Hi Pretties,

First off, I would like to thank all of you who gave such wonderful messages (even sent emails!) to me regarding my previous posts. It is throughly overwhelming to know that I have friends as wonderful as you all are. Love you, guys!!

I'm finally going back to my fave city, Manila!! Yahoo! Despite all the challenges I will face back home, I can't wait to see my boyfriend, my dog and friends... and the mall! :) I can also watch my shows again... and unlimited wifi access at home.

Things to do:

1. Read the 1000++ backlog posts in Google Reader (I hope i can give comments to y'all!)
2. Bring Duke to Groomers
3. Prepare for Olongapo(another city) Trip for boyfriend's birthday (road trip!).
4. Finally do the gifts I've been meaning to send out.
5. Meet up with my Pinay Beauty Bloggers.
6. Review Review Review Products
7. Watch my shows.
8. Go to Derma
9. Think of ew exciting promos for my business.
10. Relax and be positive!

I missed you guys! Will try reading your posts now while waiting for the plane.

much love,

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