?
How do you keep your eyelashes curled?

much love,

Friday, November 7, 2008

CAUSE:S^2C (For my tito Ambet)

I never knew how much cancer can affect someone until i saw my uncle suffer from it. I don't know where to begin. I am sincerely clueless... I guess one will never know unless someone close to them experiences it.

Then I show this video.

MORE ON: Stand Up To Cancer Organization

Performed by:

Carrie Underwood
Mariah Carey
Melissa Etheridge
Mary J Blige
LeAnn Rimes
Leona Lewis
Keyshia Cole
Sheryl Crow
Natasha Bedingfield
Miley Cyrus


Beyonce: The heart is stronger than you think
It's like it can go through anything
And even when you think it can't it finds a way to still push on, though

Carrie: Sometimes you want to run away
Ain't got the patience for the pain
And if you don't believe it look into
your heart the beat goes on

Rihanna: I'm tellin' you that
Things get better
Through whatever
If you fall, dust it off, don't let up

Sheryl: Don't you know you can go be your own miracle

Beyonce: You need to know

Sheryl: If the mind keeps thinking you've had enough
But the heart keeps telling you don't give up

Sheryl/Beyonce: Who are we to be
questioning, wondering what is what
Don't give up

Fergie: It's like we all have better days
Problems getting all up in your face

Leona: Just because you go through it

Fergie: Don't mean it got to take control, no

Leona: You ain't gotta find no hiding place

Keyshia: Because the heart can beat the hate

Leona: Don't wanna let your mind keep playin' you

Keyshia: And sayin' you can't go on

Rihanna: I'm tellin' you that

Miley: Things get better
Through whatever

Rihanna: If you fall

Miley: Dust if off, don't let up

LeAnn: Don't you know you

Natasha: Can go

LeAnn: Be your own

Natasha: Miracle

Carrie: You need to know

Ensemble: CHORUS

Mary: You don't gotta be a prisoner in your mind

Ciara: If you fall, dust it off

Mary: You can live your life

Rihanna/Carrie: Yeah

Mary: Let your heart be your guide

Rihanna/Carrie: Yeah yeah yeah

Mariah: And you will know that you're good if you trust in the good

Ashanti: Everything will be alright, yeah
Light up the dark, if you follow your heart

Mary: And it will get better

Mariah: Through whatever


Fergie : You got it in you, find it within
You got in now, find it within now
You got in you, find it within
You got in now, find it within now
You got in you, find it within
Find it within you, find it within

I am in no way claiming the video or song as my property.

This song hit me like a bolt of lighting. I guess it spoke to me not only because of cancer but also in other things. Cancer affects not only the sick but also each one of us. I saw how devastating it was for my tito, how helpless and painful it was for him. I saw my cousins lose a father. My tita, a husband. My niece ande nephews, a doting grandfather. My dad, a brother who practically raised them. Me, an uncle whom i looked up to. I can't express the pain what they are going through right now that he's taken away by God. Cancer doesn't only hurt the sick, it hurts their families as well in so many ways than i can begin to count.

Let us a join the fight against cancer.

We'll miss you, Tito Ambet...

Project Beauty: A Mineral Makeup Workshop

Don't you just love Mineral Makeup?
But don't you find yourself clueless with what to do with it?

Sophie and Brigitte (certified Mineral Makeup addicts like me!) brings you

Project Beauty A Mineral Makeup Workshop

Details :

Learn how to create beautiful day and night looks, flawless concealing, and how to make mineral makeup stay on your skin. A techniques-based workshop that will help you work wonders with mineral makeup, makeup that's healthy for the skin!

For those who want to make the big switch to mineral makeup, this workshop's for you since we'll all be using loose minerals on this workshop!

Note: Yes, colorful eye makeup technique using loose minerals also included! *wink*

When : November 15, 2008, and Nov. 22, 2008 ( two batches, please indicate which batch you'd like to be included in )
Time : 1-6pm
Where : To be emailed to participants, in Banawe, QC area
Course Fee : P 2,500/head, inclusive of snacks and handouts.
Perks : Get 10% off Beauty and Minerals products, and makeup brushes during the workshop!
Slots Available : 12 slots for each batch.

To sign up :

1. Please email them with your contact details ( name, address, mobile number ) :
2. You are required to make a 50% deposit to our BPI Bank Account. Upon receipt of your email, we will be giving you the details on how to make the deposit.

Are you game? I know I am!

much love,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hi Pretties,

First off, I would like to thank all of you who gave such wonderful messages (even sent emails!) to me regarding my previous posts. It is throughly overwhelming to know that I have friends as wonderful as you all are. Love you, guys!!

I'm finally going back to my fave city, Manila!! Yahoo! Despite all the challenges I will face back home, I can't wait to see my boyfriend, my dog and friends... and the mall! :) I can also watch my shows again... and unlimited wifi access at home.

Things to do:

1. Read the 1000++ backlog posts in Google Reader (I hope i can give comments to y'all!)
2. Bring Duke to Groomers
3. Prepare for Olongapo(another city) Trip for boyfriend's birthday (road trip!).
4. Finally do the gifts I've been meaning to send out.
5. Meet up with my Pinay Beauty Bloggers.
6. Review Review Review Products
7. Watch my shows.
8. Go to Derma
9. Think of ew exciting promos for my business.
10. Relax and be positive!

I missed you guys! Will try reading your posts now while waiting for the plane.

much love,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cover Girl Haul

like the addict that i am, i hauled makeup before leaving for my trip. I went to the mall and got some Cover Girl goodies that I've been wanting to get way back.

Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Restorative Cream Foundation

I first got the Advanced RadianceRestorative Cream Foundation. I love the scent so much, like cherry almond (as per the swiper's cooment). It feels light on my skin and easy enough to blend using my Lumiere's Duo Fibe Optic Brush). I didn't need to pack on a lot to get a good coverage so this jar will probably last me ten thousand days. :) But the thing is, this in not heavy enough coverage for my pimple marks. :( Let's also see if I'm going to break out with this one.

Cover Girl LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara

I've been reading good and bad reviews about Cover Girl Lash Blast. But comparing it to ther VolumeExact, this is a way better choice. Beware of some clumping though.

Outlast Double Lipshine in Coral Shimmer

pic credit to covergirl website

I've been avoiding long wearing lipstick after a bad incident with one popular brand. let's just say i wasn't into makeup then hence the naivete of applying it. The Cover Girl outlast, however, i fool-proof. Easy enough to use by anyone. The colored part is quite sticky but the gloss will lessen that that you'll never you're even wearing it in the first place. I am simply enjoying this Cover Girl product.


Swatches of the Outlast Lip Shine and Advanced Radiance Cream Foundation in Ivory
under white light.

let's see how all of this works for me for a week or two.
Intensive review will be given. :)

much love,

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