EOTNs: UD Deluxe Shadow and Neutral Palette + NYX Gold Pink

I think I forgot how to do eye make up!! I suck at blending and combos... huhuhuhu! O well, i got to practice, practice, practice more!

1st look:
Used my Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Collection.
I've been inspired by Gracie's gifts to revisit my old palettes and Lady L's Smoke series is just making me want to do the same thing with my Deluxe Shadow and Ammo palette... her tutorial looks so easy to follow.

I would have included falsies but I have to practice that again.. I didn't want to ruin my eye makeup anymore. I settled for my Maybelline Intense XXL Volume + Length Microfiber Mascara in Brownish Black (such a mouthful).


2nd Look:
Used my Neutral Palette
Although I find it easier to create neutral eye combos... I find ny skills to be a bit rusty. I need to relearn how to do it again... maybe i should use my Neo Sci-fi collection again since it motivates me enough to create better simple eye make up... or maybe, my mineral multipurpose powders... hmmm...

Anyway, i used a soft flesh color, a plum shade and metallic plum to create this look. I definitely need to practice on creating a crease... any tips and tricks you want to share?

this is just a great combo to make your eyes pop, gives the appearance that you had a lot of rest. I did this look imititating eye makeups used on celebrities especially those entertainment shows.

Used one of my favorite mascara Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl Waterproof Mascara. :)

For both looks: I used MAC FL in Blacktrack as eyeliner.


NYX Lipgloss in Gold Pink

this color is great for a night out with your girls.. or when you just got bored to so your eyes and settled for eyeliner and mascara. :)

I was browsing through my google reader when I saw Shizznizzle's post about 7 deadly lippies. The NYX Gold Pink Lipgloss looked so great on her luscious lips. So it got me thinking to try mine again... :) Thanks, sis, for the inspiration. :)

I'm on roll... wish that my eye application and ideas improve tomorrow.. :) lol!

much love,

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