Thursday, January 31, 2013

Best Eye Primer | Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in Shore

Yes, you read it right. I found a replacement for the famous, cult fave Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Bobbi Brown definitely changed my opinion with creamy shadows. Before you couldn't make me buy anything that is within the vicinity of creamy products for the eyes. Most that I've tried in the past creased on me big time and I just end up tossing them to the bin or they are now currently gathering dust and taking space in my room.

Skeptic at first, I went ahead and tried it. I was swayed by the fact that it's from Bobbi Brown (the brand I love so much!) and of course, by numerous international beauty blog's raving reviews online. Knowing how oily my lids can get, I was excited to give it a go. And guess what? It worked.

Brand putting the term "long wear" on their collection can get totally misleading given that our skin reacts differently with a lot of products. I'm just glad that when Bobbi Brown puts a label on her collection, she always delivers and cuts down on the BS of advertising and marketing. She's always encouraging and never pushing. I don't know how she does it but she's always right on the money IMHO.

The Long Wear Cream Shadow in Shore is as it says. It stays on without creasing for at least 12 hours (air conditioned environment and minimal exposure to humidity and outdoors). The texture is creamy and smooth that applying it on my lids is easy. It also doesn't dry out fast so I get to blend my pressed or powder shadows. What's great is that it adds vibrancy to the shadows. More so that it comes in different shades that allows you to pair them with your makeup look. When you want to cover the bases, this is a great makeup base to use.

Oh! I haven't tried using this alone but I guess it works just as great, too. :)

I can't believe it myself. Cream shadow that works for oily lids. No creasing at all. Well, it's true. Take my word for it. This is the real deal and this why this baby is on my Best of 2012!

Just goes to show we don't always have to look far for great products. :) Yay for no more frustration when UDPP rans out. Here's to my favorite eye primer, Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in Shore.

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Prostyle Fuwarie | Protect and Style Your Hair

Having had long hair for most of my life, it was only until recently that I got interested in styling them on my own. And that’s from a girl who have several hair styling tools in her stash. Yes, I am that lazy.

With long, thick and unbelievably unruly hair (think Merida of Brave), I use to just settle with putting it up on a pony. But late last year, while I got around to seeing how a stylist curled my hair... I thought, why not.. and I picked up my hot iron curling tool from Vidal Sasson and started curling my hair.

At first it took me about 2 and half hours to style it. This includedthe blow drying of the hair after bathing (which took so long since I have super thick hair). I stop in between as my hands and arms get fatigued. The “mane” problem I had also was that I had trouble sectioning my hair. Thankful for the lesson I had during the Bench Fix Salon Hair Styling Tutorial, I took the tips and tricks and it really made my life so much easier.

But most of all, a good holding and styling product was the real savior! Nothing like seeing the labor of your hard work (and I call styling my hair a hard work. It is!) hold up from all the humidity and pressing against the back of the chair I sit on.

Meet my Prostyle Fuwarie Curl Styling Mist! It’s my “secret weapon” for the bouncy vavavoom voluminous hair ever since I got it.

What I like about Prostyle Funwarie Styling Mist:

The Scent – as much as I like aa product because it does its jo, the scent can affect my decision to purchase it Fuwarie has a sweet and subtle scent that mesh well with my body chemistry.

Longer hold – like I said, curling my hair is a lot of hard work. I have about 1 apound of hair in my head and curling it is no feat especially since I only have a one-inch barrel curler. I also have thick strand and making the curl form is a diificult task altogether without a styling product. Funwarie curl styling mist makes my hair easier to curl and in turn, lessening the time I have to run the iron through my hair.

It’s a Heat Protectant, too! - This, I think, is the reason why it’s garnering praises on and offline. Rich with animo acid, Funwarie Styling mist not only helps hold the curl and keeps your  masterpiece in place, it also helps strengthen and protect the hair. It lessens the burning or hair blisters caused by the heating tools and nourishes it to bring back lost moisture in your hair.

Prevents Discoloration - since most girls like who loves to tinker with hair are most likely to have colored hair, too. Styling it can cause other problems other than making hair brittle. Frequent use of heating tools can also cause dullness of your hair color. Not a good thing if you've spent 

How to use Prostyle Fuwarie Curl Styling Mist:

On freshly washed fair:

  1. Towel dry hair.
  2. Spray on ProStyle Fuwarie Curl Styling Mist all over hair.
  3. Use blow dry until hair is only half-way dry.
  4. Spray on Prostyle Fuwarie on hair especially parts that heating tool will come in contact with.
  5. Style as usual.

On already dry or day old hair:

Day old hair holds style much longer based on my experience.

  1. Brush hair as usual
  2. Section hair starting from the base of your neck. 
  3. Spray each section a 2 or 3 times with Prostyle Fuwarie  as you go along.
  4. Curl as usual.

The feel is like that of a hair spray but unlike it, your hair has natural movement and it has none of that chemical scent.

I'm not adventurous when it comes to hair care or hair styling product. I tend to stick to what I know. But I'm definitely glad that I got a chance to try Prostyle Fuwarie Curl Styling Mist. It's definitely on my top hair care products especially in maintaining my digipermed curls or creating bouncy glamorous one!

It may be a bit expensive for a Php450 bottle but if you want to achieve a hair style worthy of a magazine cover, then I suggest grabbing this one. :)

Prostyle Fuwarie is available at Beauty Bar stores all over Metro Manila.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Best Facial Cleansing Sponge | My Konjac Moon Original Sponge

I am not really the type to use a sponge before. But when Smile introduced this to me during one of her bazaars, I fell in love! She demoed this on the back on my hand and I was awed with how smooth my skin feels after. The texture alone is unlike any facial sponge I've tried. It's not rought against my skin, it effectively removes dirt and grime and all is left is smooth-looking skin without have to compromise.

Compared to Clarisonic (that broke me out. sad face.), the Konjac Sponge was a lot gentler on my skin. It may not have the super sonic powers that $200 gadget has, but it delivers quite well on the cleansing part. And it's only Php345!

Since the breakouts on my chin has been uncontrollable, I rely on this sponge to keep the rest of my face acne-free and I think it's working. More so is how less dirty my cotton pad is when I do the toner part of my skin care regimen. Proof that my skin is cleaner despite the makeup I put on on an daily basis.

What I love:

  • The sponge do not deform. Been using it for months now and it looks the same as I first got it - circular and sponge-y.
  • Easy to clean. Compared to cosmetic sponges, the Konjec Sponge let go suds faster and you don't need to struggle with it to get it clean
  • It lathers my uber liquid-y facial cleansers well, allowing me to save more products compared to using my hands.
  • Uses small amount of cleaner!
  • It's affordable at Php345
  • It's made from 100% natural vegetable fiber using the famous Jeju in Korea
  • Great for all types of skin especially those with incredibly oily skin and hypersensitive ones.

What I don't:

  • None! I love this.. I may be able to live without it but I don't to.

If you have oily skin, best to get the My Konjac Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sponge. I have that, too. But since this one is still in tact, I haven't opened it yet!

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#HairRevolution is Here in a Form of Steam

Continuous stream of high pressure steam. Pro Keratin Technology....

Definitely a lot of great big words that rings beautifulky in my ears. Hair care innovator L'oreal Professionnel and Rowenta (maker of the first steam iron) collaborated in creating the first ever hair smoothing steam iron that guarantees to give you the best results for your type of hair. And with the technology of hair products from the house of L'oreal Professionnel, you are nearer to having great looking hair.

It's the first in-salon straightening and smoothing tool that is definitely degrees higher and better than your regular salon ironing tool. While the latter can only straighten your hair, L'oreal Steampod does so much more, such as:

  • Repai and nourishes hair
  • Smoothens and seals ends
  • Provides brilliant shine
  • Has long-lasting results
  • And the ultimate care from pro-Keratin and steam

This new hair care gadget also prevents "thermal shock effect" that our hair experience from flat ironing tool that burns and causes hair brittleness and dryness. That is why many stylists and hair experts tell us that we should lessen the use of such tool or at the very least, use products for damaged and processed hair.

Steam is the key and with this it properly distributes heat, gently opens up our hair cuticles and seals the ends without damaging or burning the delicate strands of our hair.

Presently available only at selected Bench Fix Salons, they offer 2 services with the use of L'oreal Steampod by Rowenta.

Keratin Steam Care Service is for those who are concerned with frizziness, wants to bring back nourishment to their hair and especially for those who have highly sensitized hair (brought on by frequent coloring, bleaching, rebond, perming, digital perming or combination of).

The effect lasts up to 3 days and more if you use products that specifically targets your hair concerns. With continuous use (of at least once every month + home care), you'll notice a reconstructed hair inside and out, noticing less dryness and breakage.

Keratin Bond Service is probably the next best thing that happened to hair straightening technology. Still using the the ultimate repair of Pro Keratin found in X-tenso Care, your hair will look sleek and straight in less time spent inside the salon and looking more natural and healthier compared to the regular process. In comes in two style you can choose from, Ultimate Straight Smoothing (straight and silky to the ends of the hair) or Natural Straight Smoothing that is straight and shiny with natural movement.

Supplement your Steambond experience with the specially developed hair care products that has Pro Keratin Technology and Formaldehyde-free formulation.

If you're curious about L'Oreal Professionnel Steampod and it's #hairrevolution campaign, please do visit their sites - Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube.

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On Self-Pity and Feeling Better

During those days I feel I had nothing going on for me, nothing seems to make me feel better. How come self-pity comes naturally for most of us?  How come that when things go sour, we relish the moment to  sulk and curl up in a ball and hug the moment like it was our first born child?

And the most usual thing is that we get around to talking to our friends or to anyone who bother to listen, we immediately go on exaggerated mode

Monday, January 28, 2013

Glamourbox January 2013 Box: Beauty Resolutions

January is not exactly the laid-back month I thought it would be. Work continues to pile. The are certainly were a lot of changes and adjustments to be made. And I can't believe the new products that's being released!

Beauty-wise, January 2013, had a lot in store for me. One great example is the latest January box of Glamourbox Philippines.

Here's the latest January 2013 Glamourbox! :) Take a look!

Aptly named Beauty Resolutions, the products in it entices me to try out new skin care and makeup that zi would never have thought to try out had I not gotten this box.

EmerginC Hyper-Vitalizer

Nothing like taking enough Vitamin C? Here's a reason not to make further excuses! Excited to try this above everything! Better try this out first before shelling out for a tub of it that cost Php3K! Don't you just love samples? The amount of this deluxe baby is quite enough to give you first impressions.

Personally, I like anything vitamin C as it's good even for oily skin and those prone to breakouts.

Aqua Mineral Samples of Contura Eye Cream and Jeuvenesse De-Wrinkle Cream

This one I am eager eager to try as I've seen and felt the benefits of these products when I tried their body scrub and body butter. Luxury indeed from the deepest parts of the ocean.

LA Splash

Reminds me of Urban Decay's Original Sin and Stila's infamous Kitten. This can certainly double as a eyeshadow base and highlighter in one! I used it as highlight today and though it didn't stay on my oily skin, I can't deny the lift it did for my brows. Can't wait to use this as base. :)

Feshnel BB Cream from Kanebo

As you all know, I am not much fun of BB creams given my skin's propensity for oiliness. Thank got for this deluxe sample as I feel it wouldn't hurt to try to this out before shelling out for the full size (which doesn't come cheap, mind you). Trying this out might actually have me hitting up Kanebo counters and see what they have in store for my oily skin. :)

KJI & CO Lip Staysss

Amazing lip balm that gifts hydration as well as tint on the lips for lazy retouchers like me. Comes in a cylindrical box that is too cute to discard. I am forever keeping it to protect my balm from my looking harassed inside my vanity kit.

Nipon Cosmetic Wedge Sponges

Makeup Sponges are lifesavers for girls who like who seems to never get over puberty coz she still gets breakouts. Sponges are the most sanitary product you can use (albeit eats so much product) that quarantees you a flawless finish. If you're an aspiring makeup artist, never leave these behind.

Nippon sponges from my experience (yes, I am tried them before) are so much better than the onces i get from malls. They have airbrush quality and if you're stingy, you can still wash them and reuse and still get the same results.

If you missed this one. Then better sign up today and get the February box!

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Snoe HyperFunction Foundation + Serum | A Product Review

Happy Sunday to you all, loves! It's been a whirlwind of events this week. But I'm determined to get back on the grind now that things are going well and on to being great for the next few days. Say hello to yet another Foundation review. As you all know, I am always drawn to new and exciting foundation especially when they have intriguing ingredients and packaging.

Snoe Premium Cosmetics HyperFunction Fond de Teint + Serum is a lightweight formula that gives skin perfect coverage, skin healing ingredients, antioxidants and broad-spectrum sun protection. This feel-good formula is extra emollient to instantly "melt" into skin and give it a fresh, healthy glow. Over time, it also helps replenish and strengthen skin. Infused with: 
Escargot - Repairs damaged skin cells, boost production of collagen and elastin, anti bacterial, scar repair, anti-acne, anti inflammatory 
Broccoli - Contains phytochemicals that will help reduce inflammation, and detoxify your skin. It contains twice the vitamin C of a lemon that will whiten and also acts as a antioxidant energy agent. It contains natural lactic, malic and citric acid and contains a high level of vitamin K, which will improve skin elasticity and improve under eye circles. 
Acai - Most powerful and nutritious fruit in the world. Contains highest level of antioxidants, higher than any fruit. 
Directions: Apply directly on skin or use a Stippling or Foundation brush. For perfect and matte application set with any Snoe finishing powder.

Snoe in less than a year have expanded their cosmetic line, one of which is the much-awaited Snoe HyperFunction Foundation and Serum. As always, leave it to the busy brain of Jen Gerodiaz-Diaz to create multi-function products, this one doubles as makeup and skin care. All with its unique and updated ingredients.

Skin care wise, HyperFunction Foundation + Serum (Php1,199.00) provides good amount of anti-oxidants that improves skin texture. Thanks to escargot, made popular by Korean skin care line, the slime that helps mortorize snails apparently contains skin collagen that we all know is good for aging skin.

I would never have imagined that I would ever slather anything on my skin that contains brocoli given that I hate the vegetable with a vengance. But alas! I surprise myself. Despite this psychological phobia to veggies, I can't help to appreciate the help it does to the body and I'm glad I get to take advantage of it without having to eat it!

Acai to be honest, I have never even eaten and I don't think I've seen it, too! Have you? Acai as you all know is a popular skin care ingredient and known to be a miracle fruit that not only nourishes the skin but great at revitalizing the body, too.

Add that this has SPF, too! Pretty decent protection at 20.

Ivory Creme

Here's the before and after photos as usual.

Impressive results right? Albeit a bit too light on my skin, Ivory Creme settles down nicely as I am acidic. I got Golden Caramel, too, as it works well for the summer skin tone.

At first, I didn't think that this foundation will hold up well. It dries slower compared to other foundation and it looks to be more like a BB Cream than a foundation as it claims. But I can't deny that it provide good coverage, good enough to even out my skin tone and diminish some of my hyper pigmentation brought on by pimples.

Staying power isn't that impressive though. Oilies creeped up only an hour or two from application. Women with dry skin will definitely love this though, as it provides moisture and dewiness that will make your skin glow. As for us with skin that shine, Edward pales in comparison, well, we just need a good pressed powder. I used Snoe Poudre with Rare Acai Berry and it does perform well on controlling the oilies.

I can't exactly decide whether I love-love this foundation, though. It has a lot of good in it. It doesn't break me out. But I think I will take a pass on this the next time and choose a more suiting one for my skin.

But I do love the packaging, though. It's so chic! Oh! And make sure that your pump works. Mine is a bit wonky. A glitch I think and not something everyone should worry about. But I'm giving you a head's up anyway. :)

Hoping that Snoe create a matte version to of this, expand the shade range and toss out the other ones... then I would probably get another tube.

'Til then, well, there are other Snoe products that I think are worth a try. :)

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Devon Saw is Hot as Hell in Nikita

Didn't we all swoon at this very frame when Devon Sawa (as Casper) danced with Christina Ricci? This is pretty much how Devon Sawa became every girl's dream boy! And of cource as the cute little quarter back on Little Giants. :)

Everyone in gradeschool knows what a boycrazy I was and I am until I met the LOML, Ron. But I was watching the latest episode of Nikita, I can't help but reminisce my childhood and relieve them. Thanks to the internet, I got to see Devon Sawa again (because I already threw out my Bop, Tigerbeat and 16 magazines more than a decade a go.)

The boy who we wished would say, "Can I keep you?" grew up as we expected him to be... Hot, magnetic and totally kick-ass.

Friday, January 25, 2013

My New Favorite Pair of Shoes

Who ever invested or got the idea to create wedge shoes, I owe whatever sliver of style I have from you! And to the lovable designer of Ferretti shoes (one from the Philippines!) thanks for having fabulous designs that I make excuses to wear almost everyday because it's so comfy!

From the array of wedges available at Ferretti last Holiday season, I was just naturally drawn to this one, Chace wedge. The shade is just too lovely to just let it sit on the shelf. And I do love the sort-of Aztec print on the heel.

And it matches almost everything in my closet! It's love... best of all, it's only Php1,499!

On my list next,

Sabrina! Isn't she lovely, too?

Get to know more about Ferretti and their wonderful shoe collection at!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lip Swatches of BYS Longwear Lipstick Collection | Beautifully Bare, In love, Tango, Heart Broken

As requested, here are photos of me wearing the BYS Longwear Lipstick I posted last Monday! :)

I would put up with a mediocre packaging if my lipstick looks good as this and don't cost an arm and a leg.
Am I right or am I right? :)

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Now Open! TriNoma - Clark Airport Lounge

With all the bad rep that our international airports have gone through (and still does), it's nice to know that someone is working on giving foreign and local tourists a better experience. It's a great thing to have a hub that makes it easier for people to access Clark Airport Pampanga. On a 24 hour operation at that!

TriNoma-Clark Airport Lounge recently opened to public last January 15, 2013.

This posh yet friendly place houses boutiques, restaurants that travelers can certainly enjoy en route to their flight. Convenient amenities also awaits them, such as spacious waiting area, a secured luggage counter, real-time flight status updates, plus regular and direct roundtrip bus services from TriNoma to Diosdado Macapagal International Airport and back courtesy of Genesis, Philtranco and Victory Liner Group for only Php200.00 (subject to chage without prior notice I presume) in a first class bus service..

And if you're curious, there are massage therapists!

Weary travelers don't have to worry about their flights being directed to Clark, for it is now easily accessible thanks to Trinoma-Clark Airport Lounge. And it wouldn't be a pain to have your flights booked at Clark, either.

That certainly is, convenience at its finest. :)

And of course, present there for the ribbon-cutting are these notable gentlemen.

Ayala Land Assistant Vice President Javier Hernandez, Clark International Airport Corporation President and CEO Victor Jose Luciano, DOTC Undersecretary Jose Perpetuo Lotilla, House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. and BCDA President and CEO Atty. Arnel Paciano Casanova

Congratulations, TriNoma! :) Thanks for making traveling easier for us!

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TriNoma Clark Airport Lounge is located at the Ground Level between Mercury Drug and Medical City. For inquiries, please call the hotline at 621-3673.

Spring/Summer Trends To Spice Up Your Wardrobe

These days, many people think they need a breast enlargement procedure or a lip enhancement to look attractive, but that’s not always the case. The right attire can make a big difference to your appearance, so why not check out the latest spring/summer trends that have hit the catwalk of late and dress to impress throughout the warmer months?

Brightly coloured clothes

As the rain continues to fall and the wind howls through the trees, it can be hard to feel cheerful – but fear not! The clouds will soon pass and a host of bright colours will hit the shelves, helping to lift your mood. That’s right, fluorescent fashions are bang on trend and

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tech Tuesday: Crumpler Flock of Horror Bag

"Fancy our Pinnacle of Horror but prefer a more proportional response to your particulars and predilections? Downsize to the equally upscale Flock of Horror. Diminutive but in no way diminished, it features the same distinctive fold-top opening as its more

Tech Tuesday: Inboosta | Your Travel Charger

Inboosta is compatible with many portable devices like smart phones, tablet PCs, music players, handheld games, etc, charging through USB plug. Designed with efficient energy saving system and with multiple safety protection features such as high voltage fuse, overheat protection, and automated shutdown. Product is pre-charged and ready to use with a lifetime lasting for over 500 charging cycles. They

Feature: BYS Longwear Lipsticks (with swatches)

Recently got acquainted with BYS Cosmetics. I attended their event last year but I got backlogged by tons of posts that I forgot to write about it all together. Now I'm making up for it! :)

I know most of you are already familiar with the brand. They carry tons
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