Tech Tuesday: Crumpler Flock of Horror Bag

"Fancy our Pinnacle of Horror but prefer a more proportional response to your particulars and predilections? Downsize to the equally upscale Flock of Horror. Diminutive but in no way diminished, it features the same distinctive fold-top opening as its more
voluminous bag brethren, a padded quick access rear compartment for your iPad, plus a bevy of internal and external pocketry."

Gotta love the name of the bag, right? Got to learn how Crumpler names their bags. It's just so unique and sassy!

Meet Flock of Horror! A sling bag that's got 5 storage parts for all my beauty products, valuable and work-related gadgets. :) This bag is so hippy nice that I just had to bring it with me at work. Boys were impressed and I think they like that I'm still cool enough to wear a utilitarian bag with a plain white tee and skinny jeans. :)

It's padded and I can't even express how soft they are, they take better care of my gadgets than I do!
It's water-resistant, too! Got my iPad and iPhone on this part. :)

And look! It fits my notebook! :) What to love about the House of Horror sling bag is the security of my things. Compared to other Crumpler bags I've tried, this one provides me with a look that doesn't necessecarily equate that it should be used for bringing my important gadgets. But nonetheless, doe that anyway. It's a also a cool sosy fashion statement, it being Crumpler and all. :)

The size is also ideal for my daily work activities. Since I bring a car with me, I just get to bring important things and it doesn't bulk up the bag like I thought it would. It still maintains a sleekness to it. This bag actually makes me feel young. But not too young that I act like a hipster. But once in awhile I love that I get to just lay back and stop being prim and proper with a leather purse.

Once in a while, I want something practical... not too heavy that I feel as if I'm carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. Literally. :)

More on the storage part. On the side on the front part, I keep small stuff like keys, lip balm and travel charger for easier access. :) I also keep my elevator key car so I would just poise my bag on the scanner and bam! I'm in! No need to reach in and find it.

Yeah, it's expensive. Php4,550 for one medium size bag. :) But we pay for what it's worth, right? This isn't your style? This is great for men, too! It comes in black and army green shades.

And I don't think they needed to add this but shoulder padding on this helps ease the stress on my body! :)

I can't wait to try this out when travelling and check out how water-resistant this is! :)

Crumpler Bags are available at Crumpler Robinsons Magnolia, Crumpler Trinoma, Crumpler Bonifacio High Street, Crumpler SM Megamall , Crumpler Robinsons Manila

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