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Having had long hair for most of my life, it was only until recently that I got interested in styling them on my own. And that’s from a girl who have several hair styling tools in her stash. Yes, I am that lazy.

With long, thick and unbelievably unruly hair (think Merida of Brave), I use to just settle with putting it up on a pony. But late last year, while I got around to seeing how a stylist curled my hair... I thought, why not.. and I picked up my hot iron curling tool from Vidal Sasson and started curling my hair.

At first it took me about 2 and half hours to style it. This includedthe blow drying of the hair after bathing (which took so long since I have super thick hair). I stop in between as my hands and arms get fatigued. The “mane” problem I had also was that I had trouble sectioning my hair. Thankful for the lesson I had during the Bench Fix Salon Hair Styling Tutorial, I took the tips and tricks and it really made my life so much easier.

But most of all, a good holding and styling product was the real savior! Nothing like seeing the labor of your hard work (and I call styling my hair a hard work. It is!) hold up from all the humidity and pressing against the back of the chair I sit on.

Meet my Prostyle Fuwarie Curl Styling Mist! It’s my “secret weapon” for the bouncy vavavoom voluminous hair ever since I got it.

What I like about Prostyle Funwarie Styling Mist:

The Scent – as much as I like aa product because it does its jo, the scent can affect my decision to purchase it Fuwarie has a sweet and subtle scent that mesh well with my body chemistry.

Longer hold – like I said, curling my hair is a lot of hard work. I have about 1 apound of hair in my head and curling it is no feat especially since I only have a one-inch barrel curler. I also have thick strand and making the curl form is a diificult task altogether without a styling product. Funwarie curl styling mist makes my hair easier to curl and in turn, lessening the time I have to run the iron through my hair.

It’s a Heat Protectant, too! - This, I think, is the reason why it’s garnering praises on and offline. Rich with animo acid, Funwarie Styling mist not only helps hold the curl and keeps your  masterpiece in place, it also helps strengthen and protect the hair. It lessens the burning or hair blisters caused by the heating tools and nourishes it to bring back lost moisture in your hair.

Prevents Discoloration - since most girls like who loves to tinker with hair are most likely to have colored hair, too. Styling it can cause other problems other than making hair brittle. Frequent use of heating tools can also cause dullness of your hair color. Not a good thing if you've spent 

How to use Prostyle Fuwarie Curl Styling Mist:

On freshly washed fair:

  1. Towel dry hair.
  2. Spray on ProStyle Fuwarie Curl Styling Mist all over hair.
  3. Use blow dry until hair is only half-way dry.
  4. Spray on Prostyle Fuwarie on hair especially parts that heating tool will come in contact with.
  5. Style as usual.

On already dry or day old hair:

Day old hair holds style much longer based on my experience.

  1. Brush hair as usual
  2. Section hair starting from the base of your neck. 
  3. Spray each section a 2 or 3 times with Prostyle Fuwarie  as you go along.
  4. Curl as usual.

The feel is like that of a hair spray but unlike it, your hair has natural movement and it has none of that chemical scent.

I'm not adventurous when it comes to hair care or hair styling product. I tend to stick to what I know. But I'm definitely glad that I got a chance to try Prostyle Fuwarie Curl Styling Mist. It's definitely on my top hair care products especially in maintaining my digipermed curls or creating bouncy glamorous one!

It may be a bit expensive for a Php450 bottle but if you want to achieve a hair style worthy of a magazine cover, then I suggest grabbing this one. :)

Prostyle Fuwarie is available at Beauty Bar stores all over Metro Manila.

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