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Review: Eyelash Perm Procedure


I recently had my eyelash permed at Let's Face It(an aesthetic center here in the Philippines). I've had this procedure done quite a few times since college. For first timers, this procedure will be a little annoying since your eyes will be closed for nearly an hour (an mp3 player will be agreat help). I haven't had any trouble with the perm solution getting into my eyes. It doesn't hurt at all after the procedure. However, I must admit that during procedure, your lashes will get tugged quite a few times, but not so much that it will do permanent damage. No falling lashes as well.

The procedure consist of putting eye putty on your lids, placing a cylinder kind of sticker onto your eyelids. Slowly, your lashes will be pressed to the sticker to create the curl . It is during this procedure you feel your lashes being separated for a better and natural curled look. the perm solution will then be applied, your undereyes will be covered with tissue(to prevent the solution getting inside) and your whole eyes scotch tape. After 20 minutes or so, neutralizer solution will be applied and left for awhile. Lastly, the sticky roll will be taken out carefully and slowly. Viola, you now have permed curled lashes! This will last for about a month or two.

This cost me Php250.oo or about $5.00. I had it done during a routine facial. :) Quite the multitasker, I am. :)

Eyelash Perm: After one week. :)
(no makeup applied)

with mascara


smiling eyes. with Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara

I enjoy the fact that I don't have to curl my lashes everyday. I hate curling lashes since i can't get the hang of it. The trouble that i have with this one is that it made my lashes look a little shorter and that i have to be extra careful applying mascara so it won't touch my eyelids. :) but so far i'm soo loving it.

How about you? Have your tried eyelash perming? How was it?
How do you keep your eyelashes curled?

much love,

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