CAUSE:S^2C (For my tito Ambet)

I never knew how much cancer can affect someone until i saw my uncle suffer from it. I don't know where to begin. I am sincerely clueless... I guess one will never know unless someone close to them experiences it.

Then I show this video.

MORE ON: Stand Up To Cancer Organization

Performed by:

Carrie Underwood
Mariah Carey
Melissa Etheridge
Mary J Blige
LeAnn Rimes
Leona Lewis
Keyshia Cole
Sheryl Crow
Natasha Bedingfield
Miley Cyrus


Beyonce: The heart is stronger than you think
It's like it can go through anything
And even when you think it can't it finds a way to still push on, though

Carrie: Sometimes you want to run away
Ain't got the patience for the pain
And if you don't believe it look into
your heart the beat goes on

Rihanna: I'm tellin' you that
Things get better
Through whatever
If you fall, dust it off, don't let up

Sheryl: Don't you know you can go be your own miracle

Beyonce: You need to know

Sheryl: If the mind keeps thinking you've had enough
But the heart keeps telling you don't give up

Sheryl/Beyonce: Who are we to be
questioning, wondering what is what
Don't give up

Fergie: It's like we all have better days
Problems getting all up in your face

Leona: Just because you go through it

Fergie: Don't mean it got to take control, no

Leona: You ain't gotta find no hiding place

Keyshia: Because the heart can beat the hate

Leona: Don't wanna let your mind keep playin' you

Keyshia: And sayin' you can't go on

Rihanna: I'm tellin' you that

Miley: Things get better
Through whatever

Rihanna: If you fall

Miley: Dust if off, don't let up

LeAnn: Don't you know you

Natasha: Can go

LeAnn: Be your own

Natasha: Miracle

Carrie: You need to know

Ensemble: CHORUS

Mary: You don't gotta be a prisoner in your mind

Ciara: If you fall, dust it off

Mary: You can live your life

Rihanna/Carrie: Yeah

Mary: Let your heart be your guide

Rihanna/Carrie: Yeah yeah yeah

Mariah: And you will know that you're good if you trust in the good

Ashanti: Everything will be alright, yeah
Light up the dark, if you follow your heart

Mary: And it will get better

Mariah: Through whatever


Fergie : You got it in you, find it within
You got in now, find it within now
You got in you, find it within
You got in now, find it within now
You got in you, find it within
Find it within you, find it within

I am in no way claiming the video or song as my property.

This song hit me like a bolt of lighting. I guess it spoke to me not only because of cancer but also in other things. Cancer affects not only the sick but also each one of us. I saw how devastating it was for my tito, how helpless and painful it was for him. I saw my cousins lose a father. My tita, a husband. My niece ande nephews, a doting grandfather. My dad, a brother who practically raised them. Me, an uncle whom i looked up to. I can't express the pain what they are going through right now that he's taken away by God. Cancer doesn't only hurt the sick, it hurts their families as well in so many ways than i can begin to count.

Let us a join the fight against cancer.

We'll miss you, Tito Ambet...

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