Haul: Ecotools Brush Set (Thanks, Marge!)


Before I head out to the Cuenca Bazaar for a little S&R (shopping and relaxation) with BB friends, I would just like to share something that put a smile on my face during my mom's wake...

Dear Marge, my elementary friend, had asked me less than 3 weeks ago if I wanted to get the Ecotool brush set after she saw my Lemming post on the miniature ones. So, yes, I said yes! Unfortunately, I wish that we could have met in a much different circumstance. Nevertheless, Marge and Jerrone (her sweet photog hubby) brought the brush set and even took photos of mom's wake after thier work... I'm so lucky to have so many caring friends.

The brushes...

le sigh!

Is is undescribably soft and supple. My cousins who've seen it was so impressed with the quality and packaging. Too bad that it isn't sold here in Manila and from what I heard, it is easily sold out in Walgreens and other drugstores. These brushes are so worth the wait. Until now, I can't bring myself to use it because I want to use a good brush cleaner so i can preserve the softness for a long time. What good brush cleaner to do recommend? :)

All I can say is that if you like collecting brushes, you gotta have Ecotools in your stash. It's environmental friendly and animal cruelty free! :)

I told Marge that I will be shoing my brush collection once I've acquired Ecotools.. It will have to wait for awhile since I'm not staying at home for the meantime... I still find it hard to go back home for some reasons.

Marge playing photog with her hubby's uber nice dslr cam.
nice noh? that's my mom on the frame there.. hai.. i miss her so much!

much love,

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