Cover Girl Haul

like the addict that i am, i hauled makeup before leaving for my trip. I went to the mall and got some Cover Girl goodies that I've been wanting to get way back.

Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Restorative Cream Foundation

I first got the Advanced RadianceRestorative Cream Foundation. I love the scent so much, like cherry almond (as per the swiper's cooment). It feels light on my skin and easy enough to blend using my Lumiere's Duo Fibe Optic Brush). I didn't need to pack on a lot to get a good coverage so this jar will probably last me ten thousand days. :) But the thing is, this in not heavy enough coverage for my pimple marks. :( Let's also see if I'm going to break out with this one.

Cover Girl LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara

I've been reading good and bad reviews about Cover Girl Lash Blast. But comparing it to ther VolumeExact, this is a way better choice. Beware of some clumping though.

Outlast Double Lipshine in Coral Shimmer

pic credit to covergirl website

I've been avoiding long wearing lipstick after a bad incident with one popular brand. let's just say i wasn't into makeup then hence the naivete of applying it. The Cover Girl outlast, however, i fool-proof. Easy enough to use by anyone. The colored part is quite sticky but the gloss will lessen that that you'll never you're even wearing it in the first place. I am simply enjoying this Cover Girl product.


Swatches of the Outlast Lip Shine and Advanced Radiance Cream Foundation in Ivory
under white light.

let's see how all of this works for me for a week or two.
Intensive review will be given. :)

much love,

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